Last Week’s Weekly Round up.. missed.

Yeah, you guys probably noticed how I didn’t do a weekly roundup last week with my latest health stats. I’m sorry! I actually forgot, well that and it wasn’t a stellar week workout wise to begin with.

So when you put the two together, nothing happened worth noting. Part of it was the weather, we had some snowfall and colder temperatures again. My body hates the ups and downs from -15 C to +10C that is a typical March to be honest.

Then there was a feeling that my period was coming. Since I tend to be on the heavy to the point of anemia side for my menstrual cycle I was nervous about doing any working out. Lo and behold I got my period yesterday, so in about 7 days I can start working out again.

For this reason I will also skip this week’s roundup post and wait until after my period is over to begin again. I’m also currently in the midst of recapping Psych Hunter: Episode 19 so there’s that to look forward to.

I’ve also done quite a bit of posing on my Facebook Page advocating and sharing Autism Acceptance stuff getting prepared for the onslaught of April’s Autism Acceptance Month.

So yeah I’ve been busy.