2021 Roundup!

I started this site with my very first on Jan 28th 2021 by recapping the first episode of Psych Hunter, I have since completed recapping all 36 episodes earlier this year. I then moved on to other Recaps such as A Tale of a Thousand Stars, and Ingredients. That actually took up a good portion of the year. I didn’t stop recapping but the others shows aren’t fully recapped yet but you can always find out what’s new on the Recaps page.

I’m currently working on recaps for Under The Power, The Shipper, and The Lovely Writer. I do love creating recaps as they share shows that some people may not be aware of but find that they like. In which case they can go support the apps/networks by watching them there as well or at least that’s my hope. No matter how good a recap is, it will never beat watching the show and all the effort the staff put into it.

I have also been tracking my health but have gone to monthly roundup posts instead of the weekly and then monthly format as it’s much easier to stay on track that way. I have also done some sharing from Autistic Advocates when I don’t add in my own personal views regarding certain things.

One of the big things that I did was create the Financial link page which has all the programs provided by the government at the Federal (Government of Canada) and at the provincial/territorial level (province, Nunavut, North West Territories). This was because no matter where I looked at Autistic Advocates in Canada, none of them provided such a list that can make such a huge difference in the lives of those with a diagnosis. I also have a list for Service Dogs although those were harder to hunt down through the web.

TED Talks about Autism is another page where I linked a few educational TED talk videos about Autism for educational purposes as there still is a lot of stigma that shouldn’t be there.

Now for the sad news, my 8+ year old kitty died this November. It turns out that he had cancer. There was nothing the vet team could do for him other than palliative care which would mean that he would continue to suffer. The cancer wouldn’t let him eat because of it’s location in his abdomen. So I euthanized him, it was unexpected and very sad. It took a lot out of me. There were a lot of tears.

There is some good news though because I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the sad stuff. I adopted a year old kitty from a shelter. I can’t think of a better way to honour my kitty that just passed whom I had adopted from a shelter, then to give a shelter kitty a home for Christmas. She fits in to the family quite well and has been exploring all over the house.

She’s settling in though and will even take food from my hand now. She’s pretty social and I have pity for any mouse that ever crossed her path given how she goes after the toys. I’ve taken her to the vet and she is up to date on all her vaccinations now as well as getting herself microchipped (just in case). She also has a shiny new collar with a bell so I know where she is.. she’s small enough to get into anything and reminds me a lot of a ferret.

This year has been the hardest in a long time. I’ve made it through though and next year should be easier (I hope). I have registered for my third dose or booster dose for COVID and hopefully I should have that soon. I hope everyone has a safe, warm and happy new year.