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TED Talks About Autism


Why Are So Many Autistic Adults Undiagnosed by Kip Chow -2021

The Power Of Speaking Wihtout Saying Anything by Jude Morrow– 2021

What It’s Really Like To Have Autism by Ethan Lisi-2020

Why Everything You Know about Autism Is Wrong by Jac den Houting -2019

A Higher Functioning Form of Autism by Cuan Weijer -2019

Letting Go of Control and Rethinking Support for Autistic Individuals by Amy Laurent -2019

The Problem With Applied Behaviour Analysis by Chloe Everett -2019

Autism: How to be Normal (and Why Not to Be) by Jolene Stockman -2018

Invisible Diversity: A Story of Undiagnosed Autism by Carrie Beckwith-Fellows– 2017

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