Psych Hunter: Episode 7

This episode starts with a flashback of Mr. Jack on the dark and stormy night of his death tinkering with a clock. When a maid comes to ask if he wants dinner, he throws something at her, yelling for her to get out. The mind leaves closing the door behind her. There is another knock at the door sometime later. Thinking it’s the maid again Mr, Jack yells to be left alone. The knocking co to use so he angrily opens the door. His expression changes as he sees a familiar face ( we see nothing).

The next we see thing we see are the lights in the hotel going out. Then we fast forward to the morning of his death where the maid brings his breakfast only to find him dead.

Roll the opening credits…

After the credits we’re back where we left off last episode with our favourite trio discovering the microfilm. Jiang Shuo examines it carefully wondering who the people are in the photo. A moment later we hear Sergeant Bali’s voice calling for Dr. Qin. He comes into the room and realizing Yi Heng is not alone, tells him that he needs a word in private with him. Yi Heng says that whatever it is he can just say it. Sergeant Bai just stays silent until Yi Heng comes within whispering distance. Then Sergeant Bai asks if the doctor knows about Mr. Jack’s murder. He does of course, which leads Sergeant Bai to ask him to take a look at the body since the coroner couldn’t find anything. If they don’t find anything the body will be turned over to the westerners.

Yi Heng the. Tells Sergeant Bai what they know so far which is that Jiang Shuo’s graves were robbed and that Jack happened to be there. Based on what Ms. Yuan and Jiang Shuo found out at the county records office, Jack and Qiu Jing Xuan entered the same competition years ago. When Qiu Jing Xuan didn’t win the competition he brought shame to to the imperial court and his family was killed. All of these things that have happened revolve around clocks. Yi Heng then asks Jiang Shuo if he still has the drawings Liu Zhi gave him. Of course Jiang Shuo does as he keeps them with him. He hands them over to Yi Heng who wonders if this is another one of Liu Zhi’s games.

Yi Heng says he’ll go check the body with Sergeant Bai while Ms. Yuan and Jiang Shuo investigate the film.

The camera takes to a dark room where the film is being developed. The photo technician recognizes the photograph as one from 20 years ago. Apparently the photo was taken when high officials of the old dynasty visited Qiu mansion with foreign guests.

The court made Mr. Qiu the royal watchmaker so he could represent the dynasty during the competition, it was supposed to bring glory to his family not get the killed. Jiang Shuo asks if Mr, Qiu was Qiu Jing Xuan which indeed it is the same person. Ms. Yuan points to another person in the photo and asks who they are. Turns out it’s Mr. Qiu’s disciple, everyone called him Xiao Wu Zi. However no one has seen this man since the unfortunate deaths of the Qiu family. Ms. Yuan happens to recall that she knows a watchmaker by the name of Xiao Wu. So it’s off to Wu’s shop they go.

When they arrive at the shop they happen to notice a for sale sign. Jiang Shuo says that‘s odd because aren’t they participating in the competition? Why sell the business now? Ms. Yuan agrees it’s odd since when her father asked Xiao Wu to participate in the contest, Mr. Wu said he would pass the shop onto his son Wu Liang. So why is he selling the business to someone else? Jiang Shuo says they should go in and take a look. They enter the shop to find Wu Liang working on one of the clocks. Wu Liang asks what brings them to the shop, so Ms, Yuan tells him it’s to repairs a pocket watch. She then asks Jiang Shuo to hand the watch over.

Wu Liang

Ms. Yuan asks him where his father is. The answer is that he left a few days ago to attend to some personal matters and hasn’t come home yet. Ms. Yuan asks if his father said where he was going, but Wu Liang didn’t ask him. Jiang Shuo is looking at some clocks, after picking one up he almost drops it. Luckily Wu Liang is quick enough to catch it. Apparently the clock is quite heavy but Wu Liang picks it up with one hand. Ms. Yuan and Wu Liang both scold Jiang Shuo for touching the clocks. ( like a little kid by parents).

Jiang Shuo then asks Wu Liang if he knows anyone in the photograph. Wu Liang claims that he can only recognize his father though. Soon the watch is fixed and Wu Liang goes to give it back when both Jiang Shuo and Ms. Yuan reach for it. Ms. Yuan is a little faster at getting it though, she then tells Jiang Shuo to pay for the repair. Ms. Yuan then tells Wu Liang to inform his father when he gets back that they would like to talk to him. Their duty done, the two leave the shop.

We scoot back over to Yi Heng and Sergeant Bai at morgue where Yi He g has discovered something. Just as he does, Jiang Shuo and Ms. Yuan arrive with their news. The stench from Yi Heng cutting the body open is a bit much for them though. Yi Heng has discovered that someone crushed Jack’s throat so Jack died of asphyxiation. These wounds however are not visible on the surface but are Dr. Qin could tell because of his experience by touch. (He’s bragging a little)

Sergeant Bai wonders who could want Jack dead when he was a foreigner… Ms. Yuan delivers the news that Jack had an old acquaintance in Changshan, Mr. Wu. The very same Mr. Wu that will be participating in the Horology competition. She then informs the other two that Jack has known Mr, Wu since the previous dynasty. However, when Jiang Shuo and Ms. Yuan went to look for Mr. Wu he was nowhere to be found. Jiang Shuo points out that Sergeant Bai now owes him two favours. Jiang Shuo then hands over the photograph and points out the people they know. He then tells them about poor Mr. Qiu and how losing to Jack back then got his whole family killed.

Jiang Shuo says that it must take a lot of strength to crush the man’s trachea which is when Jiang Shuo remembers how strong Wu Liang is. This makes him a prime suspect so the whole group go to Wu’s shop.

Wu Liang greets Ms. Yuan and then Sergeant Bai starts asking questions about Jack. Wu Liang takes the cover off a spectacular looking clock.

Clock of Eternity

Jiang Shuo is quite interested in the clock and wonders where it was purchased. Wu Liang says the master made it himself. Yi Heng notes that Wu Liang is being problematic so Sergeant Bai pulls out his gun and tells Jiang Shuo to do his thing. Out pop our magic coins and into Wu Liang’s Psych we go.

It’s not surprising that this Psych looks like the inner workings of a clock. We soon see the gears part to a memory of Mr. Wu fighting with Jack near Mr. Qiu’s grave. Jack is asking where Mr. Wu hid something. Mr, Wu tells Jack that disturbing the dead will offend the heavens but Jack doesn’t care as long as he gets the item, he won’t spare anyone or anything to get it (he’s a jerk). Once Jack leaves, Mr. Wu reburies his master. The gears close up only to reopen a moment later on a different memory. This memory is of Mr. Wu choking Jack in the hotel. The. we see Wu Liang approach Mr. Wu who explains to him that Jack tampered with the Clock of Eternity which resulted in Mr. Qiu ( and his family) being killed. (Rotten little cheat!) Jiang Shuo comments about understanding that Mr. Wu is real murderer.

The next memory is of Mr, Wu telling Wu Liang about a secret meeting place where they should hide should something bad happen. Mr. Wu then tells his son to enter the competition in his stead with the now fixed Clock of Eternity and fulfill his life-long wish of winning the competition. Once he wins the two of them will leave for good. We the leave the Psych.

We come back to the real world with Wu Liang wondering what they did to him. Jiang Shuo holds up his magic coins and gives the a little jingle. Jiang Shuo then tells Sergeant Bai that it was Mr. Wu that killed Jack and he’s now hiding out in a cave near the cemetery. Jiang Shuo then leads the group to the cave where they find Mr. Wu.

Sergeant Bai tells Mr. Wu that he wasn’t easy to find. Mr. Wu responds with the statement that they are finally here, he knew this day would come. Sergeant Bai tells him that they know he murdered Jack. Mr. Wu confirms he did it. Sergeant Bai asks him why and Mr. Wu responds with what he already know Jack got his master and his entire family executed. Sergeant Bai then approaches Mr. Wu and pulls up his sleeve to find the telltale scratch marks left by Jack. They take Mr. Wu into custody.

In jail, Jiang Shuo brings Mr. Wu the photograph they found. Mr. Wu thanks him for his effort. Jiang Shuo wants to know why Jack did all this. Mr. Wu explains that his master met a person named Liu Zhi (yes him again) who built the Eternity Clock. It was Mr. Qiu‘s legacy that Jack was after. Jiang Shuo asks if Mr. Qiu mentioned what Liu Zhi looked like. Unfortunately the only thing Mr, Wu knows about him is that he six fingers, he hasn’t met the man himself.

Back to the county archives we go, where Jiang Shuo ponders about the fact that Liu Zhi built the Eternity Clock for Qiu Jing Xuan which means they should be from the same dynasty. If Liu Zhi is still alive (since he hasn’t made an appearance) then he should be quite old. Also despite Mr, Qiu being the best watchmaker he still needed Liu Zhi’s help. Could it be that something is special about the Eternity Clock? Since Jack went through all that effort to dig up a grave looking for the clock, the clock must be extraordinary. However Jack is dead and they’ve caught the murderer. So what exactly is Liu Zhi up to? While Jiang Shuo is deep in these thoughts, Ms. Yuan calls out to him and pats him on the shoulder startling him out of his thoughts.

Jiang Shuo is surprised that Ms, Yuan is there and asks her why. She wants to talk about Mr. Wu. According to Ms. Yuan although Mr. Wu admitted to being the murderer something doesn’t feel right. Jiang Shuo tells her that her dad is so powerful that if he truly wants to have someone killed, no one can stop him. Ms, Yuan says it’s not her father’s wish, he’s being pressured by the British High Commission after all it was one their people that was murdered.

Jiang Shuo then points out all the people involved had something to do with the Eternity Clock. Could Liu Zhi’s goal be to leads them to it? Jiang Shuo then asks Ms. Yuan to go take a look at International Horology Competition with him.

They enter the showroom but a Jiang Shuo stays in the doorway to watch. Ms. Yuan points out that if he’s going to watch he should do it from the spectator stand and not be so sneaky. Jiang Shuo says it’s staying still to see far besides, with his looks the spectators would stare at him instead of the clocks. Ms, Yuan scoffs at hearing this, then notices Yi Heng in the crowd. She makes her way over to him leaving Jiang Shuo to follow behind her.

After the two sit down with Yi Heng the host announces the next clock to be shown is Wu Liang’s Eternity Clock. Before he shows off the clock, Wu Liang says that only by seeing through humans’ thinking can one attain eternity. He then unveils the clock.

All of a sudden people start fainting including our trio. Jiang Shuo wakes up to find himself in the same open grave he was in at the beginning of the series. He climbs out of the grave and can hear the jingling of his magic coins. Jiang Shuo approaches the mysterious figure that has the coins. The figure asks if Jiang Shuo remembers him. Jiang Shuo guesses that it’s Liu Zhi and asks just who exactly is he? Liu Zhi replies that it doesn’t matter who he is, but who Jiang Shuo really is. Jiang Shuo angrily shouts “who exactly am I?” but Liu Zhi refuses to answer. They fight and the mask comes off. Don’t get too excited though because the face behind the mask keeps changing through the faces of people Jiang Shuo has met. Then Liu Zhi disappears, leaving Jiang Shuo to call out after him.

Jiang Shuo is confused as to why he’s back in the graveyard again. He then realizes he has been thrown into his own Psych! He remembers that if he doesn’t have the dragon incense candle he can leave the Psych by pressing on his acupuncture points. Once he does this, he wakes up back at the competition where everyone else is still hypnotized.

We then see Yi Heng is having a conversation with his father. His father tells him that he can’t give up on his ambition just for a family matter. His father tells him that he will take care of business matters and as long as Yi Heng is willing he can come back anytime. When he does come back, his father promises him half the family fortune will be his. His father then gets up to leave when Yi Heng asks him where. His father replies that a friend has invited him to dinner. Yi Heng realizes that it is a memory from the day his father went missing and begs him not to go but, his father has already disappeared.

Poor Yi He g runs around trying to find his father when some creepy looking people ask him if he pleads guilty. Yi Heng asks who they are but they don’t answer instead they tell him he put his father in grave danger. No ones if his father is alive or dead, what Yi Heng did was u forgivable. Yi Heng tries to get past the two weirdly dressed people but this just ends up in a fight. Just as he is strangling one of the two, we flash back to the real world where he is actually strangling Ms, Yuan.

This snaps Ms. Yuan out of her hypnosis and she tries to get free. Jiang Shuo manages to get Ms. Yuan free from Yi Heng but it still takes a few moments before he manages to snap Yi Heng out of his dream state. Once awake, YI Heng wonders what happened. Jiang Shuo isn’t entirely sure since he was hypnotized like everyone else. Up on stage Wu Liang puts away the clock which wakes everyone else up from their stupor.

When the judges wake up they start saying how wonderful the clock is. Jiang Shuo realizes that the clock must be more than it seems. Yi Heng points out that the clock was used to hypnotize them all. Yi He g asks if the other two had hallucinations when Ms. Yuan admits to seeing her brother. However when she went to talk to him, Yi Heng strangled her awake. The judges then announce that Wu Liang is the winner of the competition.

Yi Heng is the first to realize that if Wu Liang can hypnotize them all so easily then the Psych they saw at his house may not be real. This prompts some of memories of recent events. Ms. Yuan notes that when Yi Heng was strangling her, he didn’t crush her throat so how could the old man do it? Yi Heng then remembers that old Wu also had shaky hands. Jiang Shuo on the other hand realizes that Wu Liang acted faster than he did with hypnosis so everything they saw at the shop after he unveiled the clock was a lie. Jiang Shuo blames himself for not double checking with Mr. Wu’s Psych. Yi Heng points out that it’s not too late to check now. Ms, Yuan says that well they go check Mr, Wu she will keep an eye on Wu Liang. Jiang Shuo tells her she can’t do it on her own but Ms. Yuan says she’s not afraid after all, if she’s in danger Jiang Shuo will come save her. ( the point you idiot is not to be in danger in the first place!)

Ms. Yuan follows Wu Liang to the British Embassy where Wu Liang is stopped by the guards. He tells the. He a gift for the ambassador and shows them the clock. The guards let him inside, when Ms. Yuan tries to get inside though she is denied even though she is a cop (still debatable in my opinion). The guards remind here that she has no jurisdiction over the embassy and refuse her entry. Jiang Shuo’s little buddy happens to be riding by and she talks to him for a few moments ( it’s unheard whispers).

Inside the embassy Wu Liang tells the ambassador who turns out to be Jack’s son that Jack dug up graves. The ambassador doesn’t care at all.

We go back to Mr. Wu in jail where he is signing his confession. Just to have Jiang Shuo barge in with his coins not giving Mr. Wu a chance for any funny business. Mr, Wu’s Psych looks a lot like that of his son. Jiang Shuo quickly notes the similarity the only difference being that the clockwork has stopped moving as Mr. Wu resists them. They need to think of a way to see Mr, Wu’s memories so they can compare them with the memories of Wu Liang

Yi Heng asks if Jiang Shuo remembers the three time points in Wu Liang’s memories and suggests they move the clockwork to those points. Jiang Shuo goes to move the one clock hand when Yi Heng points out a faster way to so so. Unfortunately it doesn’t work when you only move the one hand, they have to move both so Jiang Shuo was right. Yi Heng just says that Jiang was not persistent enough.

Once they gain access to the memories we once again see the fight at the cemetery between Jack and Mr. Wu. Jack is mad because he didn’t find the Eternity Clock buried with Mr. Qiu. Mr. Wu then points out he only said the clock was buried with his master in the hopes Jack would give up. He never expected Jack to actually go dig up the grave. During the fight Jack says that Wu Liang hasn’t figured out yet that his real father died because of Mr.Wu (oh my!) Jack says if Mr.Wu hands over the Eternity Clock, Jack will keep it a secret. After Jack leaves, Wu Liang shows up to rebury the grave. The memory ends and the gears close up.

So Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng move the clock hands to the next point unlocking another memory. The next memory is of course of the night in the hotel when Jack died. We clearly see Wu Liang strangling him with Mr. Wu telling him not to kill. Too late though because we hear a crack and Jack is dead. Wu Liang then tells Mr. Wu that he knows the westerners bribed him to tamper with the Eternity Clock back then which is why his real father and the rest of family are dead. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng realize that Wu Liang is actually Qiu Liang! Mr. Wu regrets the wrong he has done to the Qiu family and it’s been a secret in his heart for 20 years. That memory ends.

It’s time to move the clock hands again unlocking the last memory. This memory is of Mr. Wu outside the cave with Qiu Liang telling him that he will take responsibility for the murder. He then Qiu Liang to participate and win in in the competition to fulfill his father’s dying wish. He also warns Qiu Liang that if he comes across someone named Jiang Shuo, he is to use the Eternity Clock to deal with him. Once he wins the competition Qiu Liang must flee the city. There’s a smug look from Jiang Shuo being named as someone that needs to be dealt with specifically. With this new information they leave the Psych.

After the leave the Psych, Yi Heng asks Mr, Wu why he betrayed his master for Jack all those years ago. Apparently Mr. Wu harboured resentment towards his master for not teaching him. The same year his real son fell ill and Jack offered to get him western medicine. Since he tampered with it, it hasn’t worked since. That is until the competition came around when someone suddenly fixed it. Mr, Wu noticed that there was now a six fingered logo on the clock after it had been repaired. Just then Jiang Shuo’s little buddy bursts into the room. He tells them that Ms, Yuan wanted them to know Wu Liang was at the British Embassy. Jiang Shuo recalls that in the memory Qiu Liang said he wouldn’t let anyone who hurt the Qiu family off easily. They quickly realize that Qiu Liang is there to kill the ambassador.

Roll those end credits because this episode is over.