Cyber Bullying and Social Media

Here’s the thing, even if they post your name, city and where you work.. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not take the posts down. They can call you names like stalker when what you’re doing is only fact checking them.

This is what is happening to me right now. Connie Manning CEO/Director of CalmWear has stalked and harassed me. She has tried to bully me to keep me silent. Well sorry Connie I just don’t work that way.

If I have to live like Sydney from Scream 3 to protect myself from you, I can do that. What I won’t do is give in. I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”. Well I don’t negotiate with bullies that frequently harass the community.

It started on March 22, 2021 when I shared a post from another Autistic Advocate.

Pretty innocent right? I also have the link to the post in Here in fact it’s the first on the page. This was her response and it’s been downhill ever since.

She also has no boundaries as evidenced by this post below on Instagram

I had to black out my personal information because she shouldn’t be able to share that on Instagram. Reports to Instagram will just come back with her not violating anything.. but she gives out my name, and other personal details.. hmm.

One media platform wasn’t enough for her though as she went after me on Twitter.. you can see where I had to block out my personal information yet again…

Honestly I will continue to fact check.. The fact that she feels entitled to bully me is disgusting and makes her a terrible role model for people.

You can also check out my other posts on her bullying as I have an extensive photo record to back my stance. I don’t have to seek them out either as most people will send me screenshots. So no, I don’t have to stalk you in order to fact check you. Although how would know unless you were either checking out my profiles or having someone do it for you??? An interesting question…

I’ve been ignoring Connie for awhile now but then I made a post about a disability advocate and their ableist behaviour so she attacked me once more. Below is the original post.

Here’s what Connie said.

Note that she sent the following message to some of my Instagram followers. So in private she admits that I’m Autistic but publicly she says I’m self diagnosed.

Sorry Connie you’re not entitled to my diagnostic paperwork but my province and Canada know that I’m autistic so please leave me alone.


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  • I think I did the sharing right… <3 seriously don't think I've ever met someone who does has much projecting has she does.

    • Autistic Goblin

      Sorry taking a break as I had to lock down my accounts. My followers on Instagram were being sent messages about me.. so exhausting.

  • Could someone please tell me what Connie Manning is trying to achieve?

    Some of us do not sit up awake at night, thinking about people who claim to be autistic but do not have ‘formal ‘diagnosis. What difference does it make to the severely disabled who are currently children?



    I have come across this before in a Tweet by an arch ADW troll. Funnily enough in a reference to Canada. Again there was no explanation about how on Earth adults like ourselves having a presence on social media, let alone in the world of support and understanding, take away services and respect from severely disabled children. I mean surely Connie has posted a simple explanation here?

    At some point Manning will simply disappear from the blogosphere because sooner or later, the reality must become apparent to her how much she was wasted her time and energy. Mind you, without such behaviour many advocates would not have been roused to action and caused to write what they have in response. Negatives tend to initiate and invent positives. See? Thank you Connie.

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