Ingredients: Episode 14 Apology

Tops says that he still hasn’t decided yet. The two are sitting on picnic table while Marwin is checking his phone. Marwin asks Tops if he knows what he’s going to make for him. Marwin comes off the table to sit on the bench with Tops to show him his phone, as he’s found a menu that looks good. Marwin teases Tops by putting the phone way too close to his face so that he can’t see it. Once the phone is moved so Tops can view it, they start to go through the food choices.

Marwin likes the idea of having food with carrots and pumpkin because they are both orange kind of good for Halloween. Marwin tells Tops to pay attention which is kind of hard since Marwin has wrapped his arm around Tops’s shoulders.

Marwin says that Tops has to pay attention since Marwin isn’t the one that will be making the food. (We’ve seen what happens when Marwin cooks). Marwin and Tops are going through the pictures when Tops finally picks an idea. Marwin asks what it’s called and Tops tells him that it’s cream cheese. Marwin looks at the menu to ask if it’s a cookie or a cake.

Marwin says that he’s made an appointment with the guy for next Wednesday. Marwin tells Tops not to forget the date as it’s very important. Tops promises to remember and gets his phone back from Marwin before he leaves.

Fast forward to the appointment and Marwin is telling the guy to wait as anyone that has tried Tops’s cheesecake, wouldn’t stop complimenting it. Marwin says that he’s sure that Tops is on his way. The guy says that since he arrived, Marwin has been complimenting Tops nonstop. The man wonders if he will truly to get to taste this amazing food since he has to leave in 10 minutes.

Marwin checks his phone for messages but the last message from Tops is saying that he will be a bit late. Marwin tries to call Tops but he’s not picking up his phone. The guy says that he will clean up his stuff in the meantime and urges Marwin to tell his friend to hurry up.

Marwin keeps trying to get a hold of Tops but with no luck. The man says that Marwin can contact Tops and then get in touch with him, as he has to leave now. Some time later Tops does arrive with many bags apologizing to Marwin for being late. Tops wonders if they should get the man to try the food now. Marwin says that it’s too late as the man has already left.

Marwin is pissed because he made an appointment with the guy for Tops, yet Tops is the one who was late. Marwin says that he won’t go home tonight so Tops doesn’t need to make anything for him. (He’s being a bit of a jerk). Tops gets a phone call from his dad, he answers telling his dad that he just made him some milk, so his dad can make him another cup of milk later. Marwin brushes past one of the bags Tops had left on the table knocking some of its contents on the floor.

The contents almost like a baby bottle and stuff. Marwin sees the contents but doesn’t say anything and walks out of the room. Tops sits on the couch looking very depressed for letting his best friend down. Marwin is so pissed that even after some time passes, he doesn’t eat lunch with Tops in the school cafeteria either. (I like Jeff but his character is annoying me).

Tops being a much better friend, tracks down Marwin as he’s concerned that he might not have eaten yet. So Tops brought him food to give him strength for his upcoming exam. Tops says that he’s sorry as he truly did get caught up in something even though he wanted to be on time.

Marwin says that Tops doesn’t have to explain anything. We get a brief flashback to Marwin seeing the contents of the bag and then we get a sense that he was actually mad at himself for being mean to Tops once he saw it. Marwin suggests that they go get something to eat together as he figures out that Tops hasn’t eaten anything yet either. (Tops wouldn’t eat without Marwin.. so cute!)

Marwin tells Tops that he has rescheduled with the guy for tomorrow. Tops thanks Marwin for understanding and tells Marwin that he means a lot to him. Marwin tells him not to worry about it, he is concerned that Tops may not be able to make the dessert in time though. This is Tops though so of course he can do it!

Marwin has to tell Tops twice that he has to go to his exam as Tops hasn’t let go of his hands yet. Tops wishes him good luck but Marwin says he will get an A for sure since he’s been fed. Before Marwin goes in for his exam he wonders if Tops will be able to make food for him later since he also has to make the cake. Tops assures him that it will be fine.

All is right with the world because the two are back on good terms and that’s the end of Episode 14!