Nick the Writer and Connie’s Fake Profile

So Nick.. He came to my attention when Connie Manning CEO of CalmWear endorsed him as a stand up guy as an Autism Advocate using her fake profile where she claims to be Autistic. (I know, the hypocrisy).

So of course I was immediately suspicious especially since Nick used to go by Nick the Aspie writer and has been kicked out of multiple Autistic Support groups for saying some really nasty things. I also thought he misspelled Brawns and called him out publicly for it. (That was wrong and ableist of me).

However what I did not prepare was for Nick’s response

Nick calling me fuckface and threatening me, then calling me a retard.

So apparently he was making a YouTube video about another YouTube channel. I didn’t know and he could have just mentioned that and been polite. The mere fact that he uses the R-slur was enough to get him banned from my page. However it didn’t stop there.. He went to leave messages on my Instagram account as well.

Nick leaving messages on my Instagram calling me a fucknut then calling me a fucking prick. He also then calls me a stupid bitch retard.

Remind me again Connie, how is this an upstanding citizen for Autistic people?? Now I know Connie also likes to swear a lot and I’ve called her on it using a quote from Steve Rogers (Captain America). In the pictures below she took issue with me for doing a simple fact check. I’ve also included the picture I took a screenshot of with the DSM5 for reference.

Remember though, Nick is the “Inspiring” one and he “empowers other Autistics instead of putting them down”. Well the R-slur isn’t inspiring or empowering. It is however the way someone reacts when they lack maturity. Connie however decided to post this on her fake profile.

Connie supporting Nick and saying I just post links to make myself look good.

Now I have gone on my Facebook to apologize for correcting his spelling as that was ableist and I now realize that. I’m not perfect and I can admit my mistakes. However as we’ve seen this guy isn’t someone to be proud of. Clearly he needs to be kept away from rational human beings. He did also send me some video messages but I finally remembered how to block people on Instagram and I never looked at those messages.

Now Connie also took issue with the fact that I post valuable financial links to those that are Canadian Autistics on my website. Those links are under the Autism Links page. Oddly enough Connie has never once mentioned these, or the Medic Alert Autism Program.. I called her out about that as well on Facebook.

A Picture of the Financial Support Links on my website

Nick also has a book on Amazon that I definitely won’t be reading and I won’t bother linking it, if you are interested here’s some photos of the book.

So are we done with Nick yet? No. I’ll also mention that he has two YouTube Channels. They do look mostly alike so it’s not like he’s hiding anything, in fact I think it just may be because of the name change after he was called out for the term “Aspie” in one of the Autistic Support Communities. However he was later kicked out of the group because of his behaviour.

My problem with the YouTube channels is that he says there are a lot of Fake Autistics on TikTok and that self diagnosis isn’t valid. I’m officially diagnosed in Canada as being Autistic Level 2 so he can’t use that with me. However a lot of people don’t have the resources to get a diagnosis for a multitude of reasons. The fact that getting diagnosis as an adult is extremely difficult should not be ignored. If you got missed as kid and fell through the cracks of the system it doesn’t change the fact that you are Autistic.

Hopefully they will get a diagnosis from a professional but not all psychologists can diagnosis adults in Canada. You need someone that specializes in Autistic Diagnosis Observations System (ADOS-2) and the Autistic Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R) which are the gold standard in Canada as well as the U.S. for Autism Diagnosis. It’s very expensive (over $2,000) so not many people have access to diagnosis for financial reasons among other reasons of course.

Black background with Marvel’s Hydra Symbol in Red on it.  Top Caption Reads: ABA Therapy.
Bottom Caption Reads: Compliance Will Be Rewarded
The Joke being that ABA Therapy is like being brainwashed by Hydra (Marvel Agents of SHIELD reference)