Psych Hunter: Episode 10

The episode starts off with Ms. Yuan walking through the festival not looking like her usual cheerful self. Jiang Shuo has managed to get out of the water and is following behind her. Ms. Yuan accidentally kicks over a beggar bowl with some bread in it and doesn’t even stop. Jiang Shuo picks up the bread and places it back in the bowl. Then continues to follow Ms. Yuan luckily she’s not going very fast.

We see her pass by the Lion Dance again, which is when we see a little boy asking her to come and play. It’s a flash of memory mixed with a bit of a hallucination since there’s no boy actually there. Another flash and we see an older boy asking her what she’s up to. Another flash and the older kid has disappeared to be replaced by a young man in uniform. Then he too disappears and we hear Ms. Yuan mumble the words “three quarters past noon”.

Jiang Shuo finally catches up to her. He asks her “What are you doing?” But she only responds with the phrase she was mumbling before. Jiang Shuo is confused and and asks what she’s talking about. She still just keeps mumbling away though. Jiang Shuo tells her to come with him, then he princess carries her to a more private location.

Once there he tells her they are alone and asks again what’s going on. Still the mumbling continues. He’s very worried but no matter how he asks he can’t get a response other than the mumbled phrase. He tells her not to be afraid and pulls out the magic coins. He tells her again not to be afraid as he will keep her company in her world. He uses the coins and we see Ms. Yuan faint into the Psych.

Then roll the opening the credits

After the credits we see Jiang Shuo in Ms. Yuan’s Pysch and it’s a very dark place. He calls out for Ms. Yuan but there is no response in the Psych. He sees a wall and pushes at it but nothing happens. He tries his complicated hand gestures to open up the wall but that doesn’t work either. Jiang Shuo comments that her defence mechanism is very strong. He notes that something may have happened to her Psych so he has no choice but to leave for now.

The camera takes us over to Yi Heng in the clinic as he asks what day it is. Apparently it’s October 1st according to the nurse. Yi Heng notes to himself that it’s a few days closer to the dreaded October 15th. While he’s musing about this, Jiang Shuo is yelling for him as he runs into the room with an unconscious Ms. Yuan. Jiang Shuo puts Ms. Yuan on the bed and tells Yi Heng to examine her quickly.

Yi Heng asks what happened but Jiang Shuo doesn’t know. He tells Yi Heng that they walked past a place of worship and that the people in the ritual surrounded her. Jiang Shuo says he thought something was wrong so he rushed over and then she pushed him into the water.

He then tells Yi Heng that he went after Ms. Yuan to find out what happened but she wouldn’t answer him. She would only mumble “three quarters past noon”. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that he didn’t understand so he entered her Psych but her Psych is completely dark and he couldn’t find a single door. Yi Heng says that her pulse is erratic.

Just then Ms. Yuan wakes up, but she doesn’t recognize them. She won’t let them touch her and starts to panic. Jiang Shuo pulls out the coins and tells Yi Heng that this time he’s coming too. They enter her Psych.

Jiang Shuo drags Yi Heng along in the Psych telling Yi Heng that he’s tried every possible way he can think of but can’t find the entrance. Jiang Shuo also points out that in all the Psych’s he’s been to there are usually some clues in the Psych itself. However in this Psych he has no idea where to begin (he’s a little panicky). Yi Heng just calmly asks for Jiang Shuo’s mirror. Yi Heng says that although the Psych is bare there is some light, so he’s going to give that a shot.

Yi Heng uses the mirror to reflect the light, he moves the reflected light around and finally they see a game of hopscotch drawn on the ground. When they touch one of the squares it lights up. Yi Heng asks what it is and Jiang Shuo has to tell him that it’s hopscotch (lolz). Yi Heng “what’s hopscotch?” So Jiang Shuo shows him how to play. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo to stop fooling around when a door opens in the wall.

They look down at the numbers they were stepping on. It turns out they were stepping on numbers 1 and 10. It doesn’t take them long to figure out that it means October 1st. Jiang Shuo points out that it’s today (in case we forgot) They run through the newly opened door into photo studio. The room is full of portraits of Ms. Yuan. Jiang Shuo points out that she normally wears her police uniform and he didn’t realize that she liked to dress up. He also wonders why her Psych is set in a photo studio though.

They start looking for clues in the room. When Yi Heng sits on the couch, Jiang Shuo calls out to him.. then takes his picture! Yi Heng is annoyed at the childish behaviour. When the photo gets printed out though it’s not Yi Heng on the couch but Jiang Shuo in the same position. When Yi Heng finds out he can’t help but ask why Jiang Shuo is showing up instead of him.

Jiang Shuo comments that Ms. Yuan is a pretty simple person so why is her Psych set in such a weird place? Jiang Shuo suggests they check out the next room.

They enter the next room and Jiang Shuo comments that Ms. Yuan must be a narcissist since all the pictures were of her. This room however also has pictures of Jiang Shuo himself. There’s even one with him and his copper coins. Yi Heng points out that since the picture Jiang Shuo took of him turned into Jiang Shuo and now they are in a room with pictures of him it seems he’s quite important to Ms. Yuan.

Jiang Shuo comes across a moving photo of his rescue and kiss of Ms. Yuan back when they were dealing with the Eternity Clock. Yi Heng notices that the picture moves and tries to look at it. Jiang Shuo does his best to block him but he still manages to see the kiss. Yi Heng can’t help but comment that they had quite an experience in the water tank. Jiang Shuo says it was an emergency and he was just trying to save Ms. Yuan, he didn’t have a choice.

Yi Heng says he understands that Jiang Shuo was just trying to Ms. Yuan. Jiang Shuo says there’s nothing else to see and drags Yi Heng to the next room while Yi Heng protests that he wants to see what happens next after the kiss.

They enter the next room and Jiang Shuo notes how similar the rooms are to each other with only the photos changing. Yi Heng says there are only photos of Ms. Yuan and Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo says that reality and the Psych are closely connected therefore he must be really important to Mu Qing (Ms. Yuan).

Yi Heng notices another moving photo where Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo are having noodles. Yi Heng asks when the event happened but Jiang Shuo doesn’t know. After a moment he corrects himself saying that event never happened. Yi Heng asks how can that be when the Jiang Shuo said that the Psych and reality are closely connected. Jiang Shuo reminds Yi Heng that he also said the Psych is sometimes a continuation of reality what Yi Heng calls the subconscious.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that the noodles picture is merely Mu Qing’s illusions (wish) not something that actually happened. Yi Heng says that makes Jiang Shuo special to Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo says if that’s the case then Yi Heng’s Psych must be filled with pictures of him too! Yi Heng points out that Jiang Shuo has been to his Psych, were there any pictures? Jiang Shuo just says were there? And the two bicker about it like brothers into the next room.

Seeing how similar it is to the last room they skip looking around in it and head through the door to the next room. The same thing happens for a couple of more rooms. Jiang Shuo finally notes that all the rooms are the same and they can’t continue to wander around aimlessly. If they continue like this they will get lost. Yi Heng notes that the rooms are getting darker. Yi Heng suspects it’s because they are getting closer to Yuan Mu Qing’s subconscious the darkest, deepest place.

Jiang Shuo asks him if he remembers Mr. Zhang’s Pysch was a maze as well and he wonders if Mu Qing may have lost herself. Yi Heng admits that it’s possible, he also says they can’t wander deeper. Yi Heng says that since all the rooms consist of photos, they will have to search the photos for clues.

Jiang Shuo finds a photo of Mu Qing as a little girl and calls Yi Heng over to check it out. He then asks Yi Heng who the boy in the photo could be. Unfortunately Yi Heng doesn’t know the answer either. They find a few more photos of the children together. Then Jiang Shuo notices another moving photo. This movie show Mu Qing asking a boy if her assignment is well written. She then calls the boy brother. Yi Heng says it must be Yuan Yi, Yuan Mu Qing’s brother. Apparently the two were very close.

Jiang Shuo says that he’s never met Yuan Yi. Jiang Shuo then goes to reach for the moving photo and it slides down the wall a bit. Jiang Shuo looks at Yi Heng in horror and then attempts to leave the room but the door is locked. Yi Heng notes that it must be because of what Jiang Shuo did with the photo that triggered Mu Qing’s defence mechanism. Yi Heng says that since Jiang Shuo knows how to pick locks he should try that on the door. Jiang Shuo reminds him that the ways of reality don’t work in the Psych. Since it’s Mu Qing’s defence mechanism they can only unlock the door her way.

Jiang Shuo suggests they check the other doors in the room. They find that all the doors are locked however one door looks different from the others. Yi Heng notes that this door handle looks like a sundial, an ancient time measuring device. He notes that this lock may be related to time. Yi Heng then asks to Jiang Shuo to remember any time that is significant to Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo figures it must be the time she kept mumbling about before he hypnotized her the first time, three quarters past noon.

Yi Heng says to give it a shot. Sure enough that unlocks the door and they enter another room. When they enter they can hear Mu Qing’s voice saying to someone “be careful, hide yourself!” From another room. They quickly run to the next door and almost run into Mu Qing and her brother entering the current room.

Yuan Yi asks who they are as he protects Mu Qing from them. Mu Qing asks why they are there. Jiang Shuo says they are here to rescue her. Mu Qing tells her brother that they are her friends. Just then we can hear voices from the room the siblings left behind yelling that “they” are over here. Yuan Yi says that Master Hong has caught up to them. Yuan Yi asks the boys to get his sister safely out of there while he holds back the bad guys. Mu Qing however doesn’t want to leave her brother.

Her brother tells her not to worry, he will find her. He then tells her “three quarters past noon” they will meet at the bridge. Mu Qing still argues with him and we can hear the bad guys are getting closer. Yuan. Yi tosses Mu Qing into the arms of her friends and they drag her away into the next room while her brother holds the door.

He can’t hold the door for long and the bad guys come into the room. They have some nasty looking swords and surround Yuan Yi. Master Hong enters the room and tells Yuan Yi that his father Yuan Zhen and his troops have blocked all the exits. There is only one way left and that is to fight head on. Master Hong then instructs his minions to find Mu Qing because they can’t allow Yuan Zhen’s daughter to escape. Yuan Yi attempts to fight back, but then Master Hong puts a gun to his head and he’s forced to back down.

Meanwhile Mu Qing still wants to go back for her brother. Jiang Shuo tells her that she’s not helping the situation by going back there. He also tells her that she should listen to her brother and find a safe place first. Yi Heng finds an open door and tells them to go that way. They end up in a long hall when a soldier comes running up to Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng block the soldier. The soldier says he’s glad the Miss is alright and that she should go with him as he will find a safe route for her. Jiang Shou wants to know why they should trust him.

Mu Qing says that his is Chief Gao a subordinate of her father. That’s good enough for her so it’s fine with Jiang Shuo. Chief Gao grabs Mu Qing and guides her down the hall.

In one of the photo studio rooms we see the minions running to catch up.

Back in the hallway Jiang Shuo notes that the time that Mu Qing had been mumbling about in the real world was the time she was supposed to meet her brother. So whatever is happening has to do with Yuan Yi. Yi Heng says they will just follow her to determine the cause of her disorder. They leave the hallway and enter a wintery forest. Jiang Shuo notes that the lieutenant (Chief Gao) has disappeared. They follow Mu Qing up onto a bridge that has a sundial in the middle of it. Mu Qing notes that it’s not time yet.

Mu Qing whispers that her brother must return safely. The three wait but when the sundial happens on the time to meet her brother doesn’t show up. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng what happened, why isn’t her brother showing up? Did something happen? Yi Heng doesn’t know the answer. Just after he answers we hear a gunshot.

Mu Qing tries to go investigate the sound worried about her brother but Jiang Shuo holds her back, telling her she can’t go. Yi Heng says that if she goes back it’s suicide. Mu Qing keeps trying to break free from Jiang Shuo because there was a gunshot and her brother is in danger. Jiang Shuo says that if her brother wants her to wait for him here, she should stay here in case he comes back. Jiang Shuo says that since he’s not the kidnapper’s target, he will go back instead.

Yi Heng calls out to him worried but Jiang Shuo says not to worry he’ll be okay. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng to take care of Mu Qing for him. Mu Qing yells at him that he must return safely.

Jiang Shuo heads back into the hallway where there a bunch of bodies. He enters one of the photo studio rooms and finds Yuan Yi on the floor. He thinks he’s just unconscious and tries to wake him. Only when he moves Yuan Yi’s head to the side does the see the gunshot wound on the temple. Jiang Shuo is not sure what’s going on so he runs out of the room and back towards the bridge.

When he reaches the bridge he sees Yuan Yi and Mu Qing in front of the sundial. Jiang Shuo notices Yi Heng behind a tree and asks him what happened? He tells Yi Heng that he clearly saw her brother’s body so how could he appear before Mu Qing? Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo will understand once he checks it out.

Jiang Shuo heads up towards the siblings when he notices that Yuan Yi still has the bullet wound on his temple. Mu Qing doesn’t seem to notice though. Jiang Shuo turns to Yi Heng and asks if that means Mu Qing hasn’t accepted her brother’s death even now. Yi Heng says it’s time to go.

They return to the real world and Jiang Shuo asks if Yi Heng saw it. Yi Heng nods. Jiang Shuo says that he didn’t know Mu Qing was once abducted by a thug or that her brother probably died during the incident. Mu Qing couldn’t accept her brother’s death so she fantasizes that her brother is still alive. The nurse comments that it’s a delusional disorder documented by western medicine. Yi Heng notes that she was probably triggered by an external stimuli that triggered her delusional disorder.

Yi Heng also notes that how delusional disorders are. The delusion is present along with violent tendencies. Jiang Shuo just wants to know how to treat Mu Qing. Yi Heng suggests that in the morning he should go to Yuan Mansion to find out the details of the abduction. He then tells the nurse that if Mu Qing wakes up and loses control she can use medication on her.

The next morning Yi Heng goest to Yuan Mansion where he is stopped by a guard. Yi Heng says that he is looking for Yuan Yi or Young Master Yuan. The soldier is confused, luckily the butler approaches and says that Dr. Qin has come. The butler wants to know what brings him here, Yi Heng says again that he is here to see Yuan Yi.

The butler tells him that Yuan Yi isn’t there and to please leave. Just then a car pulls up and it’s announced that Madam Wan has arrived. Madam Wan asks Yi Heng to come in but he says he’s only there to find out about Yuan Yi and then he will leave. Madam Wan says that they will talk inside but her welcoming manner has changed to a much colder one.

Once they sit down for a lovely cup of tea, Yi Heng tells Madam Wan that he will be blunt. He then asks her if Yuan Yi died during the abduction five years ago. Madam Wan says that by the time they arrived at the alley, Yuan Yi was barely alive. Madam Wan says that he was shot in the temple. Yi Heng points out that the entire Yuan Mansion is aware of Yuan Yi’s death except for Mu Qing.

Yi Heng points out that in order to protect Mu Qing the family kept the information from the public. Madam Wan says that Mu Qing blamed herself, believing that she was responsible for Yuan Yi’s death. Mu Qing couldn’t handle it and began to fantasize that Yuan Yi was alive. (Madam Wan is General Yuan’s sister)

Madam Wan says that in order to help Mu Qing be well her brother forbid the servants to mention Yuan Yi’s death. Madam Wan asks Yi Heng about why he wants to know about Yuan Yi. Did something happen to Mu Qing? Yi Heng lies through his teeth saying that Mu Qing is fine. She’s just on vacation for a couple of days and will return after that. He then bids Madam Wan farewell.

Sometime later in the clinic. Jiang Shuo says that he tried thinking up multiple ways to help however Mu Qing’s brother is dead and that’s a fact. They can’t resurrect her brother. Yi Heng points out that though they can’t resurrect her brother in the real world they may be able to help her accept her brother’s death in the Psych.

Jiang Shuo remembers that in the Psych, Yuan Yi said that his father’s soldiers were outside. However when Jiang Shuo returned he saw the corpses of the Yuan Army thus..

Yi Heng says that they should work together from both sides. Jiang Shuo will buy time with Master Hong while Yi Heng will get help Yuan Zhen. They hope that it will help Mu Qing recall what actually happened that day. Back into the Psych they go with their new plan.

In the Psych they immediately open the door with key hopscotch code of October 1st. They quickly go through the rooms until they run into Yuan Yi and Yuan Mu Qing. Then we go through a very familiar scene where the brother asks who they are. Mu Qing asks why they are there before telling her brother that they are her friends. Our dynamic duo tell her they are here to save her.

Yuan Yi asks them to take his sister safely out of there, while he holds them back. The difference is that this time Jiang Shuo tells him there is no need as he will hold the gangsters back instead. Jiang Shuo then tells Mu Qing that since he’s not the target and it’s her safety that matters. Jiang Shuo also tells her that he will meet her at the bridge. He asks her to trust him. Then Yi Heng and Yuan Yi drag Mu Qing away while Jiang Shuo holds the door.

In the another room Mu Qing asks Yi Heng if Jiang Shuo is in danger. Yi Heng is worried too, so he tells Mu Qing to go through the next door. After she goes out, she will run into Chief Gao and he will show her the way to Meng Xiong Bridge. Yi Heng tells her that she must know Master Hong is targeting the Yuan family. As long as the siblings aren’t captured Yuan Zhen will be able to win. He asks if she understands but she just looks overwhelmed. Yi Heng tells Yuan Yi that he will leave Mu Qing to his care. Mu Qing looks extremely worried about the two but in the end Yi Heng leaves.

Jiang Shuo did his best to hold the door but the thugs break through. Jiang Shuo grabs one of the mannequins and throws it at the thugs while he runs away into the next room. The thugs call him a brat and tell him he can’t escape. Unfortunately the thugs split up into two groups with only half following Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo yells that he’s over here and closes the door throwing a dresser down to block the door. He runs and kicks open the next door only to be met with a gun.

The thug backs Jiang Shuo into the room he just ran out of. The rest of the thugs come in with their swords. The thug tells Jiang Shuo to try running again. Jiang Shuo having no escape agrees to go with them. Jiang Shuo’s last thought before the camera takes us elsewhere is that he hopes the others escaped.

Outside the photo studio we see a bunch of soldiers and General Yuan. a soldier runs up and tells the General that they have inspected the area and that it’s hard to attack within the studio. Although there aren’t many thugs, they are guarding the area tightly. The soldier says that they can’t react hastily.

Yi Heng comes running out from the studio yelling at the General not to shoot him. The General recognizes Yi Heng and asks what he was doing in there. Yi Heng quickly tells him the situation is that Master Hong has over 30 men but that many aren’t armed. The General asks if Yi Heng has seen Mu Qing. Yi Heng says that Ms. Yuan is fine. The General then asks who else is in there and Yi Heng replies that Yuan Yi is in there as well. They are both fine for now but Yi Heng says they need to hurry up and attack the studio.

We can hear voices from inside saying to hurry up and capture them. Yi Heng tells the General it’s urgent and that he can’t hesitate. The General orders the attack and the soldiers rush in.

The camera takes us back inside the studio where we see Yuan Yi and Mu Qing have been caught. We then see Jiang Shuo being brought into the room. Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing call out to each other. Just then a thug reports bad news to Master Hong, General Yuan Zhen’s troops are attacking.

Master Hong says to screw the General, he will just kill Mu Qing right now. Yuan Yi moves in front of Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo fights his captors. Jiang Shuo gets pushed up against a wall and we hear a gunshot. Mu Qing yells Jiang Shuo’s name but a few moments later it’s his attacker that falls down with a gunshot wound. Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing run towards each other to check for injuries.

Just as they are checking each other they get attacked again but Jiang Shuo fends them off. Just then Jiang Shuo’s attacker who we thought was dead manages to fire off a shot and kill Yuan Yi. Mu Qing runs to her brother’s side. Yi Heng enters the room to see what happened and Jiang Shuo tells him that they failed and will have to try a different way. Yi Heng says they will see how it goes. Mu Qing cries next to her brother as the two leave.

In the real world Yi Heng says that Mu Qing’s aunt told him that Yuan Yi died in an alley not in the studio. Jiang Shuo says that although they achieved this step what should they do next? Just then Mu Qing wakes up yelling that she will kill Master Hong. Jiang Shuo runs over to her happy that she is awake. The two ask how she is and she claims to be fine but even Jiang Shuo can see that she’s not fine. Jiang Shuo is about to say more when Yi Heng interrupts him to tell Ms. Yuan that if she feels any discomfort whether it’s mental or physical to let them know.

Yi Heng says they are there to help. Jiang Shuo says not to worry. Ms. Yuan says that actually she has a secret she would like to disclose. She says that she only wants to tell one person though. Yi Heng asks who she wants to tell . Ms. Yuan grabs Jiang Shuo’s hand and says she will only tell him. Yi Heng says okay and leaves the room.

Yi Heng heads out to the main courtyard where the nurse offers him some snacks. The nurse asks about Ms. Yuan but Yi Heng says that it’s hard to tell. Yi Heng then asks where everyone else went. The nurse says that they are out performing so he can enjoy the peace and quiet. This is allows him to focus on treating Mu Qing.

Back in the room Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing are still holding hands. Jiang Shuo is a bit awkward and reminds Mu Qing that she had something to tell him. Mu Qing says she’s thirsty and would like a glass of water first. As he goes to get the water he tells her if she knows how concerned they were for her the past couple of days. He also tells her how glad he is that she’s awake.

Jiang Shuo also tells her that he knows what she’s about to tell him, it’s just that she’s a lady, it should be him that says it. Just then she karate chops him and he falls unconscious to the floor.

Yi Heng is oblivious outside eating snacks with the nurse. The nurse says that for such a gentleman he eats like a thug. Yi Heng gets offended and stops eating claiming to be done. The nurse tells him to enjoy his food she didn’t mean to offend him. The nurse would also like to request a day off. She says that if anything happens Yi Heng can ask Jiang Shuo for help. Yi Heng agrees to let her have the day off and she leaves.

Yi Heng looks up at the clinic and thinking it’s been awhile decides to go up bringing some of the snacks with him. He enters the lower level and calls out to Jiang Shuo asking if he would like a snack. Not getting a response he enters the clinic room calling out for Jiang Shuo.

Seeing Jiang Shuo on the floor he calls out his name and attempts to wake him. When he can’t wake him up he quickly checks for a pulse. (He has one) So Yi Heng continues his efforts to wake him.

Elsewhere in the city, Ms. Yuan is dressed as a male walking the streets. The nurse bumps into her and the nurse is confused since she’s supposed to be at the clinic. Mu Qing says that she’s fine. The nurse then says that she knows where Master Hong is and that she can help Mu Qing. The nurse tells Ms. Yuan to follow her and the two leave arm in arm.

Back at the clinic Jiang Shuo is awake if a little sore. Yi Heng says he’ll be okay. Jiang Shuo says he may be okay but Mu Qing definitely is not okay. Yi Heng says that in her current condition she will become anxious and irritated because of her disorder. It can be quite detrimental. This worries Jiang Shuo and he wonders what they can do now. Jiang Shuo remembers back when Mu Qing kicked Mr. Zhang, pushing Jiang Shuo into the water.

Yi Heng says they need to find Yuan Mu Qing as soon as possible to prevent her from hurting herself. The more time that goes by the more her condition will worsen. She might even hurt the innocent if enough time goes by. Since time is of the essence the two decide to split up to find her.

We seen the nurse take Mu Qing to a printing factory. Once they are inside the factory, Mu Qing greets the man standing there calling him Master Hong. Master Hong that it’s been so many years and yet she still remembers him.

Mu Qing how did her brother die and how could she forget about it? Master Hong asks if she really has no idea how her brother died? Master Hong says there are a few things she needs to understand. Master Hong then gives her a letter and tells her to read it.

Only then will she understand how it feels to have a foe for a father. Mu Qing takes the letter from Master Hong.

Roll those credits because this episode is over!