Fiona: Threats and Lies

This will be a relatively short post because I’ve covered it pretty well in the last Connie post as Fiona is a supporter of hers. However for those not aware Fiona O’Leary lives in Ireland and like me she’s Autistic.

Unlike me however she hasn’t used facts to back what she says. You can see in the post below where she takes a shot at my Facebook page.

It’s childish and easily ignorable. She then went to my blog and used the about me section to check my Instagram account and then send me a threatening voicemail which I have recorded. In the voice memo she tells me that she knows who I am, and she has the called the cops on me.

I live in Canada and she lives in Ireland so her targeting me from that far away says a lot. The fact that I no longer live there though, is the only thing that protected me from her hate. I have reported her for this to Instagram itself for the message. I have also reported Fiona and Connie for harassment since they won’t leave me my space online. If they want to bash me on their pages fine, but don’t come to my page and try that shit or leave threatening messages.

The cops have better things to do then waste time on your hate crusade.

This is her latest attack on my Facebook page and that of another Advocate that calls her out on her shit.

Here’s where Fiona makes a video about the legal documents that she sent as well as a Facebook post about them. As you can see in the video she does indeed receive the papers but then crumples them. She then makes a Facebook post about never receiving the papers to begin with.