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Ceremonial Grade Matcha by Do Matcha


From the Do Matcha website:

Paying homage to the traditional tea ceremonies of Japan, only the finest, youngest tea leaves are selected for DōMatcha® Ceremonial

Made from young, de-veined and de-stemmed shade-grown tencha tea leaves

This matcha has a high nutritional value, including the unique properties of L-theanine and catechins, as well as a sweet, clean flavour

  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Organic in Canada
  • Certified Organic in the USA
  • Certified Organic in Japan
  • Certified Organic Internationally

The matcha powder is stored inside a foil packet inside the tin. It’s smooth with no clumps while being a very vibrant shade of green. I normally make mine as a matcha latte but I’ve also thrown some of this matcha into my homemade lemonades and smoothies.

If you put a bit in your smoothie or lemonade, you won’t taste it but you will notice the same benefits as if you drank it as a latte. In a latte you will notice a green tea vegetable taste. It’s really yummy just don’t drink it on an empty stomach!

Matcha has a good dose of caffeine in it about 1/3 of the amount compared to coffee according to Do Matcha’s website. So that may factor in to whether or not you drink matcha.

I personally love a good matcha latte and this one isn’t sweetened by sugar which makes it even better. It froths pretty well so I have no complaints there either. You can buy it from their website, Amazon or with the Shop app.

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