Symbols of Peace

International Day of Peace – Around the world people commit to peace on Sept 21st since 1981 when it was established by the United Nations. They use the dove holding an olive branch as their symbol.

The White Flag – a plain white flag used as a flag of truce or surrender.

Peace Dove – see quote below.

“In a world that seems unsafe and unstable, peace and hope is needed more than ever, and the white dove is probably the strongest symbol we have of peace and hope.”

Executive Director Kjersti Fløgstad, Nobel Peace Center

Olive Branch– a branch of the olive tree especially when used as a symbol of peace

The Peace Symbol – created in 1958

Peace Lily is named so because it’s flowers resemble the white flag which traditionally are a symbol of peace.

The Japanese Peace Bell

The Blue Helmet of the United Nations since they are peacekeepers.