The Importance of Symbols

So I was on my Instagram page when I was asked to represent an Autism awareness rights clothing brand. Sounds right up my alley doesn’t it? I clicked on their profile and imagine my horror at seeing the dreaded puzzle piece!

Quick Guide on Autism Symbols

I quickly replied to them to that the puzzle piece is not accepted by the very community they were trying to help. I also told them they would be better off using the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network symbol.

No one on the Autism Spectrum supports Autism Speaks. Here’s a link to Why Is Autism Speaks Evil? They cover it better than I could. The Autism community can communicate for itself we do not require a hate group (Autism Speaks) to talk for us. Here’s a link to a great article from a non verbal woman with Autism Sia doesn’t speak for me. The article makes some great points about the Sia movie which did a horrible job representing Autism.