Medic Alert Canada: Epic Failure at Representation

It’s April which is commonly known as Autism Awareness Month. Autistic people are being subjected to Parent Advocates and the tragedy narrative all over the internet this month. Medic Alert Canada was also sadly quite guilty of this. They featured a Video that was labeled as Autism Safety: Resources, tools and advice from experienced moms. However there was 1 Mom and she was white and privileged. The more annoying part is that she is an Autism Mom. So instead of interviewing the Autistic 22 year old son.. the video was about the Mom.

There are quite a few organizations run by Autistics for Autistics. Autistics United Canada is one with 5 Chapters across Canada. A4A Ontairo is another Canadian Autistic led organization, an interview with either organization would have been much better than the crappy video they posted. For one thing, it would have had an Autistic perspective, which would have informed people about what it’s like to actually be Autistic. They also wouldn’t have focused on Speech as the primary form of communication, they would have mentioned AAC, ASL and that verbal speech is highly overrated. The video also didn’t mention how hard it is get a diagnosis either, which is a huge oversight on their part.

The Video they showed however reeked of Autism Speaks type narrative. It spoke of how the parent mourned their child’s life.. all because they were a different neuro type. The son is 22 years old and now in University. That young man can do his own advocacy.. he doesn’t need his Mom to speak for him. The fact that they #AutismMom also proves how little Medic Alert knows about the Autistic Community. Autism Moms are known for bullying and speaking over Autistic people. In fact Autism Moms aren’t even Autistic, they are literally basing their whole identity on their child’s neuro type which is quite unhealthy.

Medic Alert Canada had the chance to feature Autistic People during a month that is supposed to be for Autistic people. Instead they were ableist in the extreme. They didn’t list any helpful resources for Autistic people like the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), or any of the provincial disability supports. All of which are linked here Financial . They also fail to mention Service Dogs of any kind or the Double Empathy Problem. A big company like Medic Alert Canada just silenced Autistic voices.. and I’ll never forgive them for it.