Charlie Keeble and Connie Manning

So Charlie Keeble got very offended after I made a post about something Connie Manning had posted about on what used to be fake her profile before she claimed it.

As a reminder for everyone there was a long time Connie used the Authentic_Autism_Advocacy Instagram page where she claimed to be an Autistic Adult that frequently spouted the same rhetoric as Connie herself.. shocking…

Pictures confirming Connie Manning’s personal email and phone number to set up Authentic_Autism_Advocacy

Connie recently came out as “helping to run the page” however given that this “Amanda” is supposed to be a 32 year old Autistic Woman she can dang well run her own page and even use her own phone number/email address to set it up. Connie also has double standards about the whole levels thing.

In a post where here son who was diagnosed at 19 years old was also diagnosed with ASD level 1. This is the same son we were lead to believe had high needs for support. This was really fishy so I called her out on it using the Government of Canada and Autism Canada to note that she bullied me a woman with ASD level 2 that by law requires more support than her son.

Below you can see her double standard when she attacks Neurodivergent Rebel (not the first time either) then proceeds to use the fact that there are those that require more support only instead of saying that she says that really ableist thing of “severe end of the spectrum”. She also forgets that she uses her son shamelessly to promote CalmWear which still can’t be found on the Canadian Business Registry.

So on to Charlie, he made this post at first anonymously but then he claimed it on Connie’s Facebook page.

I had a lot to say about this and here is what I said:

Well this is interesting I must say.. when did the community not respect other people’s ideas? If you say ABA, or Autism Moms.. I will ban your butt because those are abuse and abusive people which is why they frequently go together.

No one in the community is trying to “rule” anything… you are confusing us with the Autism parents (that aren’t autistic) . Neurodivergent people do come in all shapes and sizes, no one is denying that. I focus on Autism itself but I do include posts about C-PTSD, PTSD and other divergent brains just not as frequently.

What is “normal land” and why do we have to be a part of it?? Also we’re assertive not aggressive there is a difference and in this case the term you use says a lot about you. Also why can’t there be more than one community? Religion gets along just fine with multiple communities (zealots not included) as I know quite a few religious leaders that get along with and respect each other.

Comparing this to segregation is much like comparing white racists (Autism Moms) with those that are white and inclusive (NT parents that listen).. not a very good one when you take time to think about it.

Now as for a political agenda.. well people say that about other people all the time, usually because they can’t back their conspiracy theories with actual facts, logical thinking or science. I expect this out of a Trump supporter not someone in the community.

So yeah I think I’ll toss this person in the Autism Speaks, Next for Autism pit because it seems like they share those kind of views

Apparently I must have touched a nerve or two because he decided that he had issues with what I said and much like Nick.. he was a jerk about it.

His post claimed that he triggered me into a hysterical rage. He also called my post the antics of a hateful and patronizing activist. He claimed that I was leftist anarchist that likes to dictate the diversity agenda and say that it’s okay to be spiteful to Jews and that conservative supporting autistics need to be culled.

Where the hell did I say any of that???

In fact that was part of my Facebook response. Here’s what I typed:

When the hell did I say that?? Someone needs to check his facts and re read the post. Also hysterical? Really? Wow the sexism of that comment. I vote Conservative by the way just FYI.. My Rabbi friends would disagree with you on the Jew comment.. No where in my entire post did I say someone ought to be culled. Culling for your information refers to killing off herd animals, or animals that don’t meet a specified standard.. oh wait that’s Autism Speaks stuff right there.
EDIT **No Surprise Connie supports him but then she also Nick who used the R-slur.. so it’s not worth much in my books.

Connie called him Brilliant and said that it was about time that I sat down. This from the same person that complains when people tell her to shut up on things, on a regular basis. It’s called equality Connie.. look it up.

Then again we all remember when she supported Nick the Writer in fact I have a post about that as well… Below are pictures for a quick reminder of just how bad Nick is.