The Autistic Brain: Apple Vs. Android

So with April coming up and what should Autism Acceptance Month instead of Autism Awareness Month I thought I would share how I view the difference between a Neuro Typical brain and that of someone with a Neuro Divergent Brain.

So I view Neuro Typical brains as Apple. Why? Because their brains can do things smoothly, in boring predictable ways that usually just work. Even better they get along well with other Neuro Typical brains like Apple has Air Drop they have cues that they give each other that a poor Android brain like me just can’t figure out.

Because while Apple and Android can look pretty similar on the surface anyone that’s owned either phone knows that the software (brains) are vastly different on the phones themselves. Autism is like being Android yes, it can do some things better than Apple but there’s also some things it does worse or not at all.

Welcome to my Autistic brain, because while I can do things that Neuro Typicals do, it’s not in the same way. Sometimes like an Android phone I lag behind a bit, but I will get there at my own pace. ABA therapy is like Samsung Phones putting their own OS overtop of Android. Yes sometimes it’s useful but a lot of the time there’s just redundancy and bloat ware getting in the way of the phone working.

There are a SPECTRUM (punny) of Android phones out there and no two lines of Android phones are exactly alike. For instance you have Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc.. however they are still al l Android phones.

So people questioning self diagnosis is like someone asking if LG is still an Android phone because it doesn’t behave like Samsung. Or as badly as an Android phone that requires more maintenance (support) to function. To me that’s just crazy because if the software is at the core the same it doesn’t matter if it’s LG or Samsung or something else it’s still Android.

Neuro Typicals that advocate for their children are like Apple Fanboys trying to dissuade people from buying Android because the phones in their opinion just aren’t as good and they know best because they are Apple users. But a Neuro Typical (Apple Phone) doesn’t know what it’s like to be Neuro Divergent (Android) and often do more harm than good even when they have good intentions.

Using the puzzle piece for Autism Awareness is like Apple using a Windows logo for Android when Android itself has it’s own logo and has REPEATEDLY asked for it’s logo to be used.

So if Apple doesn’t speak for Android, Samsung or LG why on earth should a Neuro Typical be allowed to speak for the Autism community when we can and have spoken for ourselves? The answer is because they can and people let them. They currently outnumber us and because of their Air Drop like capabilities we are sadly behind the curve.

I hope this April we can hear more from places like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and less from the hate group known as Autism Speaks and their Light it up blue campaign.

Facebook Story – similar thoughts shared by someone else. I didn’t know about their post before making mine but it’s a common theme in the community.