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Under The Power: Episode 13


Shi Fan taps Jin Xia on the shoulder with his fan hard enough to cause her pain. He then says that since Field Commander Lu is being so reasonable, he won’t take his precious subordinate. Shi Fan then points out that Jin Xia is wounded, he says that he has some ointment on his boat and inviting the two of them over so he can also chat more with Lu Yi. Yan Feng a guard of Shi Fan takes Zhan Lanye away while Lu Yi barely able to contain his rage is ordered to follow Shi Fan.

A little later on the ship, Lu Yi and Shi Fan are having a meal watching the dancers perform when Jin Xia walks in. Lu Yi stares at her, Shi Fan notices and says in a loud whisper to Lu Yi that Jin Xia looks really pretty when she dresses up. Lu Yi knows how dangerous this is so he says that Jin Xia is simply a constable from the Six Doors Department and that she’s pretty rough having not seen much of the world. Lu Yi suggests letting her leave. Shi Fan says that’s nonsense and that he finds Jin Xia to be adorable, he asks her to come closer.

Jin Xia shares a look with Lu Yi before stepping a little bit closer, then she asks what orders Shi Fan has for her. Shi Fan stands up gesturing to show how he’s dressed up, so he asks what she can deduce from him. He even puts his shoe on the table saying that he will even do this to see what Jin Xia can deduce from it. Jin Xia senses the RED ALERT vibes and looks over to Lu Yi. Lu Yi intercedes saying that her legs are clearly trembling and that she is afraid therefore, she can’t deduce anything. Jin Xia takes Lu Yi’s lead, saying that she dare not observe Sir Yan like a suspect.

Shi Fan can’t find insult with that, so he pushes the attendant on his left forward hard enough to hurt her. He tells Jin Xia to deduce something about her than, and warns her that she can’t refuse this time. Jin Xia takes the woman’s hand into her own while she pushes up the sleeve to sees a deep mark around the woman’s wrist (possibly she was tied up?) However, Jin Xia takes a sniff of the woman’s hands, not mentioning the mark. Jin Xia then reports that the attendant is skilled at making tea but does little embroidery or needlework. Jin Xia does dance around the subject saying that the woman may have made mistakes recently and that the window must be to the right of her make up table. Jin Xia thinks to herself that it’s because her left hand is injured.

Shi Fan is delighted and asks how Jin Xia came by her deductions. Jin Xia says that the work people do, changes their hands. If the attendant did a lot of sewing or needlework she would have calluses on her index finger and thumb. Shi Fan looks over the woman’s hand as Jin Xia reports her findings. He then asks how she made the deduction that the woman was a good tea maker. Jin Xia says that the woman’s sleeve had a water stain, while the back of her hand was a bit red, like she had been scalded. Jin Xia admits that it could have been a burn from helping in the kitchen, that is why she smelled the woman’s hands. There was the odour of tea but no harsh kitchen smells.

Shi Fan then asks about the makeup table. Jin Xia doesn’t miss a beat as she tells him that the hair on the woman’s right side is tidier than that of her left. Jin Xia says that women use natural light to help them with their makeup and at this time of year, it’s only natural that it would lead to that scenario. Shi Fan admits that he had never noticed that women use natural light to do their makeup. He then says to Lu Yi that investing the case with the Six Doors Department must have been very interesting with “this little girl” by his side (I want to slap him so hard).

Lu Yi replies that it’s actually quite bothersome. Shi Fan says that women are supposed to be bothersome or else they aren’t women. He then calls her little girl again while inviting her to sit down. Jin Xia looks a little grateful to get out of the spotlight. Shi Fan then says that he’s not used to Yangzhou wine so he brought some wine from the capital. Shi Fan then correctly recalls that Lu Yi prefers Autumn Dew White which surprises Lu Yi a bit. Shi Fan then asks Jin Xia what wine she likes, before saying that Yang Chengwan is quite strict and probably doesn’t let her drink any wine.

Jin Xia says that actually she’s not very good at drinking. Shi Fan doesn’t believe her as he tells Lu Yi that women often claim not to be able to drink well, yet it takes two urns of wine in order to get them drunk. The servants then bring in the wine. Jin Xia tosses out the wine from her cup but then it gets refilled almost instantly by the servant. They have no choice but to drink a bit of the wine. Shi Fan then asks why Jin Xia lied earlier. Jin Xia promptly says that every word she spoke was nothing but truth. Shi Fan says that there is another reason the woman’s hair might not be as tidy on the one side, then he lifts the woman’s sleeve to show even more damage than we were shown earlier. Shi Fan points out the injury than says that surely a constable of the six doors department is familiar with this kind of intimate pleasure in the bedroom.

Jin Xia apologizes saying that her knowledge of that is shallow then asks for his forgiveness. Shi Fan says it’s fine since she’s still a little girl. Then he changes his mind saying that she’s not that little anymore and snidely suggests that Lu Yi should try it with her. Lu Yi is furious but hiding it really well. Jin Xia then apologizes and tries to leave saying that she has official business to attend to. Leaving isn’t that easy though as Shi Fan then orders his men to take her to the guest cabin after all, how could she be busier than he is, since he’s the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Works.

Shi Fan then warns her not to use her job as an excuse. He also tells them both that they are staying the night on his boat and they can decide whether or not to leave, in the morning. He also warns them not to ruin his mood. Lu Yi quickly scolds Jin Xia saying that she shouldn’t ignore Shi Fan’s kindness, he also signals for her to be careful. Jin Xia thanks Shi Fan for kindness and leaves with one of the attendants instead of a guard. After she leaves Shi Fan says that she lasted longer sitting with them than he expected. Lu Yi says that he just tolerates her for the sake of his father.

Lu Yi goes on to say that Jin Xia’s teacher Yang Chengwan was an excellent subordinate of his father’s before he got injured, which is why his father specifically arranged for Yang Chengwan’s injury to be treated here. Shi Fan assures Lu Yi that he’s not interested in little girls that have ripened enough to know of life’s pleasures, especially when he has so many better women on his boat. Shi Fan then tells Lu Yi that he can have his pick of the women to accompany him tonight.

Lu Yi dodges this by saying that there’s no need since all the women are Shi Fan’s. He also says that his father is quite strict and wouldn’t approve. Shi Fan agrees that Lu Ting can be quite stubborn but he promises Lu Yi that he will be accompanied by his favourite woman tonight anyway. Later Lu Yi is escorted to his room and told that the room was prepared according their master’s orders.

Lu Yi enters his room alone to find that someone is already hidden under his covers. So he sits in a chair off to the side annoyed. Shi Fan and Lanye sneak up to the door of the room to eavesdrop (just in case he wasn’t already creepy enough for you). Eventually Lu Yi wanders over to the bed as it’s making some noise, he lifts the cover to reveal that it’s Jin Xia tied with a cloth stuffed into her mouth. Lu Yi is surprised that it’s her and takes the cloth out of her mouth.

Jin Xia says that she was forced to bathe and take muscle numbing powder before she was tied up and left in Lu Yi’s bed. Shi Fan and Lanye are still listening outside the door. Lu Yi says that she must be the gift that Shi Fan is giving him tonight, since he said that Lu Yi’s favourite would be accompanying him. Lu Yi then takes off his outer clothes (equivalent to stripping down to your underwear) and begins to kiss Jin Xia’s neck. Jin Xia screams and begs for him to stop, Shi Fan opens up a peephole to watch. Jin Xia suddenly stops making noise so Lu Yi whispers at her to keep screaming as people are watching. (So not a bad guy, just trying to keep them both safe.)

It works as Shi Fan is convinced that Lu Yi is the same as all the other jerks once he has a few drinks in him. Shi Fan closes the peephole and puts his arm around Lanye as the two leave. Once they leave, Lu Yi stops kissing Jin Xia but she still keeps screaming. Lu Yi tells her to stop as no one is watching them anymore. Jin Xia tells him that next time he should warn her before he does some acting like that. Lu Yi then lists all the names she called him earlier when Jin Xia thought she was going to be raped, saying that she’s finally said all the things she’s wanted to for awhile. Jin Xia points out that his behaviour before she knew he was acting was predatory.

Lu Yi reminds her that they are in Shi Fan’s territory, so they can’t escape his eyes and ears. Lu Yi tells her that if she tries to escape then it will make Shi Fan doubt her. Jin Xia says that Shi Fan shouldn’t be messing around with her innocence. She then asks if Shi Fan was hard on him, as she feels that Lu Yi is never his real self around Shi Fan. Jin Xia says he’s a lot more submissive around that jerk. Jin Xia then mentions the time at the auction house where she saw Shi Fan oppress Lu Yi (regarding the Konghou). At the time Jin Xia thought that Lu Yi was a fool for spending that much money on a Konghou but later she realized that the Konghou as well as the song Tao Yao meant something special to Lu Yi.

Lu Yi tells Jin Xia that Shi Fan can’t oppress him then Lu Yi writes “act weak” on her palm. Jin Xia says that she doesn’t understand but he says it’s okay as there are lots of things that she doesn’t have to understand. He goes on to say that there are things he must bear, so he had no choice but to use her. Lu Yi then asks if Jin Xia is hungry but she says no as the servants would probably drug the food. Lu Yi points out that she’s already been drugged, so what else is there to fear? He asks again what she wants to eat so Jin Xia admits that she wants beef noodle. Lu Yi rings the bell beside the bed.

Later the food arrives and Jin Xia exclaims that this boat truly does have everything. Lu Yi blows on the noodles to help them cool and tries to feed Jin Xia. Jin Xia refuses at first because of his status and how it would look, so she says she’ll eat it later when her strength returns. Lu Yi orders her to open her mouth so he can feed her. Jin Xia starts to eat, when asked about how it tastes, she says that it’s delicious. Jin Xia then comments how on one has ever fed her before, not even her mother. This makes Lu Yi smile as she thanks him for it. (I doubt Lu Yi has done it for anyone else!)

Lu Yi quietly thinks to himself that at least on this boat, in Shi Fan’s territory at least not everything is disgusting.

The next day Xie Xiao brings a bunch of chests over to Yang Chengwan, because Jin Xia’s parents are unavailable he wants her teacher to approve his proposal of marriage. Yang Chengwan says that who Jin Xia marries is not up to him, Yang Yue points out that not even her mother can control Jin Xia so it’s no use talking to his father about it. Xie Xiao’s eyes light up as he realizes that he only needs Jin Xia’s approval in order to marry her (STOP, she’s with Lu Yi!) Shangguan Xi looks ready to hit someone but she puts on a calm expression whenever Xie Xiao is looking. Yang Yue is picking up on her vibes though.

Yang Chengwan points out that while Xie Xiao may want to propose Jin Xia, he is still in fact betrothed to Shangguan Xi. Xie Xiao dismisses that as being something his father forced on him, which is why he brought Shangguan Xi with him to prove that it was a mistake (OUCH! Poor Shangguan Xi!) This is of course when Jin Xia and Lu Yi walk in, having missed the conversation so far. Yang Yue looks like he’s putting the pieces together though. Xie Xiao happily announces to Jin Xia that he’s come to propose to her. Jin Xia tells him that she has no time to play house with him, then tries to drag him off to talk privately but it doesn’t work as he holds his ground.

Xie Xiao says that if Jin Xia doubts him, then she can cut out his heart to see how much of his feelings are real. Jin Xia just looks annoyed with him so he hands over the list of betrothal gifts. Jin Xia is surprised by how much money is listed, so Xie Xiao sensing an advantage says that’s only a portion of the money. He tells her that in the future, Jin Xia will be in charge of the finances. Xie Xiao also tells her that if she agrees to marry him now, then he will bring her mother over so that they can get married today.

Lu Yi is annoyed so he takes the list of gifts from Jin Xia’s hands, saying that Constable Yuan has a very important mission to complete and can’t simply run off to go get married. Xie Xiao wonder who Lu Yi thinks he is to be that controlling. He then asks if Jin Xia lost out on this marriage opportunity, would Lu Yi take responsibility for her. Lu Yi snaps back asking Xie Xiao what makes him think that he can’t take responsibility for Jin Xia (Oooh Lu Yi is jealous!)

The two fight over Jin Xia until she manages to force Xie Xiao out the door saying that she will think on it. Yang Yue helps her close and lock the door while Xie Xiao keeps yelling about he’ll wait for her. Lu Yi has walked away now that the threat is gone, so Jin Xia hurries after him as she apologizes for Xie Xiao’s behaviour. Jin Xia says that he’s just an unrefined country boy, and that Lu Yi is very magnanimous, so he shouldn’t mind Xie Xiao. Lu Yi points out that she hasn’t even married Xie Xiao yet, but she’s already defending him. Jin Xia tells him not to make fun of her. Lu Yi asks Jin Xia if she knows the story between Xie Xiao and Shangguan Xi. Jin Xia says that she does, she says that it’s odd because having the groom flee a wedding is highly embarrassing for a woman and yet Shangguan Xi doesn’t seem to hate Xie Xiao. Lu Yi says that it’s because Xie Xiao saved Shangguan Xi once.

They both had been captured by bandits in Suzhou. The Wu An gang was small then so they didn’t have many men, Xie Xiao could have escaped on his own, but he stayed instead then he single-handedly faced those bandits. Xie Xiao was badly injured and it took him half a year to recover from his injuries. Jin Xia finally understands why Shangguan Xi is so devoted Xie Xiao but she tells Lu Yi not to worry as he still has a chance. Then she remembers how Lu Yi argued with Xie Xiao earlier over her and turns a bit thoughtful.

Yang Yue goes over to Wu An gang headquarters. Xie Xiao asks if Jin Xia sent him over to discuss their marriage but Yang Yue throws a punch at him instead. Xie Xiao is confused because in his mind he has done nothing to provoke him. Yang Yue says that Jin Xia is like his little sister and that what Xie Xiao did to Shangguan Xi was immoral and inhumane. Yang Yue is quite furious but Xie Xiao says that Yang Yue doesn’t understand Shangguan Xi at all (he’s got that backwards, go look in the mirror buddy). The two fight some more until Shangguan Xi breaks it up.

Yang Yue goes back to his residence to find Jin Xia making a few dishes then asking his advice on a few more. Yang Yue is concerned given the recent proposal but it turns out that Jin Xia just wants to cook a feast for Lu Yi. Yang Yue then remembers that he has a letter for Jin Xia most likely from her mother, so he hands it over. It turns out that the third son of the Yi family has agreed to the arrangement making Jin Xia wonder what kind of dowry did her mother promise the family. Lu Yi comes in, so Yang Yue leaves while Jin Xia shows off the meal she made for him.

Back at the Wu An gang headquarters Xie Xiao asks his father why he refuses to meet Jin Xia since his son truly wants to marry her. Xie Baili says that three years ago, Xie Xiao ran away from his wedding now three years later, he wants to marry Jin Xia. His father than goes on to remind Xie Xiao that he will be the next leader of the Wu An gang and he shouldn’t be doing such illogical things. This leads to the Xie Baili getting angry enough to start a coughing fit. Xie Xiao feels a bit guilty so he asks after his father’s health but his father has other concerns. He says that the Dong Family Water Fort, has been very active near the Yangzhou port recently.

Xie Baili suspects that Dong Qisheng holds malicious intent, so he needs Xie Xiao to help Shangguan Xi more. His father goes on ordering them to increase patrols at the pier and to be wary of Dong Qisheng and his tricks. Xie Xiao leaves to follow the orders he was given. Xie Baili coughs a bit more so Shangguan Xi asks if she should contact the doctor to come look at him. Xie Baili says that there’s no need, then orders her not to tell anyone of his illness. He says that Xie Xiao is too reckless and eventually he will have the heavy burden of leading the Wu An Gang. He starts coughing again making Shangguan Xi concerned but Xie Baili refuses a doctor, instead he orders her to go help Xie Xiao since he is new to the gang’s business.

Yang Yue brings more food to the table for Lu Yi before going back to the kitchen, Jin Xia gives him a bit of a push reminding him not to forget the spring pancakes. Lu Yi takes this time to question Jin Xia about the proposal. Jin Xia goes through a list of why it would be bad for her to be with Xie Xiao then says that she wouldn’t have accepted the offer anyway. Jin Xia then offers to get wine for Lu Yi, he’s surprised that she would have prepared wine for him. The truth comes out that it’s actually unopened wine urns from Lu Yi’s cabin! Lu Yi reminds her that the meal was supposed to be her treat but she basically says what’s a few urns of wine between friends.

Jin Xia offers to warm up the wine, but Lu Yi tells her that this wine isn’t meant to be heated and that it must be served in a glass. Jin Xia isn’t sure where to get a glass but promises to find one since Lu Yi won’t eat or drink without it. She eventually finds a glass for the wine, and Lu Yi invites her to eat with him. Jin Xia doesn’t want to because of the differences in status, but she does sit down and try to introduce him to some new foods. Lu Yi doesn’t seem to like the seaweed so Jin Xia says that it must be because the food is part of South cuisine. Jin Xia says that when Yang Chengwan was a kid he spent many years in Fujian so Yang Yue cooks a lot of South cuisine recipes as a result of that. However Lu Yi is puzzled because Yang Chengwan is from Jiangxi so why would he be spending so much time in Fujian?

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Under the Power: Episode 13!

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