False Claims about Autism

I have been made aware that some people like to make claims that things cure/treat Autism. Such as this post below. This is absolute Bull and should be flushed down the nearest toilet.

I can’t control what others say online about me or companies, however if you get sent something like this, please report it to the company as it does violate their ethics. What they choose to do after that is up to them, I have zero control over that.

Now I have spoken against MLMs in general and have even posted about staying away from them. I have edited out the person’s name in the second photo to avoid being bullied.

The first picture is where I posted Arbonne Mediocre At Best by iilluminaughtii by a well known anti MLM YouTube person. I also posted an FAQ info graph from an AntiMLM Facebook group. So no I definitely do not encourage anyone to join. I don’t have a down line and I don’t sell Arbonne to other people.

I have made people aware of it and companies like it for their own protection. I had skin issues a friend gave me something that worked, I wanted to get it as cheap as possible. END of story. So yes I have no connection to the CEO of Arbonne or anyone in Arbonne HQ because technically consultants are like outside contractors this protects Arbonne from anyone doing shady stuff although they do have the right to revoke their consultant status so I recommend reporting it.

How you take care of your skin/hair/body is your business and no one else’s. Harassing other people and making false claims is disgusting. Also I’ve been looking for things that will have the same effect for my skin and asked the community about what they use, not once did I suggest Arbonne to anyone.