Introducing Myself

So I thought I should make an actual introduction post. However, like most people with Autsim it’s a lot easier to write/talk about my interests than it is about myself. With that in mind I have started this website to mostly cater to my interests.

The cat enjoying the fireplace

So I started by dong recaps of Psych Hunter as I love that show and as far as I know, no one else has done it. Which is a shame because it’s awesome. I love the cast and their chemistry together, the plot, the soundtrack it all works syncs together nicely. Of course I don’t just watch Chinese Dramas (CDramas). I still watch some stuff made in America although I can’t stand the reality shows as I think they are a waste of good T.V. Slots.

So what else do I watch? Well Supernatural for one and I’m sad to see it go but knowing they are moving on to their next project is nice. Like most people I also watch Grey’s Anatomy. So that’s a sample of North American television that I watch ( I miss Flashpoint!) I also watch some stuff from Taiwan, Thailand and Japan but with the first two it’s usually BL and Japan is mostly Anime.

When I’m not watching T.V. I play with my cat, he’s now over 7 years old but still really cute. I also enjoy cycling when the weather is nice enough for it. However the snow is on the ground and it’s minus 28 degrees Celsius right now ( so not cycling). Also with the lockdown in effect I can’t go swim at the local pool which is the most annoying part.

My bike

I’m eagerly awaiting the warmer weather so I can go back out to exploring the bike paths. There are some lovely paths where I live and a great view of the mountains that my poor little iPhone XR just can’t seem to capture.

So yeah that’s it for this post, enjoy my website,

-Autistic Goblin