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Ingredients: Episode 13 Willingness


Tops is studying a cookbook pretty hard. Time passes and whatever is going on seems to be taking him a good deal of time.

Marwin eventually comes over to offer him a glass of water and ask how it’s going. Marwin even asks about the mess on the table and Tops admits that it’s flour. Marwin asks if there is any progress. Tops puts some flour and water in a bowl and slowly mixes it with a fork lamenting on the fact that blue coloured food is so hard to find.

Poor tops found a blue colour from the butterfly pea flowers but when it touches the sourness the colour changes to purple. Tops shows Marwin how his current mix has turned purple too. (Poor Tops!) he looks so defeated by the purple goo. Marwin suggests that maybe he go take a nap or at least get out of the kitchen for a bit. He says that believes Tops will come up with something since he always does.

Tops doesn’t move though, he says he will in a second and the asks Marwin to bring him a book. Marwin brings over the Ingredients book and asks how it could just be a second with a book that big. Tops insists that it’s the book he wanted though. While Tops is looking for blue food in the book, he asks if Marwin knows about superfoods.

Marwin of course has no clue, so Tops tells him that it’s food that is good for your body in many ways. Marwin tells Tops to go take a shower at least and then tries to move Tops, then complains about the smell. Tops asks if he means the kitchen smells or him. Marwin says that it’s him of course, which prompts Tops to give himself a sniff.

Tops says that Marwin is overreacting. Marwin says that it’s enough and that if he were Tops, he would die if he smelled like that. Marwin finally gets him to put the book down and go with him, but Tops ends up picking up his iPad anyway. We get the two on fast forward for a bit to show a lot of time passes before Tops finishes with the food.

Marwin asks if he’s finally finished and Tops says that he is. Marwin asks Tops how long he’s been making this but Tops doesn’t actually remember. Marwin asks Tops if he’s tired, which of course he is. So Marwin produces a single white rose for encouragement. However Tops remembers buying that rose and putting it on the table. Marwin admits that’s where he got the rose from, so Tops reminds him to put it back.

Marwin asks if the food is what he has to present to his teacher and Tops makes a noise of agreement. Marwin asks how much is the project worth and Tops says 30%. Then Marwin asks if he can taste it, Tops produces a fork in the same way Marwin did the rose and Marwin teases Tops that he almost stabbed his face with it.

However Marwin can’t believe how bad it tastes… poor Tops.

Tops asks if it’s really that bad and Marwin says that it is. Tops has no choice but to try it himself, he can’t help laughing at how bad it is. Then the depression hits because he still needs to make the food. Marwin says that it’s probably because Tops has been very stressed out for days. Tops admits that he hasn’t gotten much sleep either.

Marwin says that he’s no food expert but if he had to compare it, it would be like music to him. When he plays music and he’s as stressed and worried as Tops is now, he never plays very well. He tells Tops that he gets all worried and his hands start to shake. However when he does it with a passion, he’s happy to do it because he wants to do it. Then he does it very well. Marwin says that he doesn’t know why but he feels it’s similar to Tops’s cooking.

Marwin tells Tops that he doesn’t have to be so stressed like he’s been lately. Tops says that he’s worried because it’s his thesis and it’s not the same as when he cooks in general. Tops says that the thesis isn’t just about the taste but the concept and story of the dessert.

Tops asks Marwin if he thinks that desserts can make the world a better place? Marwin wonders what Tops is smiling and looking at. Tops says that he’s using his imagination. Marwin says that Tops is overthinking it because he’s stressed and putting too much emphasis on it being his thesis so that it has to be perfect.

Marwin asks Tops if he’s ever seen a tree grow from bad soil. Marwin answers the question himself saying no and that it’s the same thing with the cooking. When you’re in a bad mood it’s like bad soil, you can’t grow anything from it. Marwin tells him to be happy and relax with it and maybe the ideas will come to him. Marwin also says that it will probably taste better than what he just made.

Marwin tells Tops that if he is too stressed then he can come plant tress with him. Marwin holds up the white rose saying it’s what he plants. Tops reminds him that the rose is fake and to be used for decoration. Marwin wonders why Tops just can’t pretend that it’s real. Marwin reminds Tops not to stress too much before he leaves. He says that he will come back to check on the progress of Tops’s trees later.

Tops goes back to cooking, and eventually falls asleep on the table in front of his creation. Marwin comes down and drapes a blanket around him so that he doesn’t catch a cold. However Marwin wakes Tops up, Tops wonders what time it is. Marwin tells him that it’s 1 AM.

Marwin tells him to go sleep upstairs but Tops says that he just finished cooking. Marwin takes a look at the food, then says that it looks normal. That earns him a look from Tops.

Tops repeats the word “normal” and stands up saying that it make look normal but it’s really hard to make and there’s a concept too. Marwin wonders if he has to ask what the concept is. Tops tells him that he would inform him anyway even if he doesn’t ask.

Tops tells him that it’s called “The Future in the coconut”. Tops asks Marwin if he’s familiar with sustainable development goals? Marwin looks bewildered so Tops explains that the UN has come up with 17 things that would make the world a better place.

Tops said that he could only use 7 items though. So Tops points out the Water Ecosystem, the Earth Ecosystem and some coral. Tops says that what he’s trying to say with the food is that if they don’t preserve their water, the corals won’t live until the next generation (that’s along of pressure to put on a dessert).

Tops says that he’s using a coconut as a container as it’s easy to recycle and it can decompose. Tops says that rainbow is for equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. Tops then have flowers for micro green. Marwin has been struggling to stay awake says that Tops should save the rest to present to his teacher. Marwin does ask if he can have a bite of it though.

Tops says no since he has to give it to the teacher. He does suggest that after he gives it to his teacher, he can make a new one for Marwin when he gets back. Marwin wonders why he had to listen to the speech then. Marwin being a little petty for not getting a bite of the dessert takes the blanket back with him.

When Tops asks him why he’s taking the blanket, Marwin says that they’re going to sleep together anyways. Tops decides to leave the kitchen..

That’s the end of Episode 13!

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