Psych Hunter Episode 8

The start of this episode is in the Embassy where the Ambassador tells Qiu Liang that his country doesn’t deserve to have such fine Horology techniques and he can just leave the Eternity Clock on the floor (condescending jerk). Qiu Liang says that’s fine since he’s leaving it as a gift. The clock opens up in all its hypnotic glory. Suddenly everyone except the ambassador has a skull mask on and knives. The ambassador’s dinner companions proceed to stab him multiple times.

Roll opening credits..

Qiu Liang leaves the Embassy with Ms. Yuan’s following behind just before Sergeant Bai gets there. At first Sergeant Bai is denied entry after all it is the British Embassy. However Sergeant Bai points out that the Ambassador is in danger and he will take responsibility if their superiors give them any flack. Now that they’ve cleared that up, Sergeant Bai and company enter the building.

They enter dining room to find the Ambassador dead and the guests with no idea what happened since they fell asleep after the Chinese clockmaker came into the room. Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo just give each other a look since they can figure out what happened. Sergeant Bai orders his officers to hunt Qiu Liang down although he still uses the name Wu Liang.

Wu Liang however is in front of his biological father’s memorial tablet. He has put the trophy next to it and is telling his father how the clock won the competition.

Ms. Yuan runs into the shop looking for Qiu Liang. Just as she asks herself where could he be, he knocks her out from behind. Sometime later Sergeant Bai and his officers arrive at the shop but they can’t find Qiu Liang or Ms. Yuan.

The next scene is at the train station where Qiu Liang is getting ticket ripped by a very familiar face. Jiang Shuo smiles at him which is when Qiu Liang pushes him. Jiang Shuo shouts that Wu Liang is here. He quickly gets surrounded by police which is when he opens the Eternity Clock.

This puts everyone under hypnosis so that everyone not part of the police unit (or Jiang Shuo & Yi Heng) become soldiers in armour that attack. The police fire off shots that bounce off the armour. Jiang Shuo fights only to be knocked unconscious when thrown into a pillar. The fight ends with everyone getting their butts kicked. In the real world everyone is just standing still. Qiu Liang closes the Eternity Clock and gets on the train.

The train is looking a bit weird with some clockwork like gears. Once Qiu Liang passses through one of the doors we see him become a child and a much younger Mr, Wu telling him to run. Mr, Wu grabs child Qiu Liang and carries him away from the armed guards. The next sequence Qiu Liang is an adult again this time watching the younger Mr, Wu and his younger self come out of a hidden tunnel in the courtyard of a house that is on fire with some dead bodies.

We flit over to the next sequence which is where Mr. Wu and the child are surrounded by the tribal guards. The head guard tells Mr. Wu that if he hands over the child then Mr. Wu won‘t die. The guards then shoot the child and set fire to the house. The guard leave and a young woman runs up crying. Apparently the child wasn’t Qiu Liang but Mr. Wu’s real son whom he sacrificed to protect Qiu Liang. His wife hates him for it, Mr. Wu explains that the whole Qiu family was killed because of him, he had to save one at least. Adult Qiu Liang understands what happened now. Mr, Wu’s wife claims that that matters to him is his master. The wife then commits suicide so she can join their son in the afterlife.

Qiu Liang then passes through another door where we see young Mr. Wu giving up the only piece of food to Qiu Liang claiming he’s not hungry and the child should eat. To get the food Mr. Wu begged some people for it, they threw the food to the dogs and told Mr. Wu to get it himself. So he had to fight the dogs for it. Qiu Liang goes through yet another door and we see the memory of him and Mr. Wu bowing to the dead Qiu master’s grave.

A moment later Qiu Liang wakes up in the arms of old Mr. Wu in the train station. ( it was all the Psych!) Qiu Liang can’t believe he’s still in the train station but Mr. Wu says it’s because the Eternity Clock is too powerful. Mr. Wu says that the others will soon wake up so they have to hurry and leave. Mr, Wu closes the clock and they head for the train. The cops wake up and start shooting at them.

They manage to board the train though it looks like it’s full of clockwork gears too… they head into compartment if the train where they congratulate themselves on finally escaping. Only then does Qiu Liang notice that Mr. Wu has been shot. Mr, Wu says that he is useless but has finally repaid his debt to his master. Mr. Wu also tells Qiu Liang that he always treated him like his own son and that dying to protect him is worth it. Mr. Wu dies and leaves Qiu Liang devastated. Qiu Liang apologizes to Mr, Wu for making him his scapegoat and wishes that he called him father. ( so sad)

Jiang Shuo’s voice comes from nowhere saying it’s not too late to regret it. Qiu Liang wakes up in the train station surrounded by the police. Qiu Liang asks what happened. Jiang Shuo explains that he knows th mind reading trick quite well and this time he acted first. We flashback to when the ticket was being ripped and see the dragon incense candle as well as an unconscious Qiu Liang.

Jiang Shuo also says all the things Qiu Liang saw of Mr. Wu taking care of him were true. Qiu Liang asks where his master is and if he is still alive. Sergeant Bai says as long as he is around, no one will die unjustly. Qiu Liang asks if he can see his master which Sergeant Bai agrees to. Just before they drag him away though, Jiang Shuo asks if he saw Ms. Yuan. Qiu Liang says she is still at the shop and will be in danger if Jiang Shuo doesn’t hurry.

We see Ms. Yuan in a tank with water rising quickly. Then we see Jiang Shuo run into the shop calling out for Ms. Yuan. We hear her call out for help which is when Jiang Shuo sees her in the tank. He bangs on the glass a few times calling her name. The water has gone over her head.

Jiang Shuo climbs into the tank and tries to untie the knotted rope. He has to come back up for air though because the knot is really tight. He goes back under the water to work on the knot but it won’t budge so he gives Ms, Yuan some air. (Smooches!) After giving her air though he just floats away.

Sergeant Bai comes to the shop with his officers and Yi Heng in tow. Yi Heng has to be held back when he sees Jiang Shuo in the tank. The officers shoot out the glass and the water comes pouring out. Yi Heng is the first one in the tank calling out to a drenched Jiang Shuo who is losing consciousness.

YouTube clip here’s a clip of the rescue.

We then find Jiang Shuo waking up in a hospital bed. Yi Heng waiting patiently in a chair beside the bed. Of course as soon as he wakes up Jiang Shuo asks about Ms. Yuan. Yi Heng tells him he should worry about himself first. When Jiang Shuo continues to ask though Yi Heng confirms that she is fine and at the General’s mansion. Yi Heng also says that she is doing a lot better than Jiang Shuo. This prompts Jiang Shuo to ask how long he was asleep. At first Yi Heng holds up three fingers, so Jiang Shuo says three days? Then Yi Heng holds up his other hand. Turns out Jiang Shuo has been out for eight days!

Jiang Shuo asks about Qiu Liang and Mr. Wu.. No surprise that Qiu Liang was executed though Mr. Wu couldn’t handle it and went insane. They go to Wu’s shop to find Mr. Wu talking to Qiu Liang’s memorial tablet as if it were him and he was still alive. (My heart hurts for Mr. Wu). Mr, Wu is teaching the tablet watch making and doesn’t even notice Yi Heng or Jiang Shuo’s presence. Mr, Wu smacks the tablet as it’s not paying attention to the lesson. The tablet falls over to reveal the mark of Liu Zhi. Mr. Wu apologizes to the tablet saying he hit it too hard and how it must have hurt.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are more concerned with the mark than Mr. Wu’s ramblings. They search near the mark to see what Liu Zhi left behind. Yi He g finds it, it turns out to be a painting representing the cases so far and what’s to come. Jiang Shuo figures out that Liu Zhi wants them to do the cases in order to find Liu Zhi (follow the bouncing ball). Jiang Shuo wonders what will happen next. We’re reminded that it’s only 16 days left until October 15th the day Jiang Shuo is supposed to die.

We head over to the Yuan mansion where the General is conducting his business. Apparently while the General has been in charge the city is doing well however the river transport business is getting thin. One of the soldiers reminds the General that the river transport is controlled by the Qin family. Ever since Master Qin went missing, Yi Heng’s older brother has been running the business but he’s not as good as his father. Apparently the man that brought this to the General’s attention wants the ports broken up and given to his family. He guarantees that he can double the business of the ports. (Hostile takeover)

Ms. Yuan is at a cafe looking well talking with Xiao Yu about Jiang Shuo. Xiao Yu teases her about the kiss but, Ms. Yuan insists that it was merely an oxygen exchange (if you believe that, I have some magic beans to sell you). Xiao Yu then asks if Yi Heng will be upset since she kissed Jiang Shuo. Ms. Yuan asks why would he be angry since they don’t share a special relationship. Xiao Yu asks if Ms. Yuan likes Yi Heng, while Ms. Yuan says she admires him it’s not the same thing. Xiao Yu wonders then who does Ms.Yuan like? Ms. Yuan refuses to answer that though, She then tells Xiao Yu to remind her to buy new cloths for her brother since it’s been awhile and he doesn’t like to dress up. Xiao Yu looks upset about this but when pressed agrees to remind her.

We then go back to Jiang Shuo’s place where two of his family members are wondering what he’s been alone in his room for 24 hrs. They figure he must be thinking about Ms. Yuan which prompts them to wonder which one has stronger feelings for the other. (Jiang Shuo has stronger feelings)

Up in his room Jiang Shuo is thinking about the rescuer of Ms. Yuan more specifically the kiss. Which sequels into the memory of how they first met. The next memory is of him preventing her from getting hit in the hospital which led to the while pocket watch incident. While he’s thinking about this Ms. Yuan visits him. Ms. Yuan has come to thank him for saving her. She also brought a lot of gifts for the family. Ms. Yuan also explains that the pocket watch was a misunderstanding before. The watch was given to her by her brother and very precious. However this time she is actually giving the watch to Jiang Shuo. Ms. Yuan leave after giving him the watch, Jiang Shuo stares after her.

We then go back to Yi Heng and his conspiracy board. Yi Heng is pondering the painting that Liu Zhi has left behind wondering if the next case has something to do with a cat. Just then his older brother bursts into the room to complain that half the ports now belong to the Liu family as per the General’s order. His older brother begs him again to come help him run the business. After all their father worked hard to build it, they can’t let it crumble under their watch. Yi Heng says he’s just a doctor how can he help?

His brother says that even when they were younger Yi Heng was more gifted at accounting than him.Their father wanted to put Yi Heng in charge because he’s a better a businessman than his older brother. When their father went missing the older brother took care of the business but now in this critical time he needs help. Yi Heng asks for more time to find their father because he has no mod to do anything else before that. His older brother has had enough though and fires Yi Heng from the family hospital and all property that is his inheritance is now confiscated. This will last only until Yi He g is willing to manage the family business with his brother. With that said his brother leaves.

We next see Yi Heng carrying his stuff out of the hospital in a box. The nurse runs up to him to ask him if he is really going to go against his brother, Yi Heng says he has made his decision and that she can’t persuade him otherwise. The nurse says that’s fine, she will follow him wherever he goes and takes the box of stuff from him. Yi Heng says it would be better if she stayed in the hospital since he can’t pay her. The nurse says that’s fine, besides Yi Heng can always open up his own clinic outside. Also, she will learn a lot more by following him than by staying. The nurse asks Yi Heng where do they go next? Yi Heng says they have no choice but to look for “that person”. They leave the hospital.

We now head over to De Yang Girls’ School where Ms. Yuan is actually in attendance for once. When her classmates comment on the oddity of her being there, she responds that it’s because exams are near. Of course being the show it is, there is something up at the school. Her friends quickly inform her that Li Jing has gone missing,there was a fire in the studio, Zhao Meng went insane and insisted Li Jing’s disappearance was Liu Fang Hui’s doing (what kind of school do you go to?)

Ms. Yuan asks if this has been reported to the police. Her friends don’t answer this and Ms. Yuan wonders why she’s not aware of this stuff. The one friend says you can’t listen to Zhao Meng’s insane accusations because she was bullied by Liu Fang Hui and using Li Jing’s disappearance to get revenge on the bully. Ms. Yuan asks where Zhao Meng is, turns out she is in the corner of the art room by the window whispering to herself. Ms, Yuan calls out to her only to be ignored.

Fang Hui on the other hand greets M,s Yuan and tells her that she copied the notes for her. Ms. Yuan asks if her father knows that she has been skipping class. Fang Hui assures her that he’s clueless about it, then asks if Ms. Yuan has been sneaking out to see her lover. Ms. Yuan says that’s nonsense she doesn’t have a lover.

We then see a black cat that’s talking to Zhao Meng asking her if she is going to let the murderer remain at large. The cat says it will forgive her if she kills the murderer. Zhao Meng repeats the words then goes after Fang Hui shouting that she killed Li Jing and should just admit it. Ms, Yuan grabs Zhao Meng and tells her to calm down (does that ever work?). Zhao Meng is pretty hysterical at this point and not making much sense. Fang Hui says that if she comes after her again, the. Fang Hui will get her brother to chase Zhao Meng out then she leaves. Ms, Yuan is still holding Zhao Meng and tells her she knows someone that can help.

We the. Head over to Jiang Shuo’s place where his latest plan for making money is to find a patron and have the family perform acts for them with their unique skills. While they are discussing this Yi Heng arrives in his shiny car. Yi Heng has come to ask Bu Yan for a room to rent in the compound. The only room available is the one he was keeping for his daughter but since it’s been a year since her disappearance he decides to let Yi Heng have the room. The nurse won’t be needing a room as she has her own place. Jiang Shuo tries to extract rent from Yi Heng but Bu Yan says that he is a good friend and they shouldn’t ask for rent.

Yi Heng tells them he will pay rent and that he nets to open a clinic there. Everyone goes to help Yi Heng move his stuff except Jiang Shuo who tries to get a deposit from Yi Heng that he will hold onto for Bu Yan. Yi Heng doesn’t fall for this though and says he will give the deposit to Bu Yan himself. The nurse asks Jiang Shuo’s if he is going to help with the luggage and the answer is no. Once she leaves though, he changes his mind and helps.

The episode ends with Jing Shuo looking up from below at Yi Heng on his balcony.

Roll th end credits because this episode is over. Apologies for taking so long with the recap!