Facebook Only Bans the Truth

So I have to say that Facebook is pretty damn prejudiced against Autistic people fighting back against bullies, and Autistic people in general. I shared this post by Autistic Hitman’s Facebook page which called out Connie Manning and Fiona O’Leary on their harassment and somehow I’m the one in Facebook jail?? I

t’s like Facebook has never read any of their comments about Autistic people or the fact that they post lies about Autism on a constant basis.

So as you can see Connie Manning can swear at and make fun of Autistic Advocates, her followers can say all sorts of nasty things but nothing happens to them. I post about what’s happening and BAM! Facebook decides to have an issue with something. It’s not even my post just one that was shared on my page.. but that’s not the point. The point is standing up to bullies and demanding fair treatment is apparently not okay.

Facebook has let my account be free again and apologized for their mistake, but when a bully can mass report you for anything that you do, it will most likely happen again. Facebook needs real people looking into stuff if they want prevent cyber bullies and misinformation that Connie promotes.

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