CalmCare: A Company That Became Inclusive

BIG NEWS!!! CalmWear has changed and it’s now CalmCare. This isn’t just a change of name though as they have also decided to become more inclusive and listen to Autistic voices which is just awesome! They now sponsor Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) which is a huge step for them.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Autistic adults to pave the way forward towards a new beginning. 

As CalmWear was not moving in the direction we initially intended, we will be dissolving this brand. Our products will still be available through CalmCare. 

CalmCare has partnered up with several Autistic bloggers who we are thrilled to announce will be providing us with their blogs centred upon autism acceptance and education. 

Additionally, we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of AIM (Autistic Inclusive Meets). 

CalmCare is an Autistic owned organisation. Furthermore 60% of CalmCare’s employees have Autistic family members. 

Our team at CalmCare are delighted to be partnering up with the Autistic Community and we look forward to building that rapport with you all.

Please join us in welcoming this new beginning and head over to our CalmCare page
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements at CalmCare

This shows a lot of growth from the company to acknowledge things were bad and to be willing to communicate with the Autistic Community so that they can change. I’m scrolling through their posts and it’s such a night and day difference from what they were doing in the past that it’s hard to believe it was the same company to be honest.

A toddler in yellow striped long sleeve shirt and beige flower pants sitting backwards on a chair with their head resting on their arms on the back othe chair.
Text in white font reads: You are enough
A Thousand Times Enoguh -Atticus

So far I’m loving the new page and I encourage others to check it out, so they can see the change for themselves. It’s a great thing to see when advocacy works.

Connie was removed from CalmWear
Connie lied about working for CalmWear