Psych Hunter: Episode 4

We’re starting this episode with Yi Heng sitting alone in a room contemplating Jiang Shuo’s mind reading skills. As he tries to better to u deist and how it works. He comes to the conclusion that the swinging of the coins has no practical use it does however serve as a psychological suggestion. The dragon candle incense works like a sedative which is why there is a time limit to keep the Psych stable enough for a connection between people.

While Yi Heng is having these deep thoughts, his older brother bursts into the room without knocking. His older brother points out that he’s family and doesn’t owe him anything so keep Yi Heng can keep his western culture to himself. Yi Heng counters with a line from Confucius about how one must learn manners in order to know how to behave and to close the door on his way out. (Don’t let that door hit you). Older brother is pissed off but still begs Yi Heng to come back to the company since it’s their father’s life work and big bro can’t do it by himself. When that doesn’t seem to be getting him anywhere he lays on the guilt trip that if Yi Heng hadn’t left, their father might not be missing now. (Jerk! I hope you step on a lego)

After big brother leaves we get flashbacks of Yi Heng and his father from a year ago arguing about him not joining the Chamber of Commerce when there is a position waiting for him. Yi Heng of course wants to study western medicine. His father accuses him of being willful which Yi Heng denies vehemently. Yi Heng doesn’t want to run a business since the only goal is money; he wants to save lives. Yi He g then tells his father his mind is made up and he’s heading England next month. While he would like his father’s blessing he knows he won’t get it. We come back to the present with Yi Heng looking at his bulletin board of missing people and connecting string pondering how Liu Zhi.

Roll those opening credits!

We’re back at the underground room where Jiang Shuo is looking for the evil Mr. Wang who like very villain is of course behind him. He calls Jiang Shuo’s name so he turns around then throws some weird dust at our hero. The powder makes it so Jiang Shuo can barely move so Mr. Wang drags him up the stairs and onto a marked location in front of the big stone tablet. In true villain like fashion Mr. Wang begins to monologue about how he lured Jiang Shuo out from prison, killed the three rapists and guided poor Mr. Zhang into setting the Fengshui layout. Now all he needs is to kill Jiang Shuo to complete his grand formation.

Jiang Shuo just wants to know why the hell Mr. Wang is doing is all this. Mr. Wang tell Jiang Shuo it’s because his family is under a vicious curse, no one can live past the age of 40 (die already you monster!). Apparently Mr. Wang thinks it’s a punishment for the family being in the opium business so he burned all his poppy fields, did some charity in the holes that he could live. When his wife died, he realized that he was still cursed. This led to his desperate attempts to save himself by studying alchemy, Fengshui layouts, the works. One day Mr. Wang went into the mountains seeking medicine and met an expert. Here Jiang Shuo tries to stand up, only to be knocked back down by the villain. Mr, Wang then continues his monologue about how the expert told him about using six types of Fengshui formations.

The same expert gave him an elixir to fake his death. Jiang Shuo figures that this expert must be Liu Zhi which Mr. Wang confirms to be true. Although the guy always wore a mask so Mr, Wang doesn’t know what he looks like. To be honest he doesn’t really care either since Liu Zhi’s guidance with the formations should break the curse. Today is the last day of Mr. Wang’s 39th year so after Jiang Shuo dies, the villain gets to live. Jiang Shuo laughs and tells Mr. Wang he understands that to him all the murder victims all sacrificial lambs. Mr. Wang agrees that they are and there’s nothing anyone can do it about it now since he was behind everything Mr, Zhang did.

He doesn’t feel guilty for using Mr. Zhang because he helped him get revenge on the monsters that raped his daughter. Apparently this whole monologue was just for killing time before he kills Jiang Shuo. (Ritual has specific timing and he was bored). Just as he’s about to stab Jiang Shuo, Mr. Wang gets shot by Yi Heng! (What took you so long?) Unfortunately for my bloodthirsty little soul Mr. Wang is not dead but he’s also no longer a threat for the moment. Yi Heng brags that he’s saved Jiang Shuo’s life again. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that Liu Zhi was behind it all but Yi Heng already knows because he was eavesdropping on the whole conversation.

No wonder he had impeccable timing..just then the clock sounds marking a new day making Mr. Wang extremely happy since he’s still alive. Yi Heng the points the gun at him to ask where Liu Zhi is (shoot him again please!) Liu Zhi’s voice sounds from absolutely nowhere claiming that Mr. Wang doesn’t know where he is. Liu Zhi then congratulates Jiang Shuo on passing the first test. Liu Zhi knows that they are eager to find him and know about Jiang Shuo’s past. He also hints that Yi Heng wants to know the whereabouts of a certain person (his father) if they want answers they have to continue to play the game. The stakes are Jiang Shuo’s life and the lives of others. As the voice fades away a bunch of cops come running into the room.

So now Mr, Wang is in jail being interrogated by Sergeant Bai for someone that was so chatty with Jiang Shuo, Mr. Wang clammed up for the moment. The Sergeant Bai asks him if he knows where the pagodite stone in the mansion came from? (the big stone tablet). Finally Mr. Wang says that his ancestors spent a lot of money on it and took care of it. The police chief calls him an idiot, apparently the stone emits a poisonous fog that slowly kills those around it. Therefore all his crimes were useless. (Okay that’s pretty funny being killed by the stone you worship!) Mr. Wang refuse to believe that, he still thinks it’s a curse.

Meanwhile a very sleepy Jiang Shuo leaves the police station after giving his statement only to be stopped by Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo tries to ignore him but then Yi Heng points out that he has saved his life twice so stop ignoring him. Jiang Ashton offers to give him a good deal on property but Yi Heng says no one wants to buy/sell property with him anymore. Yi He g also warns Jiang Shuo that there are many ways to make money but he only has one life so he should be wary of Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo says that when he finds Liu Zhi he will demand compensation. Jiang Shuo wants to know why Yi Heng wears glasses when his eyesight is just fine. (This is why Yi Heng didn’t have glasses in the Psych).

Yi Heng tells him to mind his own business so Jiang Shuo teases him by saying that the glasses don’t look good on him. This leads Jiang Shuo to remember that Yi Heng is second son of the Qin family… so he tells Yi Heng that he will call him Qin Er from now on. This doesn’t please Yi Heng at all but the more he protests, the more Jiang Shuo does it.

In another part of the city Ms, Yuan is in civilian clothing having ice cream with a friend. She is thinking of the incident in the hospital where she believes it was Dr. Qin that saved her. She tells her friend about it while blushing. Ms. Yuan has decided to give the gift a pocket watch to her saviour. Later that evening she heads over to Jiang Shuo’s house to ask him about the guy who blocked the hit at the hospital. She wonders if he’s hurt, while Jiang Shuo remembers doing that he doesn’t realize she’s talking about Yi Heng (let the shenanigans begin). So he says there’s no need to say thank you. She brings out a box for her purse and asks if Jiang Shuo can give it to him. When he asks what it is, she ignores him and leaves. He opens the box to find the pocket watch and a note requesting a meeting at 3 p.m. (1500 hrs.) at the fountain. Jiang Shuo excitedly walk back to his room.

The next morning Yi Heng is at the hospital when a nurse brings him a letter. It’s suspiciously lacking the se deer’s name but a familiar logo can be seen on the corner. Dr. Qin waves away the nurse to open it in private. A picture fall out of the envelope. The picture contains the missing people including his father standing in a large dining room. Oddly Jiang Shuo is standing in the middle of the picture. ( the plot thickens).

Men’s while our hero is getting ready for his date, the old guy that found rescued him is basically a father figure in his life so when he notices Jiang Shuo dressing up he teases him about it.

We head back to Yi Heng and his conspiracy board where he tries to figure out how the clues all fit together. Of course there is no use asking Jiang Shuo since his memory is three sheets to the wind. So instead he goes to have a chat with the old man that found him. (Remember they already know each other) Yi Heng asks the old man if he thinks it’s strange that Jiang showed up after Yi Heng’s father and the old guy’s daughter disappeared? (his daughter is one of the people on the board)

The old man wonders if Dr. Qin thinks that Jiang Shuo was related to the disappearances. This leads to Yi Heng to a question of his own, does the man know who introduces businesses Jiang Shuo. The answer is, of course he does a man named Liu Zhi. Dr. Qin then tells him that before the people went missing they all received an invitation (phantom of the opera anyone?) and on the letters were the logo of six fingers which is used by Liu Zhi. Yi Heng has confirmed that Jiang Shuo has lost his memories, it’s odd that he still knows how to use the mind reading technique.

The old man doesn’t understand the mind reading ability so he asks Yi Heng about it. Dr. Qin confesses that he doesn’t know much about it either however, Jiang Shuo’s ability is very powerful and may be the reason Liu Zhi is after him. In any case he is still the only clue to finding the evil Liu Zhi. The old man agrees, leading to the question of what to do next. Yi Heng says the only thing they can do is keep an eye Jiang Shuo keeping him safe until Liu Zhi appears.

Back at police HQ the Sergeant Bai is telling one of the officers to look into the disappearance of a child personally and to put aside any other work the officer may have. In the corner of the office Ms. Yuan inquires about the time as she is anxious to meet with her date thinking it’s with Yi Heng. The officer at the next desk says that’s the fourth time she’s asked him that question; did she lose her watch? She tells him that’s nonsense and asks for the time again. The poor officer is exasperated so he holds up his pocket watch with time of 11 a.m. (1100 hrs.)

Seeing that she gets up and tells the Sergeant Bai she has something really important to do, so she’s going to leave work. The police chief didn’t quite catch that is Ms. Yuan said it in a rush. So he asks the officer he was talking to what she said. He tells the Sergeant Bai that Ms. Yuan said was leaving work to which the sergeant asks whether he gave her permission to do so. The other officer laughs and points out that she is an heiress so the chief should put up with it. ( she’s a spoiled brat).

Ms. Yuan’s important work is of course to go shopping before her date because of course that is more important than doing your job… after that she heads home and asks her servant her father’s location. Apparently he’s in a meeting with someone unlike some people the general actually does his job.

Ms. Yuan tells the servants that if her father asks for her, tell him she’s in her room resting because her classes tired her out. (What classes? Must be the excuse she gives when working at the station). She then asks after her friend Xiao Yu this is the same friend she was ice cream with earlier. I’m assuming Xiao Yu works in the mansion to be around so quick. Ms. Yuan tells Xiao Yu to come to her room because she has a gift for her. The gift is at least practical since it’s a pair of shoes. Xiao Yu thanks Ms. Yuan then asks if she is going to see Dr. Qin, Ms. Yuan confirms it and her friend wishes her luck.

We quickly flash over to the fair where Jiang Shuo is waiting at the fountain. Then we come back to Ms. Yuan’s room where her brother teases her about liking Yi Heng. Ms. Yuan asks her brother if he is upset about her giving Yi Heng the pocket watch that was originally gift to her. Her brother replies that nothing is more important than her happiness.

Back at the fountain Jiang Shuo is practicing what he will say to Ms. Yuan when she arrives. While he’s waiting a clown gives him a rose. Inside the rose is note from Liu Zhi telling him new business is on the way and that the game between them will continue. After reading the note Jiang Shuo frantically looks around for the clown just as Ms. Yuan shows up at the fountain.

Jiang Shuo catches up to the clown some distance away. He begins by asking who told him to give Jiang Shuo the rose. The clown doesn’t know who he is, just some guy in a mask that paid him to deliver it. Jiang Shuo is no closer to finding out who Liu Zhi really is which is very frustrating. The clown leaves and Jiang Shuo is approached by a young woman saying that an agent told her that he could help see her house. Jiang Shuo immediately asks if it’s Liu Zhi and if he was wearing a mask. The answer to both questions is yes.

Back at the fountain Ms. Yuan is waiting for her date when she notices Xiao Yu hiding behind a nearby stall spying on her. Ms. Yuan tells her she might as well come out since she’s been spotted. Ms, Yuab then asks her if she wrote the right time on the note since her date hasn’t shown up yet. Xiao Yu is sure she wrote the correct time though. Since they are just waiting anyway, Ms. Yuan decides to buy Xiao Yu a big lollipop and then tells her to wait at the park bench for her. Ms. Yuan goes back to waiting at the fountain but when she turns around Xiao Yu is no longer sitting on the bench. ( bench can be seen from the fountain)

Ms. Yuan knows something is wrong and calls out to her servant (he followed her to the fountain) asking where Xiao Yu is. He has no idea so they go to the bench area to look. They find the lollipop smashed to bits on the ground with no sign of Xiao Yu. They continue their search and find one of her brand new shoes near the merry-go-round. If they weren’t sure something was wrong before they definitely know now.

The only thing to do is report it to the police. Poor Sergeant Bai is having a tough time already with the parents of the previous missing child case begging him to find their child (he’s doing his best). Ms. Yuan comes running to him to report Xiao Yu is missing. Sergeant Bai asks who is Xiao Yu. Ms. Yuan says she is the family butler’s 11 year old daughter and she is missing!

Ms. Yuan then goes home to see the father of her missing friend to ask if he’s seen her. He hasn’t seen her since she went to look for Ms. Yuan though. Ms. Yuan says that she lost Xiao Yu at the fair. Ms. Yuan then instructs him to take some men to the fair to continue searching for her. She also tells hi that she has already contacted the police. He hurries out of the room to gather the men. Just then the phone rings, Ms. Yuan answers only to have the man on the line say he’s holding Xiao Yu hostage and then he hangs up. ( no ransom?)

General Yuan Zhen is dealing with some military matters when his daughter runs into the room. He promptly tells her she shouldn’t be there, she responds with the fact that Xiao Yu is missing. He asks the obvious question of who’s behind it but she doesn’t know. Ms. Yuan begs her father to send the troops out to rescue her friend but as her father tells her the Yuan military is not for personal use. He does however make a phone asking for help looking into the matter.

Later that night poor Jiang Shuo walks home in low spirits since he didn’t get his date. When he does get home his rag tag family teases him about his date not realizing the mood he’s in. They tell him to come and eat but he’s not hungry so he just goes to his room.

Somewhere else in the city two people are being chased and shot at by the police. The police yell at them to release the hostage they can’t get out of the city. The man yells back that he won’t release the hostage without the ransom money. Someone named Lao Zi is already dead so the shouldn’t even think of knowing where the kid is. Sergeant Bai yells that if all he wants is the ransom money, Sergeant Bai will give it to him but he must guarantee the safety of the hostage. The man yells back that he won’t trust the police anymore since they had a deal but, the police started shooting at them killing Lao Zi.

The shootout continues and the couple runs away through the city. They are soon trapped however between cops on both sides. The man who’s name turns out to Bin gets shot. Together with the woman they jump off the bridge into the water. This leads the woman that was with him to being seized by the police after they fish her out of the river and rushed to the hospital. Sometime later a nurse comes out and tells Ms. Yuan and. Chief Bai that they saved the patient but she has brain damage resulting in amnesia.

The next day Jiang Shuo is waiting at the lady’s house not knowing that it’s same the lady that the police chased just last night. Jiang Shuo is annoyed at being stood up since they just made the appointment yesterday and it cost him his date with Ms. Yuan. While he’s talking to himself in front of the house he’s unaware that Yi Heng is watching him from his car. Jiang Shuo wonders why all the women seem to stand him up lately and shakes the pocket watch enough to break it. Jiang Shuo feels terrible at his, while Yi Heng is trying not to laugh in the car. Realizing Jiang Shuo is in no danger Yi Heng heads back to the hospital.

Dr. Qin goes to see his new amnesiac patient. He tries to jog her memory with a sketch of the man she was with but it doesn’t help. Yi Heng asks how they found the patient and Ms. Yuan tells him about how her father called a friend to find the kidnappers. However before her father made that call, Sergeant Bai already received a call saying they knew where the bad guys were and even asked for a ransom. Whe. The police arrived the man jumped into the river escaping while they managed to catch the woman. Yi Heng says that the patient probably suffered from a lack of oxygen which caused short term memory loss. Sergeant Bai just wants to know when she will recover her memory but the answer isn’t that simple. There is no time limit on memory recovery if it ever happens, maybe Jiang Shuo can help.

They bring Jiang Shuo to the hospital and explain that they want his help to cure the patient. He can’t believe that since he’s not a doctor, have Dr. Qin do it! Yi Heng points out that the only person that knows where Xiao Yu is, has lost their memory and only the mind reading technique can help. Jiang Shuo senses an opportunity and negotiates for some money. Sergeant Bai is going to give him some money when he realizes he doesn’t have any on him. Just then Ms. Yuan barges into the room asking for Jiang Shuo’s help. Realizing it’s for her sake he pretends that money isn’t important and agrees to help after all he is a very helpful person.

Once Jiang Shuo enters the patient’s room, he recognizes her as the lady that wanted him to see her house at the fair. After hearing this, Sergeant Bai asks if he still has the house deed on him. Jiang Shuo quickly hands it over and asks if they are sure this woman is a kidnapper. Jiang Shuo also remembers the note Liu Zhi sent him but doesn’t tell anyone about it. Yi Heng notices the look of Jiang Shuo remembing something and guesse that it must have to do with Liu Zhi. Ms. Yuan doesn’t care about Liu Zhi though she just wants Jiang Shuo to hurry up and help find her friend.

Before Jiang Shuo has a chance to bring out the coins though Yi Heng stops him. Yi Heng gives him pictures of the scene as he figures it might help them in the Psych. Jiang Shuo thanks him for the effort but says it’s not needed. He the. Tells Ms, Yuan not worry he’ll take care of it.

We’ll have to wait for the next recap to find out what happens though because that’s the end of this episode!