A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 6 Part 2

Tian is shopping when he gets tapped on the shoulder by Longtae who asks Tian if he’s been waiting awhile. Tian says that no, he just got there. The two then start walking together. Longtae explains that the shopping are they are in is the souvenir centre of their province as all the buses stop there.

Longtae tells Tian that handcrafts from the village are one of the top sellers. Longtae then points out a shop that is popular with tourists and asks Tian if he wants to check it out, Tian of course says yes.

When they go over to the shop, Tian tries to convince the pretty shop keeper to let them sell their tea sachets in her shop. She says that she has too many of those already. Tian notes that she has empty shelf space, she still refuses.

Finally Longtae turns around and suggests trying other shops. That’s when the shopkeep asks if his name is Longtae. When he confirms that it is, she gets really excited. Longtae confusedly asks if she knows him. She says that of course she knows him as he was her tour guide around the village. She then brings over a picture of them together.

Longtae finally remembers her. Tian however sees his chance and quickly tells her that the tea sachets are from Longtae’s village. Tian even points out that some of the sachets were made by Longtae himself which he quickly confirms.

This of course immediately changes her mind. She tells them that they should’ve told her sooner, she will clear space on her shelves and highlight their tea sachets.

The two are very happy and proud of themselves as they now have their first 20 orders. They leave her shop and Tian decides that they should split up to ask the other shops to sell their sachets that way they can cover the whole centre quickly.

Longtae notes that it’s a weekday and asks Tian if he doesn’t have to teach the kids today. Tian says it’s okay, he has a volunteer to cover for him today.

We go back to the school and see that kids greeting Phupha as their teacher for today. The kids don’t look too impressed with their new teacher either, in fact it reminds me of Tian first came to the village.

Phupha writes an equation on the blackboard and asks if anyone knows the answer. Meejoo raises her hand, so Phupha calls on her, only to have her ask where Tian is (HAHA.) Which is when Kalae asks Phupha if Tian will be gone a long time Ms. Torfun (Ouch!)

Phupha says no, then tells them not to worry about him and to focus on their on studies. That’s when Inta says that Tian will be gone a long time because Phupha liked to yell at him. This prompts Phupha to ask who told her that, and of course it was Tian himself.

Phupha now has to know what else Tian has told them. Ayi jumps in to say that Tian says that Phupha makes a grumpy giant face. (I’m dying of laughter here). When Phupha asks who, they all point to him.

Phupha then asks the children if they all think that he’s strict, there’s a resounding yes to that question from the kids. Meejoo asks Phupha to be nicer to Tian as she wants him to stay. Inta quickly follows with the fact Tian will be leaving soon, doesn’t Phupha want him to stay too?

Phupha tells the children that it’s not up to him, it’s Tian’s choice. Phupha says that Tian may have something else important to do. One of the boys asks Phupha if he can ask Tian if he wants to stay longer.

Meejoo says that she’s sure Tian wants to stay longer, as long as Phupha doesn’t give him a hard time (Meejoo clearly loves Tian). Meejoo than gets Phupha to pinky promise that he’ll behave. Phupha calls her a demanding kid but pinky promises anyway which gets all the other kids to demand the same promise.

Later Tian and Longtae walk into the classroom to see the kids hanging off of Phupha. It’s amazing how embarrassed Phupha looks to have been caught being so playful and friendly with the kids.

Tian asks if the kids got scolded today, to which the kids all yell no. Meejoo says that they made a promise. Phupha quickly tells the kids that they can go home now…(haha).

The kids don’t want to leave though since they’re happy Tian is back. Phupha tells that them that it’s going to rain soon so they better hurry. Tian tells the kids to be safe while walking home.

After the kids leave Phupha tells Tian that he thought Tian went alone. Phupha is clearly jealous that Longtae got to spend some alone time with his crush. Tian says he was fortunate to have Longtae with him, as he’s a hot guy y’know. The look on Longtae’s face as Tian says this though.

Longtae shyly tells Tian that he’s not that hot. Phupha manages to pull himself together enough to ask them if their adventure went well.

Later Tian tells the farmers the good news is that they have their first 50 orders. One of the farmers complains that it’s not even one sack of their tea leaves. Tian is at a lost as to how to respond but Longtae interjects with the fact that it’s just beginning.

Longtae says that he’s sure they will get more orders when people learn about their tea. Another farmer asks how long that will be, since they can’t store the tea leaves like this for long. Khama sensing the tension asks about the tea factories in Lampoon.

Apparently once the factories there learned about Mr. Sakda, they didn’t want to do business with the village. A farmer says that he was contacted by Mr. Sakda’s men, they said they would buy the tea leaves but at half price. (Bastards)

The villagers know that it would be selling at a loss, however they don’t have much choice, it either half price or nothing. Everyone looks to Khama for advice. Khama says that if they do it once, they will be stuck selling at that price forever (we don’t negotiate with terrorists).

Tian then speaks up with conviction that he believes the tea sachets will help the village. Longtae immediately backs him up, by saying that he believe in the sachets too.

Tian then tries to talk to the farmers on the tea farm, telling them that if their not sure they can just give him some tea leaves to start. They walk away from him and Phupha.

Phupha tells Tian that the villagers like to do what they’ve always done, he tells Tian to give them some time. Tian says that they are running out of time though. Phupha tells Tian that he told the villagers to believe, but does he believe in himself yet?

Phupha reminds Tian that he almost accidentally killed one of their kids but he managed to make them trust him again. Phupha tells Tian he doesn’t see why he can’t do that again (gain their trust that is).

Of course a pep talk from your crush always works and Tian feels a bit better. Phupha says that Tian is not alone in this either. Tian takes his chance to tease Phupha by saying of course he’s not alone, how could he forget that Inta’s family is good at sewing? (Haha) Tian then thanks the Chief and runs off.

Tian head over to Inta’s house and asks the Grandma for help. He tells her that she just has to teach him how to do it, he’ll do the rest. Inta wonders if he can really do all 50 sachets by himself though. Tian responds that he has to do it, no matter what.

This seems to win the Grandma over, as she tells him to sit next to her. Before he can though, Longtae runs up calling his name followed by the students. Longtae says that he’s brought extra hands for the work. He says that Tian might not believe it but the kids are really talented and have made their own toys for years.

The kids are really eager to help, and Tian can’t help but agree to let them because who can say no to puppy eyes?

Sometime later Tian is proud that he’s finished another sachet, while the boys quickly tease him about how they have completed 10 in the same timeframe. The others quickly chime in with how many they’ve done then tease Tian for being slow.

Longtae tells Tian that he told him the kids were skilled (the old “I told you so”). Just then the Grandma scolds Inta for stitching her name into the sachet. Longtae also tells her no, because they are going to sell these. Inta says that she just wanted people to know it’s her work.

Tian asks to the sachet in question.

Tian tells Inta that she did a great job and quickly tells the others to embroider their names on their sachets as well. Longtae asks why.

Later at the shop, Tian tells the shopkeeper that their tea sachets are unique because every tea sachet has the name of the person from the village who made it, embroidered on it. Tian says that the village kids make it with their heart.

She asks if they have more of them, and Tian replies that they have lots. He pulls out a few more from the box to show that they all have the names on them.

Meanwhile Phupha and Khama are talking with the tea farmers. They are going to take a vote on whether or not to sale the tea leaves to the scum known as Mr. Sakda.

Back at the shop we can see that the tea sachets are a really big hit with the tourists.

Before the villagers make their vote, Tian and Longtae run up with news. Khama is worried they didn’t sell a single sachet. Tian says the opposite is true, they got an order from Bangkok, they want 1,000 tea sachets!

Tian says that he doesn’t think that the kids + him can do it all by themselves. Khama purposes a new vote, on whether or not to help Tian with the tea sachets. The hands are slow to come up at first, but soon everyone is on board. Phupha even raises his hand then mouths “good job” to Tian. This makes Tian smile.

That’s the end of Episode 6 Part 2!