Psych Hunter: Episode 5

So this episode starts off with some round candy dropping down a staircase. It then cuts to the nun sitting alone at long dining room like table. A moment later we see a bunch of children lining the staircase with one ha d on the railing, second later we see the same staircase and the children have vanished.

Roll those opening credits

Jiang Shuo & Yi Heng entering the Psych

Back to our heroes in the hospital preparing to enter the psych of the lady kidnapper. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng enter the Psych only to find themselves on a boat in the middle of a lake. It’s pretty foggy so they have to rely on Jiang Shuo’s special compass to guide them however the boat refuses to move no matter how much they paddle. Jiang Shuo deduces that Xin’er wants them to stay put in order to show the. Something. Jiang Shuo takes out a string with a coin on it and ties it around his hand which he then places in the water. The fog clears up and they see a memory of her approaching Jiang Shuo at the fair to see her house. Once that memory passes, the next memory is of Bin taking care of her. She appears to be in poor health.

In the real world we can see a tear falling from Xin’er’s face as she remembers Bin. Ms. Yuan is pacing while keeping an eye on the unconscious Yi Heng & Jiang Shuo.

Bin and Xin’er

Back in the Psych our heroes lament on the fact that Xin’er and Bin must be start crossed lovers when the boat finally decides to move. The boat moving on its own leads them to a small dock at the edge of one very creepy looking forest with a gloomy looking building in the distance. The two realize that Xin’er must want them to see this place so there should be clues in the building. Just before they enter though Yi Heng steps on something… after brushing off some dirt they see he stepped on a mirror. Yi Heng wonders what the mirror is doing there, Jiang Shuo explains that every object in the Psych represents something.

By holding the mirror Jiang Shuo accidentally flashes a bright light in Yi Heng’s face. After that he points it towards the building and notices someone that looks like Xiao Yu in one of the windows. They can’t see very clearly though so they decide to go in. Not before Jiang Shuo reminds Dr. Qin about staying close to him of course.

Inside the building is a church. Yi Heng wonders what a church is doing in the subconscious of a kidnapper especially one with so much detail. Jiang Shuo says that everything in the Psych has at least a basis in reality some more than others. Yi Heng says that is the same case with dreams in psychology.

After that riveting chat on how dreams and the Psych are similar, they hear footsteps running from another location. Jiang Shuo is eager to move on. While walking down a hallway Jiang Shuo attempts to scare Yi Heng by acting scared, telling Yi Heng to look behind him. Yi Heng doesn’t fall for it though leading Jiang Shuo to complain that he can’t play along. Yi Heng just tells him it’s childish and then startles Jiang Shuo.

They find a photograph of the orphanage with the creepy nun from the beginning of the episode standing behind the children.Yi He g notes that the children are all wearing the same shirts and appear to be local. He also remembers that there is an orphanage in the city that is built on a ruined church. Jiang Shuo points out that means Xin’er was raised in the orphanage. Yi Heng agrees that it’s likely just then, they hear someone singing a creepy children’s song. They walk towards the song not noticing that a girl child is spying on them,

Seriously the singing is giving me the creeps but doesn’t seem to bother our male leads. They come to a room with a few kids sitting around a dinner table singing the song. Jiang Shuo asks the if they know where Xiao Yu is. One of the girls asks him to play hide and seek with them, he agrees but first he wants to know where Xiao Yu is. One of the boys speaks up to say that only if Jiang Shuo can find them all will they tell him the answer. Jiang Shuo realizing he has no choice tells Yi Heng to play with them. The children scatter and all the lights go out in the room, (because creepy children singing just isn’t enough).

They start searching the now dark room when Yi Heng notices a bat flying in the corner. Jiang Shuo is back to calling him Qin’er and wonders what the bat is doing there. Suddenly the bat changes into the nun and Jiang Shuo moves away from her quickly. Yi He go’s answer to this is to simply throw a pot at her. She disappears (like a ghost on Supernatural facing rock salt). After she’s gone Yi Heng finds a doll which Jiang Shuo notes belonged to one of the children at the table. There seems to be some blood dripping on it so they of course look up.. to find the creepy nun is back!

Scared they both jump back into when of the shelves knocking it to the floor. They try to run away but the door to the room shuts in their face. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng to run because if they die in the Psych they will never wake up in the real world. Yi Heng wonders about Jiang Shuo but he says not to worry, just run! ( I hear Gandalf saying “run you fools!”) As Dr. Qin runs away up some stairs, Jiang Shuo faces off against the nun. As she gets pretty close to him, he waves bye at her then proceeds to run away. The nun fades away looking miffed.

Yi Heng has run into a a very long hallway lined with framed kid’s drawings. He sees two children running behind him and quickly follows them into a library. He sees a kid go behind a bookshelf only to disappear. Yi Heng recalling what he was told earlier by Jiang Shuo about objects in the Psych begins to take a closer look at the books. While opening up one of the books that got his attention he sees the photo of the orphanage again.

Elsewhere in the house we see a child hiding I the kitchen trying to sneak an apple when the creepy nun appears, the kid looks terrified and drops the apple.

Jiang Shuo is on a staircase somewhere else in the house when he hears the creepy song again. The song originally had seven rag dolls now the song has six. Jiang Shuo heads back to the kitchen to find an apple floating in the air that slowly gets eaten by what appears to nothing. When Jiang Shuo turns around though he can see the nun’s shadow eating. Freaked out he looks around to find the nun at the entryway to the kitchen. He takes an apple and throws it out at her. Being an evil nun of course she just vaporizes it with her evil powers. Jiang Shuo tells her not to mess him after all he’s not afraid of her.. she gets closer and he jumps back proving that yeah he’s a little scared. She picks him up and throws him into a nearby wall. He admits that she’s strong and he’ll deal with later.. he runs away up the staircase Yi Heng took earlier. He call out to Yi He g asking if he has found Xiao Yu yet.

Yi Heng is still in the library though and doesn’t hear him. The book he was looking at earlier starts to play a memory of Xin’er and Bin as children. Xin’er asks if the biting zombie story is real being a boy he teases her by saying that it is. He also tells her that only do the zombies bite but that those that get bitten also turn into zombies. Xin’er asks him what happens if she gets bitten and adorably he says then would get bitten too. ( puppy love) . Xin’er screams that she doesn’t want to become a zombie, Bin then admits that he was lying and trying to scare her. Xin’er then makes Bin promise to travel the world with her on a big ship

Jiang Shuo runs down the long hallway calling out for his Qin’er. A girl Coke’s out of one of the rooms and grabs his arm, dragging him into the room. (It’s the art room) Jiang Shuo asks the little girl what’s wrong since the nun is somewhere outside. The girl reminds him to help them then leaves Jiang Shuo locked in the room while she lures the nun away. (Brave kid)

Alone in the art room in Jiang Shuo notices that some of the drawings appear to be him and Yi Heng doing stuff in the Psych. The creepy children’s song starts up again in the background, there are only five rag dolls now. The latest picture has the nun taking a child away. The picture after that is in the process of forming, with Yi Heng in the library and the nun fading in behind him with a knife.

In the real world Ms. Yuan is wondering what’s going on. We can see a sweaty Jiang Shuo saying “Qin’er watch out”. This makes Ms. Yuan nervously asks herself what’s going on. We notice the dragon candle is getting pretty low.

Back in the Psych Dr. Qin is still in the library investigating the books. We start to see suspicious shadow creep on him. Yi Heng realizing he’s in danger manages to pull a sword out of a book to defend himself. The nun manages to grab him by the neck and push him against a bookshelf. Jiang Shuo runs into the room. Seeing the situation he topples the bookshelves (dominoes anyone?)which knock into the nun giving Yi Heng a chance to escape. Jiang Shuo asks if he is okay, Yi He g says he’s fine considering Jiang Shuo almost killed him with the bookshelf. Yi Heng then tells him to grab a book since all the books are their own worlds they can trap the nun in one.

They manage to trap her in a book. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that they aren’t getting anywhere and wonders why Xin’er’s Psych is so scary. Qin’er points out that maybe if they find the orphanage director they might get a clue.

In the real world Sergeant Bai is on the bridge watching g divers as they search for the body of Bin. However after searching all night they still haven’t found a body just shoes and socks. Sergeant Bai doesn’t think Bin could still be alive since he was shot before going into the river. Since they can’t find anything though Sergeant Bai decides to go back to Bin’s house. There Sergeant Bai finds the picture of the orphanage and decides to investigate it.

Back at the hospital we see Bin sneaking around.

Heading back to the Psych.. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng have a found a map of the orphanage. Just after they find it though they notice a little girl leading the way. The creepy song is back and we’re down from seven rag dolls to two. Jiang Shuo doesn’t understand since they trapped the nun, why are the kids still getting taken?

Following the girl leads the girl leads them to the director’s office. It’s then that Jiang Shuo realizes the little girl they followed is Xin’er. He asks her where Xiao Yu is, but she doesn’t know and only by finding all the children will he know the answer. While we knew the children were the rag dolls in the song, what Jiang Shuo only now realizes is they are the same children that were in the orphanage photo. In the office there are papers floating around with a sketch of the child on the front and information on the back.

Yi Heng realizes that it’s not actually an orphanage but a human trafficking ring. Jiang Shuo wonders if it says who bought the children but Yi Heng doesn’t find an answer. The creepy nun has found them again, this time we don’t see her face just a red dot instead. She’s also wielding a chain that she uses first to attack our dynamic duo then to steal Xin’er and leave. Our heroes chase after them but they disappear. Standing in the hallway a kid (little Bin) pulls on their sleeves and points to an air duct.

Back in the real world the police are just about to split into teams to widen their search when an officer barges in to day they have found the church. Sergeant Bai leaves two officers at the station and takes the rest to the church. They arrive only meant to bet met with guns pointing at them until they show their badge. The officer asks about the children in the photo, the guards reply that their many kids in the foundling hospital they can’t be sure of those exact ones. Apparently even though the police are investigating a kidnapping they don’t have the right to search the grounds. The officer asks Sergeant Bai about what to next? The answer is to head back and see how Dr.Qin is doing with his patient.

Back in the Psych Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng climb through the vent to another room, the children are chained up inside. Jiang Shuo goes up to little Xin’er to ask about Xiao Yu. Xin’er is scared and just says the director is outside. Our two heroes start to free the children when a door creaks open. Sure enough it’s the nun with a red laser dot for face, the children now free run to close the door and hold it to prevent her from coming inside. Yi Heng sees little Bin open a book and jump into it with Xin’er ( Mary Poppin’s style). Jiang Shuo missed it being more focused on the other children. Noticing Yi Heng looking elsewhere and the glowing book, Jiang Shuo asks what happened. Yi Heng doesn’t explain just looks at Jiang Shuo and then they both jump into the book.

They land on a cruise ship. Unsure of why they are there, the two heroes figure it must be because the children wanted them to find something, It’s why the kids saved them and didn’t follow. Jiang Shuo a,so notes that they don’t have much time left before noting how the Psych has changed. Yi Heng suddenly remembers the memory he saw in the book earlier and tells Jiang Shuo how Bin promised to travel in a big ship with Xin’er so they must be in the control room.

Sure enough that’s exactly where the star crossed lovers are plotting their next destination. As soon as they enter the control roomYi Heng asks about what happened in the orphanage. Jiang Shuo attempts to reassure the couple that they are not in danger, Jiang Shuo just wants to know where Xiao Yu is. Yi Heng says that Xiao Yu is just the butler’s daughter and innocent. Bin scoffs that he and Xin’er are innocent too and wonders how General Yuan could let a place like the evil orphanage to exist. Bin goes on to lament that he doesn’t even know if his brother or sister are still alive after being sold. Xin’er reminds Bin of the promise they made to live their life travelling for those that no longer can. Jiang Shuo understands their feelings but they can’t let Xiao Yu get hurt. Bin says he won’t tell them anything until he gets the ransom money. Just then the creepy song starts again this time the nun is singing it instead of the children.

The nun warns Bin and Xin’er that they can’t escape. The ships shudders like it hit something. Jiang Shuo quickly tells Yi Heng that Xin’er’s fear of the director has filled the Psych activating the defence mechanism. The creepy nun now has climbed aboard the ship and now has a zombie face!

Zombie nun starts attacking passengers turning them into zombies too. Yi Heng tries to reason with Xin’er by telling her nine of this is real.. it doesn’t work. Jiang Shuo knows they are almost out of time and tries to persuade Xin’er to come with him. Bin pulls a gun on him telling Jiang Shuo to leave Xin’er alone. The couple leaves the room, a moment later Yi Heng and Jiang follow only to be met with by zombies. Jiang Shuo grabs a fire axe to fend them off. They manage to escape to the upper deck of the ship where Jiang Shuo pulls Yi Heng close so they can leave. Yi Heng has discovered a sketchbook however that may contain clues about where Xiao Yu is. Yi Heng asks for a little more time. Jiang Shuo doesn’t look too sure about it, but Yi Heng’s asks for his trust and to keep the zombies at bay. Of course we’re in episode 5 so the trust is there. Jiang Shuo heads to the staircase with his fire axe ready to face the zombie mob.

Yi Heng starts to put the clues together in his mind while Jiang Shuo desperately tries to keep him safe from zombies. Yi Heng figures out the ransom was just to expose the orphanage for its human trafficking. Jiang Shuo agrees and together they finally leave the Psych before the zombies get them.

Jiang Shuo wakes up to Ms. Yuan asking about what happened in the Psych. He tells her not to worry they found clues. Whe. ms, Yuan asks what clues, Yi Heng responds with Xiao Yu being in the fountain d,I got hospital. Ms, Yuan asks if it’s the one ran by foreigners to which Jiang Shuo confirms that’s the one, only it’s not a foundling hospital but the orphanage. Ms. Yuan wonders why Bin and Xin’er took Xiao Yu there of all places. Yi He g says it’s because they didn’t kidnap her. Sergeant Bai asks if they weren’t the bad buys then who is? Yi Heng doesn’t know yet but it’s not Bin and Xin’er. In fact it turns out that Xin’er having been to the fair to see Jiang Shuo happened to witness the kidnapping. Xin’er knew from experience that these were the human traffickers from the foundling hospital. Bin then called the Yuan mansion pretending to be the kidnapper so he could get the money and expose the human trafficking ring.

Apparently Bin and Xin’er have reported the found,ingnhospital to the police multiple times but the spiral kept on running. Ms. Yuan figures out that the previous child kidnapping’s were the work of the hospital as well. Xin’er confirms this also stating that the staff are not doctors or nurses just evil people that bought the orphanage.

Xiao Yu’s father than begs Sergeant Bai to go arrest those people however, it’s foreign territory so the police have no authority there. Ms. Yuan asks if they could enter on her father’s order though. Sergeant Bai says they could but they would still need evidence in order to do so. Yi Heng promptly decides to infiltrate the foundling hospital, Jiang Shuo volunteers to go with him. Ms. Yuan also wants to go, but because she’s the general’s daughter and a police officer to boot she can’t. So she can only beg them to be careful before they leave.

They head over the foundling hospital where they are greeted by the trigger happy guards. The guards demand to know who they are. Jiang Shuo says they have come to buy “stuff”. This gets a guard to go inside and bring out the creepy nun whom now looks more sinister than creepy. She asks for a referral. Jiang Shuo stumbles over an answer when Yi Heng says a guy named Howard. The nun doesn’t know this person. (Duh it’s a random name) so Yi Heng says that’s fine they’ll leave. They start to walk away when the nun tells them to wait.

She then orders a guard to search them before letting them inside. A police officer is hiding a safe distance away monitoring them. Once inside they notice how familiar it all looks when compared to the Psych of Xin’er. The nun is also really creeping out Jiang Shuo especially when she suddenly turns around to face him to tell him it’s time to dine. She leads them to the dining room where the kids around this table are crying loudly until a man threatens them. The nun throws him a dirty look probably because it’s bad form to threaten in front of potential buyers. Jiang Shuo the. Asks if all the children are present which the nun confirms.

They tell her they will take a look and proceed to search for Xiao Yu among the children. Jiang Shuo pretends to get a stomachache so they can split up. Yi Heng quickly moves in closer to ask if he’s okay while whispering that his hand is in the wrong spot. (Lolz) Jiang Shuo asks where the bathroom is, to be led away from Yi Heng. When Jiang Shuo reaches the bathroom he goes to hypnotize the guard when he realizes he left the coins behind… so instead he asks if the guard has toilet paper. The guard points to inside the bathroom.

At the Qin hospital Ms. Yuan suddenly remembers she forgot to give Jiang Shuo his magic coins.

Jiang Shuo meanwhile has to figure out how to avoid the guard so he can go explore when he notices a window..

Roll the end credits because that’s the end of this episode. At lest we’re out of the Psych for a bit. Now maybe we can finally rescue Xiao Yu in the next episode.