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The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 3


Late at night Gene is lying on his bed when his phone pings with a notification. Gene checks it out to find a lot of Instagram notifications, he opens them up and Nubsib has commented on his selfie with his mom that Gene is so cute. Then Nubsib’s followers start agreeing with him saying how cute Gene is, while hashtagging Nubsib. A moment later the troublemaker Nubsib texts Gene to see if he’s gone to sleep yet.

Gene texts back that he hasn’t fallen asleep yet and asks what’s up. Nubsib just texts back that he misses Gene. Gene texts back saying that Nubsib is very funny but he had already told him that he wouldn’t respond to unimportant messages. Nubsib teases him texting that Gene is replying to him now. Gene texts back it’s because he thought it was something important. Gene texts that he’s going to stop texting with Nubsib now.

Nubsib sends a couple of crying stickers then texts that Gene is so mean to him. Gene texts back asking how is he mean? He then texts that Nubsib should go to sleep. Nubsib texts back that he’s not sleepy, then asks if he can call Gene. Gene texts back that Nubsib can’t call him. Nubsib texts back that Gene shouldn’t post many pictures of himself on Instagram because he has too many followers and he doesn’t want them to see Gene. Gene texts back a confused “what?” Only to have Nubsib text back that he’s worried about Gene. Gene smiles at the text then types back pretending to annoyed saying that he’s going to puke.

The next morning Gene wakes up and checks his phone to find two last messages from Nubsib. One message asking if he’s still awake, the other one wishing him a good night. Gene tries to go back to sleep but his Mom knocks on his door. She wants to know who the cereal cake is for. Gene tells her it’s for Aunty Orn. His Mom then wants to know why he isn’t giving it to her now then. Gene groggily says fine, he’ll give it to her now, is she at home? His Mom tells him that Aunty Orn is always at home. Gene then collapses back into sleep but his Mom promptly knocks again warning him not to fall back asleep.

Gene starts walking when a car stops next to him after honking. It’s Oh Nueng and Gene asks why he honked. Oh Nueng apologizes then asks Gene if he’s looking for Oh Nueng’s mom. Gene says that he is, so Oh Nueng tells him that he just dropped her off. Gene asks Oh Nueng if he isn’t working in the office today. Oh Nueng says that he came home to retrieve a document and drop off his Mom and he’s heading back to the office now. Oh Nueng teases Gene that it’s been a long time then says that Aunty Orn and Uncle Keep must miss him a lot. Oh Nueng invites the whole family for dinner.

After Oh Nueng drives off, Gene walks into Aunty Orn’s house. Gene is waiting in the main room with the cake when he starts to look around. A picture on the shelf catches his eye. He takes the picture off the shelf and stares at it very intently. Aunty Orn comes over to ask Gene what he’s looking at. Aunty Orn looks at the photo then says that it’s a picture taken last year, the man next to her husband is her son Nubsib.

Gene tries to process this information. Aunty Orn says that Nubsib just came home from being overseas last year. She asks Gene if he remembers Nubsib from when they were children. A bunch of cute memories fill his head of the two of them together as children. Gene says that he remembers Nubsib. Aunty Orn tells him that Nubsib is always asking about Gene but he attends university now and lives in an apartment otherwise the two would have met already (oh Aunty if you only knew!)

Aunty Orn continues saying that Nubsib is a celebrity now and doesn’t have much time to visit her. Gene admits that he sees Nubsib’s photo often online. Aunty Orn says that they are both around the same age so it makes sense that Gene would remember Nubsib, unlike her as she forgets everything. Nubsib apparently asked his father so that he could take his mother’s last name instead, since his dad is against his career choice but he doesn’t want to sever ties at the same time.

Gene asks Aunty Orn if that’s her maiden name then and she says that it is. Aunty Orn notices that Gene is looking a bit off so she asks him if he’s okay. Gene tells her that he’s fine and that he should probably get going. He puts the picture back on the shelf. Aunty Orn complains that he just got there though. Gene explains that he just remembered he has something urgent to attend to. Aunty Orn gives him a hug, Gene hands over the cake and as he’s leaving she reminds him to come visit her often.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 3!

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