Psych Hunter: Episode 3

So remember that creepy carpenter Zhang? Well this episode starts off with him making the memorial tablets for the murder victims.. then the opening credits roll.

Jiang Shuo having gotten the documents from that poor butler, leaves the Wang residence only to bump into Qin Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo can’t believe he’s running into him again. They go to shake hands but Jiang Shuo notices that damn cloth in the way and refuses until Yi Heng takes the cloth off to shake which he does.

Jiang Shuo takes this opportunity to squeeze the hand hard while telling the doctor to leave him alone. He will do his own investigation as he never wants to see Qin Yi Heng again.

Back at the police station Ms. Yuan goes over the facts of the case with the other officers. The butler sold three houses on Mr. Wang’s orders. The homes were bought by Liu Zhi. Liu Zhi then wrote a letter to property agent Jiang Shuo who then sold them to the three murder victims. All of whom died soon after in those very houses including Mr. Wang. Based on what Yi Heng’s latest evidence ass well as the butler’s statement the suspects for the murders are either Liu Zhi or the Carpenter Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang’s daughter died in the Wang’s family lake after being raped. Mr. Zhang reported that the three murder victims did it, however due to lack of evidence the police did nothing. All three of the victims worked as guards in the Wang mansion. After the girl’s death they were all promptly fired. Mr. Zhang renovated the three victim’s homes which means he is more than familiar with the crime scenes. Considering what they did to his daughter he has a clear motive to kill them. The police chief tells the officers to go place Mr. Zhang under arrest.

The police go to Mr. Zhang’s home only to see him go out the window. They chase him but lose him when he hides in a barrel. Yi Heng has also come to the house as he is working with the police. He goes into a room where we can see a memorial tablet for Mr. Zhang’s daughter and a published article she wrote about her loving father. He also finds a piece of paper with a weird looking diagram on it.

Mr. Zhang is still trying to escape the police but he bumps into Ms. Yuan who asks him to cooperate. He attempts to run away but his retreat is block by Jiang Shuo. Ms. Yuan tells hi to help her capture Mr. Zhang to prove help prove his innocence. Mr. Zhang trapped between the two grabs a Baird and tries to hit them with it.

Ms. Yuan’s eyes flutter and suddenly she seems to know martial arts because she kicks Mr. Zhang hard enough to knock him unconscious. This move being very unlike her, Jiang Shuo asks where that move came from. She ignores him and proceeds to handcuff Mr. Zhang. They move him to the front yard where Jiang Shuo notices a blinding disorientating light.

This would bother anyone on a daily basis, causing an altered state of mind. While Jiang Shuo is telling Ms. Yuan about this; Mr. Zhang has grabbed a sharp tool from the nearby workbench and tries to stab them. Jiang Shuo puts himself in front of Ms. Yuan and kicks a table into Mr. Zhang which renders him unconscious. He then checks to make sure Ms. Yuan is okay.

They take Mr. Zhang back to Yi Heng’s hospital where the doctor tells them that Mr. Zhang’s nervous system is impaired which means he can’t answer any questions. Ms. Yuan asks if that could have been caused by the blinding glare Jiang Shuo mentioned earlier. Yi Heng says it has nothing to do with Fengshui, someone did this to him. Yi Heng also points out the weird diagram he found proves that Mr. Zhang was following someone’s orders. There were also hallucinogens in his medications that have caused him to become unstable. The police chief wonders why the person didn’t just kill Mr. Zhang. Yi Heng figures they kept him alive to be a scapegoat.

Ms, Yuan tried to question the patient anyway by showing him the article his daughter wrote. Of course he is unresponsive (Duh)

The next day Jiang Shuo heads home only to find Ms. Yuan waiting for him. She asks if he really lives there, to which he responds that she must have never seen poor people before. It turns out she has brought him some snacks. Jiang Shuo is a little suspicious and asks if she is trying to drug him. Ms. Yuan now offended says she would never do something like that. It’s merely a thank you gift for helping yesterday.

When she says thank you, Jiang Shuo pretends not to hear and makes her repeat it a few times. Ms. Yuan gets revenge by telling him there is a special ritual to eating the treat she brought. She gets him to hold it with both hands, close his eyes…the. She shoves it in his face! They don’t know they are being watched by Jiang Shuo’s friends. Later that night the two take walk in the city. MS. Yuan asks about Jiang Shuo and his friends. He tells her that he arrived a year ago, they were all homeless and became a family. They then go on to talk about Mr. Zhang and how much he must have loved his daughter.

This of course leads them to wonder what the murder’s endgame is since Mr, Zhang can’t talk. Ms.Yuan realizes that the murders were based on location. Jiang Shuo makes the connection that the killer is setting up a formation using Mr, Zhang’s murder as a disguise for his own plan. The murders are also being done in a specific order. They realize they must get to the hospital quick. They never noticed that Yi Heng was watching them.

They arrive at the hospital just in time to see the raincoat killer standing over Mr. Zhang. Seeing them the killer flees out the window. They were going to chase him, but arm. Zhang threw a book at Jiang Shuo injuring his arm. This distracted Ms. Yuan who checks to see if he is okay. Jiang Shuo tells her to get the villain first, as she is about to go out the window Yi Heng shows up. Dr.Qin tells her not to bother chasing the killer since Mr.Zhang is still here, the killer will come back.

Ms. Yuan tells Yi Heng to check on Jiang Shuo’s injury. Judging by what Dr.Qin does I’m guessing it was dislocated. Jiang Shuo then asks why Mr. Zhang threw stuff at him when he was trying to prevent him from being murdered. Yi Heng points out that it’s due to the drugs and perfectly normal. Ms, Yuan wonders what do they do now? Yi Heng’s answer is to sit and wait.

Jiang Shuo has another idea though, a last resort his mind reading technique. Jiang Shuo puts Mr. Zhang under first then gets ready to put the doctor as well as himself under but first warning Ms. Yuan to wake them up before the dragon incense candle burns out. Jiang Shuo calls it “entering the Psych”.

Next thing we know they are both in front of the Wang mansion. Wearing very different clothes and Yi Heng is without his glasses. Jiang Shuo explains that anything can happen in the Psych and he needs to equip the doctor well. Basically it‘s his territory so don’t worry he’ll keep you safe.

When they enter the mansion there is a huge forest maze. Yi Heng points out that this is Mr. Zhang’s subconscious and reflects how he feels about life. Jiang Shuo tells the doctor to spare him the lecture, they are just in Mr. Zhang’s thoughts that’s all.

While wandering the maze they come across a girl begging for help. They quickly deduce that it’s Mr. Zhang’s daughter, she runs always and they chase after her. Yi Heng is a bit faster but still doesn’t catch her. Jiang Shuo coming up from behind angrily warns him to stay close. Yi He g doesn’t understand why though, so Jiang Shuo explains that if they get separated Yi Heng will be stuck in the Psych.

They go back to chasing after the girl when all of a sudden there’s a clone. Jiang a Shuo asks which one they should chase. Yi Zheng says there’s a logic to the subconscious so he picks the path however they lose sight of her again. Yi Heng figures out that the maze and girl are just the mind’s defence system to prevent them from getting what they need. Jiang Shuo figures since it’s about the daughter and she died near a lake in the real world there should be a lake in the Psych as well. Since Mr, Zhang believes in Fengshui the lake will be to south. Jiang Shuo pulls out a special compass to lead the way.

They find the only only to see the three murder victims attacking the girl while Mr, Zhang is unable to save her. The three then taunt Mr. Zhang about how they met her at the lake, and that after she jumped into the lake herself. They also say that r.Zhang has no proof that they did anything so they can’t be arrested. Finally the three rapists leave and we see Mr. Zhang crying at the lake when a figure appears. Mr, Zhang begs this person for help to get revenge on the monsters that hurt his daughter. The man gives him something to drink that will make him forget his pain. Yi Heng says that must be the mastermind behind all of the murders.

They chase after the mysterious figure only to end up in the memory of Mr. Zhang designing the bad Fengshui in the victim’s house. Jiang Shuo tells him not to do it, but then the defence mechanism kicks in cutting the off from the memory. They go through another door to find Mr. Wang’s wife lying in bed. Apparently she died from the “the curse”. They leave that room and go through a window to a room that is on fire. Yi Heng recognizes the building as the one where Jiang Shuo was almost killed but why is it on fire now? Jiang Shuo reminds him that this is the Psych a reflection of the mind. When Jiang Shuo dropped the candle in the real world building, Zhang’s mind thought it was burning.

In the room are those sinister memorial tablets again. Jiang Shuo realizes that the murderer is setting up a formation using the five people victims (three rapists, the wife and Mr. Wang) however the formation needs six people. Jiang Shuo then remembers seeing his own memorial tablet in the real world. Yi Heng points out that his tablet is in the other corner of the room.

Meanwhile back in the real world Ms. Yuan is bored monitoring them that is until the raincoat killer attacks her.

While she’s on the ground the killer sticks an needle into Mr. Zhang’s head. We then cut back to the two in the Psych

In the Psych, Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng decide to go through the last door but before they can Mr. Zhang comes bursting in with an axe. It’s clear he’s being controlled by the mysterious figure because of the strings linking the two together like a marionette on strings. Realizing they can’t go forward they turn back. They wind up back at the lake where they realizes that Mr. Zhang is still unconscious because he’s being controlled by the mysterious figure. Jiang Shuo reminds Yi Heng that time in the Psych is limited and they must hurry to free Mr, Zhang from the mysterious figure while exposing him at the same time.

Speaking of the devil, the Zhang marionette and the mysterious figure have come through the door after them. Magically the bodies of the dead appear in crystals coffins near the Alex but wait Mr. Wang is missing.. that means he’s still alive. There’s also an empty coffin which Yi Heng believes is meant for Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo chuckles and says not to worry he won’t die. Yi Heng then tries to break the control of Mr. Zhang by pointing out that his body is in one of the coffins. It seems to be working so Jiang Shuo tells him to keep talking.

Yi Heng begins to recite the article that Zhang’s daughter had published in the magazine. It works as Zhang lowers the axe while Yi Heng continues. Mr. Zhang’s inner mind starts to awaken while Dr. Qin points out that if he continues to be like this, he will hurt innocent people and his daughter wouldn’t want that. They almost got through but the mysterious figure pulls hard on the strings making Mr. Zhang raise the axe, Jiang Shuo puts himself between the axe and Yi Heng.

Luckily the axe doesn’t swing down because Zhang’s daughter’s voice can be heard calling out to her father this leads him to drop the axe and break the strings controlling him. He tells his daughter he’s coming and goes out into the middle of the lake to join her. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo what’s happening and Jiang Shuo replies that. R, Zhang is letting go.

Back in the real world t looks like Mr, Zhang is having a fit. The raincoat killer finished with Mr. Zhang, turns around and tries to kill Jiang Shuo. Luckily Ms.Yuan has woken up enough to block the blade. She also manages to get the coins to jingle so that Jiang Shuo knows it’s time to leave the Psych. Just before they leave they manage to take off the mask of the mysterious figure, it’s Mr. Wang!

Jiang Shuo wakes up first and manages to slug the raincoat killer. Then just like in then Psych he manages to pull off the mask and reveal Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang kicks Jiang Shuo into Yi Heng, grabs a nearby cross attempting to kill them with it. Jiang Shuo manages to block the blow its arms protecting both Yi Heng and Ms. Yuan. Unfortunately for him all Ms, Yuan sees is the back of Yi Heng so she thinks he took the blow for her.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng to look after Ms. Yuan as he chases after Mr. wang who fled through the window. Ms. Yuan is definitely dazed from the fight but seems otherwise okay. Mr. Zhang however is having a fit and there’s nothing Yi Heng can do for him. A police officer bursts into the room (where the hell were you?) asking what happened. Yi Heng orders him to give up his gun then tells him to look after Ms. Yuan as he goes after Jiang Shuo and Mr. Wang.

Jiang Shuo ends up chasing Mr. Wang into a creepy basement filled with candles, statues and a weird looking stone tablet. Jiang Shuo calls out his name knowing he’s somewhere in there only to have the murderer show up behind him!

And roll the end credits because that’s the end of this episode. They really do love their cliffhangers in this show don’t they?