Companies and the DTC

For those that don’t know the DTC is short for the disability tax credit in Canada. This isn’t just for Autism but any disability although with Autism it’s a lifelong thing while other disabilities (broken leg for an example) are temporary and you may need to reapply.

A picture of the Government of Canada’s Disability Tax Credit main page.

Now the form itself is in PDF, Large Print, Braille, and Digital Audio so that they can accommodate more people.

Picture from the Government of Canada and the multiple formats that the DTC is available in.

Here’s the link to the Step By Step instructions that will help you to fill out the form.

Here’s the thing though some companies like to prey on Autistic people and their families. They offer to “help” by filling out the forms or assisting in it.. sounds helpful right? WRONG what they do is take a big chunk usually about 30% of the tax refund.

If you are an adult receiving the DTC for the first time, it can only be backdated up to 10 years. So if you’re 30 years old and filing it for Autism you can only get refunded from when you were 20 years old. It will still make a huge difference in the life of the Autistic person and their family especially if they have higher support needs.