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The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 2


4 Months Later…

Hin is packing up when he gets a call from Bua. She wants to know if he can come in, Bua says that she has something urgent to tell him. Hin tells her that he’ll be right in. After he hangs up, he grabs a white envelope and holds it for a few moments while thinking.

Hin goes in to Bua’s office to hand her the white envelope which is his resignation letter, Bua pretends that it’s a letter of merit and does a quick prayer. She then tells Hin that the novel he wrote is about to be published (YAY!). Hin is shocked, Bua did put some red marks in it that she wants him to edit though. Hin wonders where she got his manuscript from. Bua tells him that when she called Gene in to talk to him, he handed it to her. Hin thanks her for the opportunity, but Bua is quite happy to do it, especially as his novel shows what happens behind the scenes at publishing houses.

Bua then asks if Hin has spoken to Gene recently. Hin admits that he hasn’t so Bua asks if he can follow up on Gene’s manuscript for her as he hasn’t sent it in for 4 months. She also tells Hin to tell Gene that she understands now what he was trying to say through his work. Bua also wants Hin to tell Gene for her that she’s sorry for what she did to him.

Gene’s place is a mess, as Gene fell asleep on the floor amidst the mess when he wakes up to a notification on his phone. It’s Hin texting that he’s coming over to the condo. Gene reads the text then rolls over to his side to stare at his blank laptop screen. All he has written is the title of the last chapter, and nothing else.

Hin knocks at the door, and is surprised by how bad Gene looks. Gene wonders how Hin got there so quickly after his text. Hin admits that he was in the lobby when he sent the text which is when Gene tells him that he shouldn’t have texted then, and just come up. Gene invites Hin into the room, apologizing for the mess, Hin says it’s a bit smelly but Gene disagrees. Hin says that he’s there to ask about the manuscript, then tells him about Bua’s apology and that she won’t make Gene write NC scenes anymore, she also told Hin that Gene could write any type of novel he wants now.

Gene says that Hin can already see that Gene can’t write now. Hin asks him why and Gene says that he just doesn’t feel like it anymore. Hin teases him about being too free spirited that Gene stops when he stops feeling like it. Gene says that it’s not funny. Hin sees that Gene is still feeling pretty crappy though so he asks Gene to make him some coffee. Gene teases him for being so bold treating him like he’s the underling. Hin says that Gene did send in his manuscript for him though. Gene says that he was just doing a good deed. He’s surprised that Hin knows about it though.

Hin asks if Gene knew that Hin’s novel was going to be published though. Gene smiles for the first time in what seems like ages as he congratulates Hin says that it’s all because of Gene not only because Gene handed Bua the manuscript but because if Gene hadn’t encouraged Hin on the phone that day, Hin probably would have stopped writing his novel. Gene tells Hin not to cry and that it’s not because of him but because Hin and the fact that he didn’t give up. Gene says that Hin wrote the novel on his own without Gene’s help. Gene asks Hin if he remembers how he helped Gene back then, if he hadn’t then Gene wouldn’t be here now. Gene says that they have always helped each other.

Hin then asks Gene if he’s giving up on this piece of writing then. Gene accuses Hin of using his own words against him but Hin claims that he’s just asking. Gene says that he doesn’t want to give up.. but just the thought of opening that manuscript file.. Hin suggests maybe that Gene try a change of scenery, like writing at home. Gene says no, but Hin says that it might help to go back to where it all started. Gene accuses Hin of using his own words against him again. Hin just says that he thinks Gene should try it, so Gene finally agrees to think about it. Hin has to go and even refuses to stay for a snack.

Gene comments how Hin even says no to him now. Hin says he’s not the same anymore and Gene agrees that he has progressed. Hin teases Gene that he should get Hin’s signature now before it gets too difficult, once his novel becomes famous. Hin asks Gene if he’s contacted Nubsib but Gene just goes quiet and doesn’t say anything. A few moments later, Hin leaves the condo.

Aoey is doing a livestream thanking his fans for all their support. As soon as he finishes the livestream though, he checks twitter. There are quite a few messages of support, and even some fans asking when his next project will be. While Aoey is checking Twitter, he comes across a picture of Mhok with someone else. This actually makes Aoey feel lonely and start to cry. Aoey starts to eat the chocolate the fans gave him but it doesn’t stop him from sobbing because he’s all alone and lonely.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 2!

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