Ingredients: Episode 18 Unimaginable

Tops is up early cooking when Marwin comes down to the kitchen to ask why Tops is up and cooking so early in the morning. Tops tells Marwin that his little brother Thunder is coming.

Tops says that his Dad has been busy lately, so he doesn’t have time to look after him. Tops asks Marwin if he is hungry and Marwin admits that he always craves the food that Tops makes. Tops smiles as he says that Marwin is exaggerating. Marwin then wonders if Tops can look after his brother by himself since his brother is so little. Tops says that he already has babysat his brother quite a few times since his Dad is very busy and his Mom is also busy working, so he helps out.

Tops tells Marwin not to worry since his little brother is very easy to take care of. Marwin just informs him that he is not very good with kids so Tops will have to look after him. A moment later and Dad arrives with Thunder calling out for Tops.

Tops calls out that he was just doing some cooking as he walks over to his Dad. He tells his Dad that he can just give Thunder to him. As soon as Tops holds his little brother he comments on how much heavier Thunder has gotten. His Dad asks for the hand sanitizer which Marwin quickly gets for him. Once he has sanitized his hands, Thunder’s Dad tells Tops that he has gotten everything ready for him. He then goes through the bags explaining things, like the diapers, the milk, some toys, etc.

Tops reminds his Father that he has looked after Thunder plenty of times so he knows what to do. Dad reminds Thunder to be good to his older brother, Tops can’t help but smile at how cute his Dad and brother are with each other. His Dad gives Thunder a kiss on the head, Tops wonders where his kiss is but his Dad tell him he’s too old for it, before leaving.

After his Dad leaves, Marwin comments that how his Dad looks and how delicate he is are two very different things. Marwin also says that having a baby is such a headache because there are so many little details. Tops asks Marwin to hold onto Thunder for a moment but Marwin doesn’t want to, it doesn’t stop Tops from handing over his brother to him though. Tops says he just needs a moment to organize the stuff.

Marwin says that he can organize the stuff but Tops points out that Marwin wouldn’t know what he’s doing. Marwin then goes on to say that he could do it for him, as the baby is going to cry (not anywhere near, Marwin is in more danger of crying then the baby). Clearly Tops agrees with me as when he looks over he can tell that Thunder isn’t going to cry and he tells Marwin so.

Marwin says that Thunder will cry if he stays with him, but that’s when Tops smells something funny.. and remembers that he was in the middle of cooking. He tells Marwin to keep an eye on Thunder and runs back to the kitchen. Tops tells Marwin that he’s almost done cooking, but Marwin is panicking and because he’s uncomfortable, so is Thunder. Tops tells Marwin to give Thunder a toy so he won’t cry. Tops quickly comes over from the kitchen to give Thunder a toy to play with and Thunder relaxes, no longer in any danger of crying.

Tops goes back to the kitchen to finish cooking but now Marwin is much more comfortable with Thunder having seen how well a toy works and the two seem to get along fine after that so Tops can finish cooking without worries.

Of course a few minutes later Marwin informs Tops that Thunder’s diaper has gotten heavy and he doesn’t know how to change it. Tops says that of course a body must get rid of old stuff before putting new stuff in.

Tops comes over and the two of them change the diaper in what can only be described as the easiest diaper change in history… A little later while Marwin is playing with Thunder, Tops brings over the food he’s prepared. While Tops feeds his younger brother, Marwin provides some entertainment with his guitar.

After the food the three of them have a great time playing together and it’s really cute. Eventually though Tops thinks that Thunder is getting a bit sleepy so Tops is going to leave his brother with Marwin but Marwin insists that he can go get the milk so the brother can be together.

Tops asks if Marwin knows how to do the milk, and of course Marwin says yes. Tops is still concerned though to he reminds Marwin to check the temperature of the milk, that’s when Marwin doesn’t know what to do. Marwin ends up asking for help from the kitchen because he’s lost in baby stuff. Tops tells him to follow his Dad’s instructions for the milk and to check the temperature of the milk on the back of his hand after he makes it.

However before Thunder can have the milk, Tops hands him over to Marwin so he double check to make sure that it was done correctly. It was and Tops praises Marwin for doing it right. Marwin scoffs saying it wasn’t that hard. We then get some cute moments while Thunder is enjoying his milk.

After some time has passed, Tops falls asleep on Marwin’s shoulder, Thunder is asleep in Marwin’s arms and very soon even Marwin falls asleep. Of course once he falls asleep, Thunder wakes up crying.

That’s the end of Episode 18!