Psych Hunter: Episode 6

This episodes picks up right where we left off with Jiang Shuo eyeing the window as an escape route out of the bathroom. We then flash over to him climbing through the window to the director’s office. He frantically searches the desk until he finds the human trafficking documents similar to what he found in the Psych.

Let the opening credits roll.

After the credits we see a guy with an eyepatch come into the office luckily, Jiang Shuo hasn’t been caught and is hiding nearby. The one eyed man phones someone telling them he got a new irl that’s not too bad. He invites the person on the phone over to take a look if they are interested then hangs up. A little girl soon knocks on the door. The one eyed man angrily asks who let her in there. The girl responds that she wants to meet her older brother. The man says she’s naughty and needs to be locked up. The girl pleads with him to meet her older brother but to no avail. The man grabs the girl, when Jiang Shuo comes up behind him and knocks him out. Jiang Shuo asks if the girl knows where her brother is kept, she does. So Jiang Ashurbanipal tells her they will look for him together.

Back at the Qin hospital an officer runs to tell Sergeant Bai that while Yi He g and Jiang Shuo have entered the foundling hospital there seems to be a problem, Xiao Yu’s father can’t take it anymore and runs out of the room intending to rescue his daughter. However, he is forced back into the room at gunpoint by a very angry Bin. Bin is here for Xin’er of course. Ms. Yuan says tells Bin to take her hostage instead of the poor butler. No one likes the idea but Ms, Yuan insists and then tells Bin he get his money at the foundling hospital all he has to do is take her there. Ms. Yuan tells Sergeant Bai to tell her father to come get her at the foundling hospital. Sergeant Bai offers himself as hostage but Ms. Yuan says she’ll be okay. With that said the three leave.

Back at the foundling hospital the guard that waited outside the bathroom knocks on the door asking if Jiang Shuo is okay. The guard enters the bathroom, not seeing anyone he quickly checks all the stalls. The guard realizes he’s been duped and that Jiang Shuo is gone. We then head back to the dining room where the nun why Yi Heng hasn’t picked a kid out yet. Yi Heng says that a few look cute but he has to ask his partner before choosing one. Yi Heng says he should go find Jiang Shuo and that the nun should stay with the kids besides she can’t go in the men’s bathroom. He quick,y goes up the stairs only to pass Jiang Shuo’s guard on the stairway. The guard doesn’t stop him though as he is more interested in reporting that Jiang Shuo is gone to the nun.

We get a brief flash of the police cars following Ms. Yuan’s car on their way to the foundling hospital.

Back inside the foundling hospital Yi Heng is stopped by the nun in a hallway. She asks him what he’s doing there, his response is that he is looking for someone. The nun comes closer to Yi Heng and pulls out a knife from her robe and attacks. Yi Heng dodges but it’s a tight space, lucky for him though Jiang Shuo all awards behind the nun and knocks her out. Yi Heng looks at him then points at his wrist ( you’re late). Jiang Shuo just smiles.

They follow the little girl as she leads them to a room her brother is supposed to be in. When they don’t find him, Jiang Shuo asks the girl if she’s sure this is the right room. The girl is positive so Yi Heng puts pressure on the weapon at the Nun’s neck to ask where the children are. She claims not know after all they saw all the children already. Her eyes are a bit shifty though as they glance towards the one wall. Yi He g tells Jiang Shuo to look around. Jiang Shuo starts moving books around when one pile of books doesn’t move properly. Jiang Shuo opens the top book in the pile, flipping pages until he finds a control mechanism. He pulls on it and a wall opens up to a familiar room full of chains and children.

At long last they have found Xiao Yu unfortunately she has a fever so they need to take her to the hospital. Jiang Shuo picks up Xiao Yu and as they are about to leave the secret room the one eyed guy shows up at the entrance with a gun. The nun uses this opportunity to get away from Yi Heng and orders the man to kill them. The one eyed man wants to know why the nun didn’t check on them. The nun is still wanting to kill them though. Another man comes up and tells the nun not to kill, anyone, he will take care of it. The one eyed man then tells the nun to shut the door.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng watch helplessly as they are locked in with the children. Meanwhile outside the foundling hospital the guards are pointing guns at Bin and the police warning them not to come any closer. Sergeant Bai points out that Ms. Yuan is the general’s daughter and will the guards take responsibility if she dies? Now all the guns are pointed at Bin. The General himself arrives with a bunch of soldiers and man does he look pissed. It doesn’t take long for the soldiers to disarm the guards, now they just have to deal with Bin.

The general demands Bin let his daughter go, he then brings over a briefcase. Bin tells Xin’er to check out the briefcase, it’s the ransom money. So the General reminds Bin that he should let Ms. Yuan go now. Since they are surrounded Bin says he’ll let her go when they are safe. Xin’er says that they have to help the police find the secret room so they can save the children inside. Bin doesn’t care about other people he doesn’t want to risk Xin’er’s life. Xin’er does care though and she ru s inside the hospital. Bin doesn’t want her to be alone so he keeps the gun on Ms. Yuan and follows.

Xin’er runs up the stairs and runs into the three baddies that locked up our heroes in the secret room. We then go back to the secret room where Yi Heng is checking on Xiao Yu. He tells Jiang Shuo her condition isn’t serious when they hear a gunshot. We quickly go back to Bin and the whole hostage situation when they hear a gunshot (same one). Bin forgets all about Ms. Yuan and runs calling out for Xin’er. She’s at the top of the staircase with blood staining the chest of her scrubs. The three baddies are still there but are quickly taken out by the soldiers.

The one eyed guys is the only one left alive of the evil trio and he promptly surrenders since he’s surrounded by soldiers. Bin goes to Xin’er but she’s already dead. We then see Xiao Yu’s father opening the secret room and running towards his daughter. Yi Heng assures him that he already checker on her and she’ll be okay. The dad isn’t having any of it though as he picks up his daughter taking her to safety. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng meet up with Ms. Yuan at the staircase to inform her Xiao Yu is safe. Ms. Yuan asks if they are okay, Jiang Shuo tells her not to worry they are fine.

The cops/soldiers can’t kill the last bday guy because he is a foreigner so they arrest him instead. Bin finally comes out of his grief over Xin’er to raise his gun and shoot the last bad guy. This leads to him getting shot as well and he dies next to Xin’er’s body. As he is dying we get flashbacks of Bin and Xin’er as a children. (I’m not crying, you’re crying)

Later we go back to the Qin hospital where Xiao Yu is resting after her ordeal. She wakes up to see Ms. Yuan and her father watching over her. Xiao Yu asks what happened and Ms. Yuan tells her that she has a fever and to rest. Xiao Yu’s father is excited to see her awake and runs to go get her something to eat. Not long after he leaves Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo come to visit. Xiao Yu asks Ms, Yuan which one is her boyfriend but Ms. Yuan quickly shushes her. Jiang Shuo asks about tip Sergeant Bai received, Ms. Yuan says a person named Liu Zhi gave it.

Jiang Shuo mentions it was Liu Zhi that sent Xin’er to him at the fair. Yi He g points out that Liu Zhi wins since they failed to save Bin and Xin’er. Ms. Yuan is more interested in the part where Jiang Shuo was at the fair and asks about it. Jiang Shuo points out that she asked him to go and even gave him a pocket watch. Ms. Yuan tries to grab the watch and says it wasn’t for him. Jiang Shuo is now completely confused since she gave it to her saviour. Ms. Yuan just says to forget about it.

Just then a nurse comes in with a letter for Jiang Shuo with the six fingered logo on it. The letter is simple it merely reads that the game is still on and taunts the duo to find him, signed Liu Zhi. Ms. Yuan a,so wants to see the letter. Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo ask the nurse about the letter, who delivered it? The nurse says she asked but the guy had a,ready left. Jiang Shuo desperately wants to stop Liu Zhi before anyone else ends up like Xin’er and Bin.

Some time later we see Yi Heng in front of his conspiracy board adding the new clues. Meanwhile at Jiang Shuo’s place he demos home to find his adoptive family unconscious around the table. He runs to each one trying to wake them up but to no avail. He calls out to Liu Zhi’s knowing that he’s behind this but no voice answers him.

Elsewhere in the city we see a young kid trying to sell his newspapers. Apparently there is a big competition between watchmakers happening soon. After the kid gets pushed to the ground by person wanting to be left alone, a nice man comes up and buys all the newspapers so the kid can go home. The kid thanks him and leaves.

Back at Jiang Shuo’s place, Yi Heng has come to check on everyone as they are waking up. Jiang Shuo asks Bu Yan what happened. Someone sent drugged buns to the group saying that Jiang Shuo bought them. It only took a few bites for the drug to take effect. Before Bu Yan fainted though he saw a man claiming to be Liu Zhi telling him to pass a message on to Jiang Shuo. The message being that he’s to behave like a good pawn in the game after all he may be able to risk his own life but will he risk his family’s life? Liu Zhi says the next hint for the game has been left there and it is a story of two generations.

Yi He g asks if the clues were really left here, after Bu Yan confirms it, they look closer at the leftover buns. The paper that wrapped the Bu s has some diagrams on it. They wonder if that’s the clue.

Later that night we see a fancy club where the host introduces hI self and explains about the International Horology competition (watchmaking).

Back at Jiang Shuo’s place he has stared a new business since no one wants to buy houses from him anymore, he now sells burial plots! He is in the midst of making another sell when his little buddy runs up saying something is wrong. Apparently someone dug up the burial plots Jiang Shuo has already sold. Jiang Shuo tells him to keep an eye on it and they check it out at night.

At night they go to check out the cemetery when Jiang Shuo gets surrounded by angry family members who demand compensation for the disturbance if their dead loved ones. Jiang Shuo tries to reason with them pointing out that there are no jewels in the graves and it’s not like royalty was buried there so why did someone dig the graves up? Also nothing was stolen so perhaps the person just wanted the gravesite to himself. They find one grave that has been reburied and Jiang Shuo points out that this must be the family that’s responsible. It’s while talking to the mob that he remembers Liu Zhi’s message about the story of two generations. Jiang Shuo tells the crowd to look after their family first and tomorrow morning they will go to the police station and get them to solve this crime. At the grave Jiang finds a pen although he doesn’t know what it is.

The next morning Sergeant Bai and Ms. Yuan are investigating a murder ( a lot of those around here) There are no signs of a break in and no signs of robbery so perhaps the murderer is someone the victim knew? The police quickly gather those that came into contact with the victim. Sergeant Bai asks them to undress since he noticed skin under the fingernails of the victim so he is checking the suspects for scratch marks.

Meanwhile a British man is talking to General Yuan about the investigation threatening him that if they can’t find the murder the British reps will pull out of Changshanzhou and that reps from the other nations will leave with them. The host for the competition offers his condolences and says the police are already investigating the case. The General brings in Sergeant Bai and asks him if they have found the cause of death yet. Sergeant Bai regretfully tells the General that forensics so far doesn’t have anything. Also according to the staff at the hotel the victim Mr. Jack messed up his own room in a tantrum. Sergeant Bai also informs them he found skin under the victim’s fingernails but none of the staff have scratch marks. Sergeant Bai asks for more time to investigate the case. The General agrees to give more time but if he doesn’t solve it, Sergeant Bai will be fired. (No pressure)

Jiang Shuo meanwhile has staked out the police station looking for Sergeant Bai since the other cops won’t investigate the grave incident. The officer tells him there’s nothing to investigate since the families trampled all over the crime scene. Jiang Shuo says he can’t go home so he will wait until they investigate or he meets with Sergeant Bai.

Sergeant Bai gets out of his car to the chaos outside the police station and quickly asks what’s up. Jiang Shuo is faster than the police officer at explaining the situation and how Liu Zhi is most likely involved. Sergeant Bai tells him he has no time for such trivial matter but just as he’s about to leave he changes his mind and assigns Ms. Yuan to the case.

Ms. Yuan agrees to help but only if Jiang Shuo gets the pocket watch repaired. Jiang Shuo agrees and they both head into the police station. After some time they are having trouble finding more clues as the only lead they have is the name Jing Xuan on the gravestone. However they can’t find the name in the registration lists. However registration records of households only began when the general took over so if someone died 10 years ago the office wouldn’t have a record of that person.

An officer tells them that they might find a record in the county archives though. So off the two go to the county archives. When they arrive outside the gate Jiang Shuo notes that such a good location is wasted on keeping books and documents. ( bite your tongue!) Ms. Yuan says the place was donated by Yi Heng’s father. Jiang Shuo points out that Qin’er is very arrogant and nothing like his father. An old man sitting in the courtyard overhears this and wonders who is talking bad about the young master Qin.

Ms. Yuan tells the old man not to worry about Jiang Shuo he’s just arrogant. She then asks permission to enter the archive to look for the records they need. Once inside Jiang Shuo complains about the dim lighting and asks for an oil lamp. The old guy gives him a death glare then tells Ms. Yuan to take all the time she needs. After the old guy leaves Ms. Yuan tells Jiang Shuo he is an idiot for wanting an oil lamp when the records are so old that even a little spark would set the place ablaze. Jiang Shuo finally understands why the old man was angry and settles down to work.

Sometime later after going through many records three times they still haven’t found anything. They are about to check the records again when the old man comes back into the room carrying a book he forgot to give them. Of course this is the book with the information they need. It turns out that Qiu Jing Xuan was executed. They flip through the book looking for other information with that name and it turns out that he was the best horologist of the former dynasty. Noting that Mr. Jack was also a horologist they head back to the morgue to look for more clues.

Ms. Yuan turns around while Jiang Shuo checks the body. After he’s done he let’s her know she can turn around again. Jiang Shuo then checks the victim’s belongings and finds a Chinese Plaantain on the victim’s shoe, this plant can only be found in the cemetery. They ponder what the connection could be between grave robbing and murder, Jiang Shuo suggests they ask Qin’er.

In Yi Heng’s office at the hospital we see him examine the fountain pen Jiang Shuo tells him he found at the cemetery than asks what it is. Yi Heng tells him, the. Also tells him that the name Jack is written in English on it. Jiang Shuo wonders what the guy could have been doing in his cemetery and his relationship with the gravestone. Yi Heng is taking the fountain pen apart and finds a microfilm inside.

Roll the end credits because that’s all for this episode. At least we got an end to Xiao Yu case. I feel bad that Xin’er never got to travel and see the world with Bin at least she managed to save the children.