Psych Hunter: Episode 2

This episode starts off with Jiang Shuo reading a letter from Liu Zhi. It says that it doesn’t matter who Liu Zhi is, he just brings customers to Jiang Shuo and as long as he sells the three land leases to the three designated people, the money is his. (Nothing suspicious there..) The letter also states that Liu Zhi is a forgotten friend of Jiang Shuo’s.

Let the opening credits roll…

Back at the haunted house where we left our hero with the creepy memorial tablets, Jiang Shuo hears a metallic dragging sound outside the room. Like an idiot he goes to check it out, only to find the serial killer dragging an axe. He runs back into the room and closes the door. (Clearly hasn’t watched the Shining). Back in the room he looks for a an escape route, the windows of course are boarded up.

Failing to find an escape route Jiang Shuo grabs a candle stick from the altar and waits for the serial to get into the room. He pops up from behind him and blows ash into the killer’s face! This allows him to get out of the room, where he looks for another way to escape by running upstairs. ( if you are running from a bad person always go to street level. )

Jiang Shuo manages to get through a door that leads to the roof only to find Dr.Qin on the other side. Dr. Qin says that he is here to save him (why hello, Sarah Connor) . The escape route of course is to jump off the roof… After they safely land, Jiang Shuo tells Dr.Qin that he owes him a favour but he has to save himself first. As he is about leave though, Dr. Qin points out the way he’s going is where the police are. Jiang Shuo thanks him and promptly goes the other way.

Jiang Shuo running into Qin Yi Heng on the roof.

Back at the Police station our favourite police chief is trying to figure out how Jiang Shuo could escape when he was locked up. (The obvious answer is that his people are useless. ) he then asks his subordinate about Yuan Mu Qing who is apparently with Dr.Qin interrogating the witnesses in Liu Xin’s case. Poor Chief is wondering who let Ms. Yuan do that since you know it’s a police station and there are rules. She seems to think she can do wants like it’s her own house. While the chief is complaining in walk Ms. Yuan and Dr. Qin

Sergeant Bai can’t believe how useless his people are.

Ms. Yuan reports that they failed to capture Jiang Shuo while Dr.Qin points out that he may be innocent. The chief wants to know why he thinks that. Dr. Qin brings out the memorial tablets he found in the haunted house while chasing after Jiang Shuo. The first tablet belongs to the first murder victim Zhang Meng who was reported to have hung himself on August 25th, however the autopsy proved that the guy was strangled to death instead. Of course right before Zhang Meng died he bought a house from our hero.

The second murder victim Xiang also bought a house from Jiang Shuo for an extremely cheap price. His good friend Liu Xin was living with him at the time. On September 4th Liu Xin witnessed his friend Xiang being murdered (flashback to the previous episode) and was too afraid to do anything. Then yesterday Liu Xin was murdered by the raincoat killer just after buying a house from Jiang Shuo. The three murder victims all have two things in common: 1. They all bought houses from our hero and 2. All of the victims knew each other and were unemployed.

Ms. Yuan

The murderer made memorial tablets for all three victims and all three victims died at the time written on those same tablets. The killer made an extra tablet for Jiang Shuo dated October 15th. This implies that Jiang Shuo would be the fourth victim. Dr.Qin then points out that if he hadn’t been at the haunted house Jiang Shuo would have died (the date would then be wrong). The question now though is who wanted them all dead?

Well Dr.Qin doesn’t know the answer to that, he does know that the only connection to all four people is Liu Zhi the original owner of all three houses. The Police chief hasn’t heard of Liu Zhi yet so it’s news to him. Dr.Qin doesn’t tell him about the ransom note for his father or that Jiang Shuo is his only hope of getting him back alive.

Elsewhere in the city our escaped prisoner is doing a little investigation of his own in a very sneaky disguise… In this way he tricks a neighbour of last night’s murder victim into telling him who the original owners of that house were. Turns out it was owned by the Wang family from Chengxi. However someone had died there in the past and no one lived there since. Until the victim of course.

Jiang Shuo in his disguise.

Meanwhile Ms. Yuan is also investigating on that street but she isn’t having any luck as no one wants to get involved. In fact they slam the door in her face! The police chief comes to check on her progress, of which there is none.

Nobody wants to get involved.

Just then a street kid runs up to Ms.Yuan and hands her a note. The note tells her the original owner of the house is Chengxi’s Wang Family. Apparently they are a very influential family that own a lot of properties. The group of cops run to see if they catch the street kid but he’s long gone. Around the corner Jiang Shuo smiles to himself as he knows the cops would be hopeless without his clue.

Sometime later the cops show up at Mr. Wang’s residence where celebrations are taking place for his birthday. Apparently the celebration lasts for seven days and they even hired a monk to pray for him for 49 days! Of course he’s filthy rich and a philanthropist donating stuff to the temple, feeding the poor.. the usual.

Mr. Wang himself is in some creepy basement brewing little white pills and looking every sinister. The servant has told him the police want to talk to him, but the master is just annoyed with interruption. The servant leaves to go tell. Ms. Yuan and the chief that Mr. Wang isn’t feeling well and can’t see them today.

The servant then offers to pass along any message to his master. The police chief wants to know stuff so he asks the servant to cooperate with the investigation. The servant promises to tell him everything he knows. As the servant leads Ms. Yuan and the police chief to somewhere more private to talk, we see Jiang Shuo has arrived at the house.

The servant leads the cops to a more private space but on the way they pass funeral decorations. Ms. Yuan asks about them, it turns out Mr. Wang’s wife fell ill two years ago and recently died. Since it happened so close to his birthday they are holding both ceremonies together. (Yeah that’s weird) the police chief asks why didn’t Mr. Wang just skip his birthday celebration and mourn his wife? The servant says it’s because the master values the gift of life besides birthdays bring good luck. So even though Mr. Wang is really sad about his wife’s death, he chose to celebrate his birthday anyway. I think it’s total B.S. and the chief doesn’t seem to buy that explanation either.

While the group is talking another person walks by. The servant tells this Mr. Zhang that the master wants the windows in the backyard inspected before he can leave. It turns out this guy is the in-house carpenter whose daughter died in an accident.

Finally the group reaches a room where they can talk privately. There’s a small statue in the room. Ms. Yuan asks about it, and it seems Mr. Wang is a big believer in Fengshui thus the statue is there for good Fengshui. The police chief then asks about Liu Zhi since the homes were owned by him. The servant doesn’t understand why they are asking him, so they tell him it’s because the houses originally belonged to the Wang family.

The servant dodges the question by saying the family is very influential and owns many properties he will need time to check on those specific ones to answer their questions. Just outside of the room Jiang Shuo is eavesdropping on their conversation. He realizes he will have to investigate the house himself.

Sometime later with a terrible flashlight (it doesn’t give off much light) Jiang Shuo makes his way to one of the house. He notices that the house is at the end of what is known as a scissor door which is considered really bad Fengshui (mojo/luck) . He unlocks the door to the front yard only to find that Dr. Qin is waiting inside. Since Jiang Shuo still doesn’t know who he is, he asks if he is Liu Zhi… Dr.Qin points out that if he were then Jiang Shuo would already be dead.

This leads to actual introductions however Dr.Qin places a cloth over his had before shaking hands with Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo says “how petty”. Qin Yi Heng then asks if Jiang Shuo knows that someone died here. The answer is of course he knows after all this is a very inauspicious/unsafe place. Our hero then tells Qin Yi He g that if he’s scared he can go home (lol).

Dr. Qin wonders why Jiang Shuo thinks the place is unsafe. Jiang Shuo says that the place was designed to have bad Fengshui on purpose. Of course Qin Yi Heng doesn’t believe in Fengshui thinking it all superstitious nonsense. Jiang Shuo doesn’t know if it’s real or not but that doesn’t change the fact that someone designed the house with bad Fengshui to kill whoever lived there. He also realizes that the other houses were designed the same way. The only reason to buy homes like that were because they were being sold dirt cheap.

Having found all the clues they could Jiang Shuo leaves only to have Qin Yi Heng follow him. Jiang Shuo asks why he’s being followed and Qin Yi Heng says that he’s not following him they were just going to the same place. He then asks to Jiang Shuo to follow him so he can show him something.

Meanwhile back at Mr. Wang’s place Ms. Yuan and the police chief are still waiting on the servant to find the documents they need. Just when they are getting fed up with the obvious stalling tactic; another servant runs into the room saying Mr. Wang is gone!

Now back to the much more interesting Qin & Jiang Shuo arriving at one of the other murder victim’s house. Jiang Shuo notes that this one has bad Fengshui as well to which Dr. Qin wonder why Jiang Shuo didn’t know that before. Jiang Shuo reminds him that he just sold the house, he didn’t live there. Once inside the home they notice the temperature is colder than it should be. While they are investigating they hear the footsteps of someone else..

They quickly go chasing after the footsteps to find another door that leads to a basement. Apparently it’s an ice room which explains why the house was cold. Jiang Shuo realizes it’s not a good hiding place and may be a trap. He tells Qin Yi Heng that they should leave only to find someone has locked them in!

Dr. Qin seems pretty calm given the fact that he has estimated they only have an hour to live if they can’t find a way out. He suggests Jiang Shuo use the time search his memory about Liu Zhi for clues that might help. Jiang Shuo reminds him that he has amnesia which Qin Yi Heng doesn’t believe. Turns out the good doctor locked them in the ice room to interrogate him and if he doesn’t get the answers he wants they’ll both freeze to death.

Jiang Shuo thinks the doctor has gone quite mad (I agree!) and that he’s never been scared of anyone (that he can remember) . So freeze they must because his memory is blank. He still can’t believe the doctor thought up such a stupid o,an that could kill them both.

Very cold Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng

Since they are going to die at this rate anyway, Jiang Shuo brings out his coins to enter Qin Yi Heng’s mind and figure out what his true motive is. We then get flashbacks of Dr.Qin arguing with his father and leaving for England before he disappeared. Another flashback to the ransom note and severed thumb before we see our two male leads on a snowy field looking very cold.

Next thing we know Jiang Shuo is waking up in a nice warm bed while the doctor is asleep in the chair beside him. The nurse from the hospital walks in with some food for them, when she opened the door to the ice room the two of them had already fainted. Jiang Shuo guesses that she was the one that locked them in to begin with. She leaves without denying it. Dr. Qin then goes to tell him he didn’t mean any harm, he just knew that extreme circumstances can sometimes cure amnesia. He really wants those memories but he didn’t think they would both hallucinate. Jiang Shuo corrects him that they weren’t hallucinating it’s his mind reading technique.

Jiang Shuo says he doesn’t need the doctor to cure his amnesia and since he’s proven that he’s not Liu Zhi, Qi Yi He g can leave him the hell aline. Just then they hear the nurse screw, and rush over to see what happened. The nurse is okay but the body swinging from the rafters is not.

The police show up and try to arrest Jiang Shuo for this latest murder however his alibi is rock solid since he was locked in the ice room with Dr. Qin and later unconscious both of which the nurse can testify to as well. MS. Yuan reminds Jiang Shuo that he is still an escaped prisoner (he forgot). The chief is much more concerned with current dead body and begins interrogating our trio. Ms. Yuan notices that the corpse has the same pendant as Mr. Wang’s servant

The cops bring over the Wang family butler who identifies the body as Master Wang. Dr.Qin questions him about Liu Zhi but the but,ear says he doesn’t know. This leads Jiang Shuo to ask why the butler was visiting the crime scenes. The but,er says he visited a lot places while preparing for the birthday celebration. Jiang Shuo notices something go about the jade pendant and tries to grab it. A police offices yanks him back and tells him not to touch the corpse.

The butler is making a ton of noise crying about his master giving Jiang Shuo the perfect opportunity to slip away unnoticed. When the officer that yanked him finally realizes he’s gone, he tells the chief… Ms.Yuan and the chief can’t believe they had him and he escaped under the noses. Jiang Shuo heads back to Mr. Wang’s place where all the servants are fleeing like rats off a ship because they believe the place is cursed.

Meanwhile the but,er must have been released because he’s back and entering the secret underground chamber to grab documents that have the three murder victims names on it. When a creepy floating mask inquires about his activity. The ask quickly changes to Mr. Wang’s face. The butler says that three people who died recently used to work for them as gardeners. The butler can’t find Liu Zhi the first buyer. If the police find these accounts there is no way to explain them

The but,er is now also being haunted by the floating heads of three murder victims that say they will have died in vain if the butler can’t explain. The butler cries pitifully that he didn’t cause their deaths, it has nothing to do with him. The face of Mr. Wang asks him to honestly tell him who bought the houses. The butler only knows the name Liu Zhi but the guy wears a mask all the time so he doesn’t know what he looks like. The only detail the but,er knows is that Liu Zhi has six fingers. The but,er than wakes up to Jiang Shuo who asks if he knows about the houses were tampered with to invite bad luck.

Jiang Shuo then asks if there was anyone in contact with all the houses and the butler can only think of one person, the carpenter Mr.Zhang!

Mr. Zhang

Roll the end credits because that’s the end of this episode!