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So not many people talk about their period. However it came up on a Reddit thread that I follow and to my surprise a lot of the women on the spectrum had similar experience to me.

Now I was also diagnosed with von Willebrand’s Disease Type 1 Learn More about vWD so I always assumed that my terrible cramps were because of this. Apparently a lot of women on the spectrum feel like their insides are being ripped apart when they get their cramps.

I’m also a heavy bleeder because of the vWD and so I thought that’s why it took so much out of me after all, I require iron supplements to keep my iron levels up. I also get super moody and find it harder to deal with stuff. My sense of smell for instance gets an increase of at least 100% so that smells that don’t normally bother me, bother me a lot when I have my period.

I have learned that the best way to deal with this time, is to be by myself and drink some ginger tea as that helps with the cramps. When I was younger my period never seemed to stop. I was offered the Pill to help but it made my stomach hurt so even when I prescribed a lower strength one, I never tried it again.

As I got older my period at least seemed to balance itself and actually stop at 7 days while only being really heave the first 2-3 and then dragging on for the last bit.

Reading about other women having the same issues with sensory overload was quite interesting to me. I have included the link for anyone that wants to read it.

Reddit Thread

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