Health and Tea

Prince Pengu tea by Tea Bento

I love a good cup of tea. In fact according to my family I’m a bit of tea snob. I don’t think that’s true since I’ll still drink David’s Tea and even sometimes bagged mass market tea. The Steepster tea community taught me a lot.

Well David’s tea is a good starting point for people, hopefully they can expand past the generic tea bases and overly complicated blends to something better, naked teas. A good quality tea can be re-steeped multiple times. The flavour profile will change with the re-steeps but every bit as tasty proving there’s no need to add extra stuff to it. Some pure black teas for instance start off tasting like chocolate, go a little nutty and end up a bit floral. I included some pictures taken from the Tea Bento as an example. I’m finishing g my stash of it right now.

Also most people don’t know that the quality of water used, temperature, and steep time matter when making tea. Which is why I hate ordering tea at restaurants because boiling hot water can ruin a green tea. That’s if they even use a kettle to begin with. Some people think they can use the same water as where they make their coffee, and instead of the tea, all I will taste is the coffee (I HATE coffee). Tea also has many great health benefits in and of itself but most people don’t realize that steeping tea can be a very relaxing thing to do.

Speaking of health, I recently got an Apple Watch Nike 6 for Christmas. It’s my favourite health tracker because unlike Fitbit or Garmin, the rings of the Apple Watch can be closed multiple ways and not just by step goals. This means I can go for a swim and still complete my rings.

Today’s Apple Nike Watch data

I also don’t get weird friend requests from people I don’t know since all my stuff is private. Apple Health links to My Fitness Pal which is another way I keep track of my health. I don’t measure my food, but I will scan the barcode or even use the scan meal function (it’s new) so I have a good idea of what my eating habits are. I find when I don’t do this, I get very fat! I’m actually working on getting to a healthy weight right now and it’s slow progress but I’m getting there.

I struggle with nutrition because of my Autism. Before I was diagnosed I was just considered a picky eater but now we know it’s sensory issues and stuff. For instance I can’t stand jello or anything with feel to it never have, never will. I like trying new foods depending on what the ingredients are so I’ll eat Kimchi, Chinese food and other stuff. I like trying foods from different cultures. Eel is gross though!

So there’s my little bit of life on the spectrum today. Happy Lunar New Year!