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He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6 Part 4


Thun and his Mom are giving things to the monks but when Thun hands over the chocolate, it triggers a memory of him giving P’Med chocolate and telling him that he will become a fat ghost. That earned him a nasty look from P’Med at the time.

After the priest receives the alms and leaves, Kwan asks her son what made Thun get up so early? She says that before she couldn’t wake him up no matter what and now he’s up early and asking her to give alms to the monks with him.

Thun lies saying that he’s doing it for his dad. Kwan says that her husband would be so proud of Thun. Thun then tells his Mom that he wants to clear things up with Praifah. His Mom asks if she can join him to which Thun agrees.

Kwan driver her son over to Praifah’s place and she’s impressed by the place. Thun jokes that she’s disappointed that Praifah won’t become her daughter in law so his Mom fires back that it’s not too late for him to change his sexual orientation. They both laugh, in a friendly family teasing kind of way.

Kwan asks Thun if he wants her to go in with him but he declines saying that he’s already a big enough baby as it is. Kwan agrees to wait for him at the house gate.

Thun has to greet Praifah’s mom before he enters the house and her dad when he gets in, before he gets to see Praifah. It seems like her parents aren’t aware of what’s happened between them, or they realize that Thun is here to talk.. it’s hard to tell. Praifah looks mad though when she sees him.

Praifah demands to know why he didn’t call ahead to let her know that he’s coming over. Thun admits that he was afraid that if he phoned ahead, she might not talk to him. Thun asks Praifah if they can go elsewhere in the house for more privacy as he wants to apologize to her.

Praifah and Thun go outside next to the house’s water feature, while Thun apologizes. Praifah says what his Mom already told him though, that there’s no need to apologize because he didn’t do anything wrong. Thun says that he did do something wrong though, he was a jerk.

Praifah is glad to know he realizes he was being a jerk to her. Thun says that he would also like to apologize for hurting her. Praifah admits that she was hurt but she also understands him. Praifah then asks why Thun kissed her night. Thun sighs before admitting that he doesn’t know, it just felt right at the moment.

Praifah confesses that she sort of knew when Thun kissed her that the kiss felt a bit forced. Thun says that he didn’t force himself, she was just the first girl that he ever kissed. Praifah repeats what Thun had said earlier about knowing right away that it wasn’t right after kissing her, before asking what does that say about her?

Thun says that it wasn’t a bad kiss, it just wasn’t right. Praifah teases him by saying that’s even worse! Praifah then asks if Thun has kissed a boy.. Thun says that the prosecutor went off topic so the witness refuses to continue his testimony (hehe!) Praifah looks pretty happy with herself for figuring it out though.

Thun asks if she will be okay. Praifah says that she will be fine, she’s just more used to dumping guys then getting dumped. Praifah then asks why Thun just didn’t tell her, because finding out that way.. is a memory that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Thun says that he couldn’t because it was very hard for him, he was even hiding it from himself back then. The two agree to be friends and continue to joke with each other.

Now that the two have repaired their friendship, Thun asks Praifah if she’s going out today as they walk towards the door. Praifah says that she’s feeling too lazy to go out. They greet Praifah’s mother on the way out as she’s doing incense for the altar. That’s when Thun remembers the first time P’Med disappeared after the car ride.

Praifah breaks Thun out of the memory by calling his name a few times. The two then walk out of the house together as Thun asks if she want to meet his Mom since’s she at the gate.

Kwan is bored waiting for her son, so she looks up her phone to notice the street address and the family name. Praifah and Thun come out and they chat a bit. Kwan asks Praifah about her last name. Praifah tells Kwan that it’s her grandpa’s last name that she’s using. After Praifah leaves, Thun asks his mom if she knew someone with that last name.

Kwan asks Thun if he remembers the story she told him about her ex, well it’s his last name so he must be related to Praifah. Thun has a sudden idea and looks in the car for the sketchbook. He pulls it out to the page that has the two hands and matching bracelets.. which look exactly the bracelet his mom is wearing!

Kwan wonders why her son is staring at her bracelet, then Thun asks his mother if her ex was named Med. Kwan nods her head a little confused.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 6!! Two more episodes left to recap and the series will be over. I’m glad Thun finally figured out P’Med’s identity. I’m also happy that he finally realized P’Med isn’t there because the incense was off.

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