Disability Support in Canada

I was diagnosed with Autism over 2 years ago. What I found odd was that there were no Government links for support. I found about some of the Federal support when I got my diagnosis because the person diagnosing me knew a lot. However when I searched Autism groups online in Canada I didn’t see any of that.

So my question is why not link such valuable, life changing information that can help someone? Honestly I don’t know the answer to that. I went through each province and territory in Canada and found where they keep the disability information. I then provided the links on my website. Now some people claim that I only provide links to make myself feel good. Giving is supposed to be a good thing, isn’t it?? Well I’ll continue to share useful information regardless of what others think.

I’m not an Autism/Autistic Advocate.. I’m just an Autistic Adult and I believe that knowledge should be shared.