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He’s Coming To Me: Episode 1 Part 4


Thun pulls the car up to the cemetery where Med is waiting for him. Thun gets out and apologizes to him, saying that he was so caught up in their conversation that he forgot to burn another incense stick. Med says that it’s okay since he had a lot of fun anyway, he didn’t expect that the world would change so much. Med is already excited about the next time they go out but Thun says that he might not be able to visit anymore. Med asks why, so Thun explains that his Mom is excavating his Dad and Grandma’s bodies so that they can be cremated.

Thun says he won’t be coming to sweep the tomb anymore. Med guesses that’s the real reason that Thun decided to take him outside. Thun & Med are both really sad as Thun gets up to leave. Med thanks Thun for all that he’s done for him. Thun hopes that their paths will cross again, then gets in his car and drives away.

Thun arrives in his room and sits on his bed. He reaches and grabs a whole bag of incense sticks that he hasn’t used. Thun has memory flashbacks to when he first met Med. He remembers how his father said that Med’s family didn’t pay the maintenance fee, and that he didn’t know whether Med had any family. Thun then remembers Med saying that he can’t leave the cemetery because he has no visitors to take him out.

The next morning, Thun’s friends let themselves into Thun’s apartment and wake him up. Apparently he has class and if he’s late again then the professor won’t let him in. Thun claims that he’ll need 5 minutes to get ready. His two friends sit in the living room and Khiewkhem asks if Prince if he has heard about the English Major student that died from heart failure. Prince doesn’t know what Khiewkhem is talking about, so Khiewkhem tells him that it’s been all over the Facebook feed since last night. Prince asks if Khiewkhem really has to start the day with such drama. Khiewkhem says that this deserves it, and that his sister is a nurse and told him that only one person came to collect the body.

Khewikhem says it’s like the student didn’t have any family and is likely a family-less ghost. Prince doesn’t believe in that though but Thun is listening carefully from the doorway. Thun then tosses a bag of bread to Khiew, then asks that they tell the professor that he’s skipping class today as he has to go see his mom. It takes a bit of fighting with his friends before he can kick them out of his apartment.

Thun goes back to Med’s tomb. Med is curious why he’s there though. Thun says that he forgot something important, so Med asks what it is, so he can help Thun search for it. Thun looks around for a bit before saying he’s found it. He then holds out his hand a keychain dangles from it. Thun asks Med to come stay with him. Med isn’t sure how it will work, since he would need to constantly burn incense sticks. Thun is ahead of him though and has an electric incense stick!

Med asks again if Thun’s sure about it, but Thun says that one that can answer that is Med. Med says that a ghost like him with no future, can only wait to be reborn. Med says that he can wait anywhere but not the cemetery, however even ghosts should be considerate. Thun says that Med can’t live there for free, he must pay rent. Med teases that he can pay with Joss Paper (paper burned to give ghosts stuff in the afterlife)

Thun suggests that Med tutor him since Med said that he had made the honour roll. Med teases Thun by saying he should him there or put out the incense stick right now. Thun gets serious though and asks if Med remembers asking Thun what colour his aura was. Med remembers so Thun tells him that when he looks at Med, he sees red! (the colour of someone that doesn’t know how they died!)

Med asks Thun what that means. Thun says it means that Med didn’t die of heart failure.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 1!

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