Psych Hunter: Episode 9

This episode starts off with a creaky door opening and a black cat entering the room. The cat is meowing like someone forgot to give him wet food. The cat approaches the bed and manages to wake up Zhao Meng. Zhao Meng comments that she thought the cat was lost. She picks up the cat and asks where it has been, she’s been looking for it. Just then Li Jing’s voice comes from the cat saying it died of injustice. The cat asks Zhao Meng why she didn’t save her.

Roll those opening credits!

We head back to Jiang Shuo’s place where those rich women that are pretending to be sick have followed Yi Heng to his new clinic. Jiang Shuo walks out of his room to find a group of them waiting to be seen and comes up with an idea. He comes back out with a table, and says that there will be registration fees. Five copper coins for an appointment and ten copper coins to jump the queue, etc. It works like a charm and soon Jiang Shuo has a wad of cash.

Ms. Yuan walks up with Zhao Meng in tow demanding to see Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo lets her know about the registration. The other women are cranky and tell her to wait her turn. Ms. Yuan tells Jiang Shuo she will expose him if he doesn’t take her to Yi Heng now. Jiang Shuo apologizes to the other ladies and says that Ms. Yuan has bought all the time slots for today. When they complain, Ms. Yuan asks if they know who she is. When they don’t, she informs them that she is the General’s daughter which shuts them up pretty quick.

Jiang Shuo then enters the clinic where Yi Heng tells Ms. Yuan that he needs to know the relationship between the three student in order to better assess Zhao Meng’s mental state. Ms. Yuan then tells him that Li Jing was the best painter in her class, unfortunately she comes from a poor family. While Liu Fang Hui comes from an influential family and bullied her out of jealousy. Zhao Meng took pity on Li Jing and took care of her becoming friends. Zhao Meng comes from a good background so she was able to stand up to Liu Fang Hui and protect Li Jing. Zhao Meng even rented an expensive room so the two could live together. Li Jing bought her a black cat as a thank you.

According to Zhao Meng something bad happened to Li Jing and since then the black cat often appears at night and says it wants to avenge Li Jing. Jiang Shuo points out that according to the painting Liu Zhi gave them the next case would involve a black cat. They wonder if this is Liu Zhi’s next game. Jiang Shuo says not to worry about it now, let’s enter the Psych. However Ms. Yuan wants to go with him. Jiang Shuo doesn’t want to take her because it’s dangerous. Yi Heng points out that Ms. Yuan may be of more help there this time since she’s more familiar with the people and places involved. Jiang Shuo has adjusted the dragon candle’s dosage because Zhao Meng is unstable. He tells Ms. Yuan to be careful as it’s her first time in the Psych.

They enter the Psych holding hands. Ms. Yuan pulls her hand away only to have Jiang Shuo grab it again telling her anything can happen in the Psych, he has to keep her safe. Just then we hear a cat meow and see cat eyes open behind them giving them a cat’s eye view. The cat goes into Zhao Meng’s room where she tells them it was late and she was about to go to sleep. The cat leaves the room with Zhao Meng following behind it.

Ms. Yuan wants to know why they are in the cat’s brain and Jiang Shuo says it’s probably because Zhao Meng wants them to see what the cat sees. He also says that they can ask Yi Heng about the reason for it afterward. They follow the cat and it leads them to a body that has fallen down the stairs. We hear Fang Hui yell Li Jing. Zhao Meng is shocked and hides in a doorway so Fang Hui doesn’t see her. Fang Hui comes down the stairs still calling out to Li Jing. Fang Hui puts down the painting she was holding and tries to wake Li Jing. When that fails she drags Li Jing away.

Ms. Yuan points out that it looks like Zhao Meng was right about Fang Hui. She then wonders how they get out of the cat’s head. Jiang Shuo tells her that it’s Zhao Meng’s Psych and only Zhao Meng has the power to let them out. Jiang Shuo says that since Zhao Meng trusts her the most, Ms. Yuan should try asking her to let them out.

In the real world Yi Heng paces while waiting for them. Zhao Meng appears to struggle like she’s having a nightmare (no wonder) and Yi Heng quickly checks on her.

Back in the Psych, Ms. Yuan yells at Jiang Shuo that it doesn’t seem to be working since they are still in the cat’s head. Just then they fall through the floor landing on a bed with Ms. Yuan on top. Ms. Yuan accuses him of being a liar. He quickly points out that she’s on top of him and it’s her friend that brought them there. We hear the cranky kitty meow and Jiang Shuo wonders why they are back in the dorm room. The cranky kitty meow intensifies and then we see Zhao Meng being attacked by a hissy cat. Jiang Shuo tells Ms. Yuan that Zhao Meng is losing it and they have to leave quickly. Ms. Yuan asks if there is anything they can do but Jiang Shuo says there is nothing they can do, only Qin’Er can help now. They hear the jingle of the coins and wake up.

Ms. Yuan runs to her friend, Zhao Meng is still having a nightmare. Jiang Shuo quickly grabs the coins and wakes her up. Zhao Meng tells Ms. Yuan that she was dreaming about the black cat again. Ms. Yuan hugs her and pats her on the back telling her it’s going to be okay it was just a dream. Some time passes and Yi Heng explains to the group that being in the head of the cat in the Psych was probably due to the fact that Zhao Meng trusts Ms. Yuan as much as she trusts the cat. Yi Heng also says that given Zhao Meng’s current condition not everything they saw in the Psych may be true. Zhao Meng quickly tells him that yes, it was all true she just hasn’t been sleeping well lately and can’t tell reality from dreams.

Ms. Yuan tells her that she should rest well and that they will be here for her. Zhao Meng says she can’t because she has to make Fang Hui confess to the murder of Li Jing. Yi Heng says that if she insists on going back to the school then he has a suggestion. His suggestion is that the others come along to school with her. Jiang Shuo says Qin’Er is right they will go with her after all, the black cat may have something to do with Liu Zhi.

The team heads over to the school entrance when the girls notice that the old lady is at the entrance. They turn around and inform Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng that outsiders aren’t allowed in the school especially men. Ms. Yuan suggests that they go in first and the boys find a way to sneak in. With that the girls head into the school. Jiang Shuo asks Qin’Er what the plan is. Qin’Er looks like he’s about to tell him, then heads for the school entrance alone. Qin’Er is stopped by the old lady as she tells him it’s a girl’s school. He says he’s there to look for his sister and gives a charming smile. The old lady’s heart melts and she let’s him go inside.

Jiang Shuo tries to enter the school on the same pretext but the old lady actually asks him questions instead of just letting him in. The old lady actually calls security on him (poor guy). So he leaves and comes back in disguise. Oddly enough the disguise gets him into the school.

Inside the school Yi Heng heads into a classroom to interrogate Ms. Liu claiming to be Li Jing’s older brother. He says that Li Jing has been missing for a while and that he heard there was a conflict between the two of them. Ms. Liu claims that she only has contact with Li Jing during class. Yi Heng then mentions that he knows on the night before she went missing the two met at the studio. Ms. Liu says she was celebrating her birthday that night with friends and never met Li Jing. It’s obvious she’s lying and Yi Heng call her out on it.

Yi Heng then points out all the signals she gave that she was lying. He also tells her that he will find Li Jing whether she is alive or dead. Ms. Liu points out that she’s not the only one lying, she knows exactly who he is and it’s not Li Jing’s older brother. She claims he’s only doing this to get back at her family for stealing the port business away from his family. With that Ms. Liu and her friends leave the room.

Meanwhile a disguised Jiang Shuo makes his way through the girl’s dorm. He finds the dorm room and goes inside to investigate. Jiang Shuo finds scratch marks on the headboard and cat fur on the floor. Just then the others enter room. Jiang Shuo asks if they are done investigating and Ms. Yuan just laughs at his disguise. She asks him why is he dressed like that? While Yi Heng laughs at him as well. Jiang Shuo points out that how he is dressed is not the point, what have they found out?

Ms. Yuan says that she went with Zhao Meng to check out the stairs of the scene but there were no other structures except for the school buildings. If Li Jing’s body is still in the school, Ms. Yuan is sure someone would have found it by now. Ms. Yuan then asks what he found. Jiang Shuo holds up the cat fur and tells her the black cat must still be around. Jiang Shuo then asks Yi Heng what he’s found.

Yi Heng tells them that he went to look for Liu Fang Hui to ask about Li Jing’s whereabouts but she kept lying to him and denying the accusations… so.. then he points to Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo says not to worry he’s got this.

The trio enter the art room and thankfully Jiang Shuo is no longer in disguise. Liu Fang Hui wants to know why Ms. Yuan is with them. She tells Ms. Yuan that Li Jing’s disappearance has nothing to do with her. It’s clear Jiang Shuo doesn’t believe her.

Ms. Yuan tells her this is a matter of life and death, they must know the truth. She tells Liu Fang Hui not to be afraid if she’s innocent they will help her prove it. Jiang Shuo goes to reach for his coins, but Liu Fang Hui freaks out calling him a gangster and yelling for help. When security gets there, Ms. Yuan explains that Jiang Shuo is her friend. In the chaos Liu Fang Hui escapes. Ms. Yuan starts to go after her but Jiang Shuo says the school is crowded anyway so he can’t use his mind reading technique, there has to be another way. Yi Heng says he’s got an idea.

We then see Liu Fang Hui running out the school gate after hearing that something has happened to her brother, so she must go home immediately. Liu Fang Hui sees a rickshaw and gets in, telling a very familiar person to take her to Liu Family mansion. Once the rickshaw gets away from the school it stops. Liu Fang Hui asks what’s the matter then tells him to hurry up and go. The person turns around taking off his hat and we see it’s Jiang Shuo!

Liu Fang Hui can’t believe it’s him again and goes to leave only to be stopped by Ms. Yuan. Ms. Yuan holds up her police badge and tells her she is required for the investigation. Liu Fang Hui says that something has happened to her brother and they must let her go. Yi Heng calmly points out that her brother is fine, while Jiang Shuo gets his coins ready. Yi Heng tells her that he made the call about her brother, he also warns her that she should cooperate. Jiang Shuo comes up from behind her and activates the coins. Liu Fang Hui faints but Jiang Shuo catches her.

Jiang Shuo enters the Psych to find himself lying in some wildflowers. We see Ms. Yuan standing nearby. Jiang Shuo asks where they are. Ms. Yuan doesn’t respond as she’s still looking around. Jiang Shuo comments that the colour of the flowers can only be found in a painting. Then the camera pans out a bit and we see that they are indeed inside in a painting. Ms. Yuan notes that it’s Zhao Meng’s oil painting. In fact it’s the painting that gained her the ability to study abroad. Of course only one student gets that honour. Jiang Shuo grabs Ms. Yuan’s hand and reminds her to be careful.

The camera pans out and we see them in the painting while we hear voice from outside the room. Then we see Liu Fang Hui and Li Jing enter the room. Liu Fang Hui is yelling at Li Jing that Zhao Meng couldn’t possibly paint this painting and it’s clearly Li Jing’s work. Liu Fang Hui threatens to go tell the school inspector about this. Li Jing begs her not to as it will get her expelled. Liu Fang Hui says that’s not her problem, Li Jing brought it on herself. Liu Fang Hui grabs the painting in one hand and drags Li Jing out of the room with the other.

The two girls reach the staircase and stop about halfway down on the landing. Li Jing apologizes to Liu Fang Hui and begs her not to tell. After all Zhao Meng pays for her living expenses and let’s Li Jing stay with her. Li Jing also states that Liu Fang Hui is aware that if Li Jing doesn’t help Zhao Meng then her family can’t pay her school fees.

Liu Fang Hui says she doesn’t care whether or not Li Jing stays school, by helping Zhao Meng, Li Jing is taking the opportunity to study abroad from Liu Fang Hui. Apparently Liu Fang Hui gets scolded by both her brother and father for not getting the honour. Liu Fang Hui says that Li Jing gave her no choice and they must see the school inspector today. Li Jing goes to tackle Liu Fang Hui but misses and falls down the stairs.

Liu Fang Hui calls out to her but no response. She runs down the stairs puts the painting down, and attempts to wake Li Jing up. Liu Fang Hui checks to see if Li Jing is breathing. From inside the painting Ms. Yuan asks if there is anything they can do. Jiang Shuo says they can’t do anything since it happened in the past ( there is no time travelling here) .

Liu Fang Hui then drags Li Jing to an art room and puts her in a chair. She again tries to wake Li Jing but still no response. Not knowing what to do, Liu Fang Hui leaves the room. Some time passes and we see Liu Fang Hui come back into the room with a first aid kit but Li Jing is gone. Jiang Shuo says that since Li Jing disappeared in the Psych it proves that Liu Fang Hui doesn’t know where she is in reality. Not being able to find Li Jing in the room, Liu Fang Hui grabs some matches and sets the painting on fire. Jiang Shuo says they must leave at once and luckily for the two of them, they hear the coins.

Waking up back in reality, Ms. Yuan immediately calls out for Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo is quick to tell her everything is okay now. Liu Fang Hui wakes up and asks what they have done. Yi Heng tells her that they just want to know where Li Jing has gone. Liu Fang Hui says she truly doesn’t know where Li Jing is. Ms. Yuan says that she’s telling the truth. Jiang Shuo confirms that, since as he says the Psych doesn’t lie.

Liu Fang Hui says she doesn’t know what they’ve done to her but she’s been tormented daily by this incident. She would also like to know where Li Jing is just like them. Liu Fang Hui admits that she envied Li Jing and her grades. She also admits that while she has always been a bully she wouldn’t kill someone. Yi Heng points out that if both Liu Fang Hui and Zhao Meng aren’t lying then the only way to really know the truth is to find Li Jing.

Back in the classroom, a school staff member announces that Liu Fang Hui will be representing the school as an international student. Liu Fang Hui decides to treat the class to dinner to celebrate the news.

Later that night we see Zhao Meng in front of a mirror powdering her face when all of a sudden we see blood on her cheek. Zhao Meng starts to freak out and begs to be let go. She says she knows that Liu Fang Hui is going to be an international student but there’s nothing she can do about it. The door creaks open and there is that cranky sounding black cat. The cat runs away from the door and Zhao Meng grabs a knife from the classroom and follows.

The camera takes us back outside the school entrance where we see Liu Fang Hui returning to the school. She passes two students that congratulate her on her new status as the international student. While they are doing so, Liu Fang Hui notices someone watching her. When she goes for a closer look the person runs away, the person looks like Li Jing.

Liu Fang Hui runs after the person and is led back to the unfortunate staircase. There Zhao Meng calls out to her while holding the knife. Zhao Meng says that Li Jing will only let her live if she kills Liu Fang Hui. Liu Fang Hui asks her if she’s crazy. She reminds Zhao Meng that she didn’t hurt Li Jing. Zhao Meng says it’s her and swings the knife at Liu Fang Hui. They struggle and the knife thankfully gets dropped to the floor.

Just then Li Jing is on the staircase landing claiming that Liu Fang Hui killed her. Zhao Meng takes advantage of Liu Fang Hui’s surprise and grabs her from behind. Zhao Meng tells Li Jing that she caught Liu Fang Hui. Li Jing comes down the stairs and grabs the knife from the floor. She advances towards Liu Fang Hui. Liu Fang Hui begs Zhao Meng to let her go.

Just then Jiang Shuo shouts out Li Jing’s name and comes running towards the group. He says that although Li Jing fell down the stairs because of Liu Fang Hui, Li Jing didn’t intend to kill her. He also tells Li Jing that Liu Fang Hui took her to the supply room in order to help her. Li Jing realizes that everything that happened tonight was set up by them. Li Jing doesn’t care what they have to say, since she won’t believe it anyway.

Jiang Shuo says he knows she won’t believe them so they went to her house to find evidence. Apparently Li Jing’s father is a sailor, so the only person home was the grandmother. When Li Jing disappeared, Liu Fang Hui went to her home to look for her. Li Jing however never showed up, so Liu Fang Hui gave her grandmother a considerable sum of money. The grandmother never used the money though. If Li Jing doesn’t believe them, she can go home and see it for herself.

Li Jing wants to know how they knew she would be there. Jiang Shuo says they knew she was alive so, they waited in the dorm cabinet for her to appear. Unfortunately the only person they found was the black cat. So they decided to spread rumours of Liu Fang Hui going abroad to lure her out. We get a flashback to Captain Yang talking to the school inspector asking for a favour.

We then return to the present where Yi Heng says that they wanted Li Jing to know the truth which is why they waited for her to appear. Liu Fang Hui tells Li Jing that she envied her, but didn’t want to hurt her. Liu Fang Hui also tells Li Jing that she is the only girl in her family. Everyone only pays attention to her brother and they will only notice her if she gets their approval. When Li Jing helped Zhao Meng she took away Liu Fang Hui’s dream of going abroad. Liu Fang Hui says she has to endure immense pressure at home. While everyone knows she comes from a good family, nobody knows how lonely she is at home.

Liu Fang Hui says she’s sorry what she’s done. She also says that she would rather be the one that was hurt that day. She then goes on to say no matter what happens today it’s not Li Jing’s fault. Liu Fang Hui will repay what she owes Li Jing. She then grabs Li Jing’s hand that is still holding the knife and pulls it closer to her. Li Jing however resists this attempted suicide. Li Jing then slaps Liu Fang Hui and the knife drops to the floor once more. Li Jing says they’re even now.

Zhao Meng wants to know why Li Jing was using her since Zhao Meng has always been kind to her. Li Jing says that although they were initially close friends it turned out that in the end Li Jing was only her servant. Li Jing says she was trapped with her mercy. That Zhao Meng only wanted her to create a painting to beat Liu Fang Hui and become the international student. Zhao Meng is surprised that Li Jing knows about it.

Li Jing says that she paints well because of her hard work however, it doesn’t matter anymore because she will never have a chance to fulfill her dream. Li Jing says she would never be a deceitful person like Zhao Meng, Li Jing says she will only work hard. Jiang Shuo says that’s enough and no matter what grudge the two had with each other it’s time to put it in the past. Jiang Shuo says they should all go home and rest. Ms. Yuan will take care of the rest. Before she leaves Yi Heng calls Li Jing back as he has some questions for her.

Yi Heng wants to know how Li Jing controlled the black cat, as well as how Li Jing managed to get Zhao Meng’s face bloody. Li Jing says the blood on Zhao Meng’s face is fake made with potion and paint. Li Jing says it was the only way to make Zhao Meng the scapegoat in her revenge against Liu Fang Hui. Of course Li Jing says that was before she knew the truth. Yi Heng still wants to know about that cat, Jiang Shuo interrupts with his own question about why Li Jing did this to scare Zhao Meng.

Li Jing says that actually she finds it a bit weird too. We flashback to the night Li Jing fell down the stairs as she narrates. That day she though Liu Fang Hui was going to kill her. Li Jing fled the school and ran into a mysterious figure with six fingers. She’s not sure how, but the mysterious figure was holding her cat. The figure asks if she wants revenge, if so she just has to follow his instructions and it will go a lot easier.

We flashback to the present where Li Jing admits that since that day she has been raising the cat. Jiang Shuo wonders what’s so special about the cat the Liu Zhi would give it to her. Just then Yi Heng notices that there is something wrong with the cat’s eyes. Jiang Shuo realizes that the cat is being mind controlled by Liu Zhi!

Yi Heng points out that Zhao Meng mentioned hearing the cat talk and wonders if Liu Zhi could have been controlling Zhao Meng. Jiang Shuo has never met another person that could read minds. He takes off the coins around the cat’s neck and uses the same technique that he uses to wake people up from the Psych. The cat’s eyes return to normal proving the cat was under control. Jiang Shuo asks where Li Jing met Liu Zhi and she says that she met him by the riverside but hasn’t been able to find him since.

Yi Heng asks the obvious question about what Liu Zhi looks like, but all Li Jing saw was a silhouette with six fingers so she has no clue what he actually looks like. Yi Heng curses the fact that Liu Zhi is so elusive. Jiang Shuo privately thinks about Liu Zhi knowing that Jiang Shuo can read minds and more importantly it seems Liu Zhi can do the same.

Later that night Ms. Yuan and Jiang Shuo are walking down the street together. Ms. Yuan wonders about Liu Zhi’s endgame (don’t we all). Jiang Shuo points out that if he didn’t have amnesia he might be able to answer that question. Ms. Yuan says she pities him. Jiang Shuo however says it’s nice sometimes to not know his past. He can live without worries and just be free.

Jiang Shuo admits that sometimes he pities Ms. Yuan since she’s a policewoman, yet she’s afraid of being caught by someone. Ms. Yuan says she’s not afraid of being caught by her father, she just doesn’t want to make him angry (same thing silly girl). Jiang Shuo wonders why if her family doesn’t support her, why did she become a cop? Ms. Yuan says there is someone in her family that loves and supports her. Jiang Shuo asks who but just then their attention is drawn to something else and Ms. Yuan says they will talk later.

They follow the crowd to the riverside to see a bunch of dancers on the dock. The dancers separate Ms. Yuan from Jiang Shuo and dance around her. The sound of bells tingling and the blurring effect are very similar to when Jiang Shuo uses the coins. Jiang Shuo realizes something is wrong and breaks into the crowd of dancers. However when he does, Ms. Yuan seems different. She then pushes him into the water and walks away.

Roll the credits because that’s the end of Episode 9!