Sia’s Music Movie and the Importance of Research

I absolutely hate it when people make a movie about a subject or person and have absolutely no clue what they are doing. Such is the case with Sia’s movie known as Music.

I’m Non-Speaking, I Don’t Need Sia To Talk For Me is a powerful article written by a person with non verbal Autism about the lack of input from the Autistic community, something you would think a person would want if they are going to represent the community as the main protagonist in their movie. Of course the basic flaw of this movie is that it claims people with non verbal Autism need someone to speak for them. That basic concept belongs in the trash heap as the author of this article points out she can speak for herself just fine with technology.

I’m a verbal Autistic so I can’t completely relate to the non verbal side of things which is why I love the writer of the article giving her point of view on things. I definitely get tired of the media portraying Autism stereotypes after all according to the media I should be exceptionally gifted in some way.. I’m not.

AspiGurl Comic by a female with Autism

I love how this comic by AspiGurl points out the way people with Autism actually are as opposed to how they shown by Sia’s movie. Sia also went on twitter to make very rude comments towards actresses with Autism claiming that having a person with Autism work in the movie would have been “too cruel”. So you’re making a movie about Autism but you won’t make your film set friendly to those with Autism?? Where’s the logic in that?

Sia also made the biggest mistake of listening to the hate group known as Autism Speaks. Which if she did the research she claims she did, she would have known not to listen to a single word they said.

Autism Speaks has supported the stupid belief that vaccines cause Autism and that it can be cured. All lies of course and show a basic lack of education in science. They encouraged parents not to listen to doctors and the conspiracy about “Big Pharma”. Autism Speaks also allied with the Judge Rotenberg Center which tortured people with Autism. An Unholy Allinace: Autism Speaks and the Judge Rotenberg Center this explains why there is a now deleted scene from Sia’s movie of the torture of the main character.

Let’s be honest the whole movie is complete garbage from start to finish and to make matters worse it actually got two golden globe nominations. This makes people think that it actually represents something that it doesn’t.

AspiGurl Comic

Quit talking to parents or organizations that claim they know shit and instead listen to the Autistic Community itself. Something Sia should have done. Instead when the community told her she was doing a bad job representing them, instead of listening she called them names. The only good thing that came out of it is that she deleted her twitter account. I celebrated that almost as much as Trump being banned from twitter.

The movie had a chance to break boundaries and actually do something for the Autistic Community instead it’s an ableist feel good movie that reinforces stereotypes. It would be nice if people actually listened for a change. Especially when their are so many in the Autistic Community that are willing to teach you.