Psych Hunter: Episode 33

The episode starts off with Wan Jin Rong and Wan Shu Xuan (Mu Qing’s Aunt and Uncle) sharing a bunch of cute couple moments.. with the sad music.

Roll those opening credits!

At the police station Mu Qing tells the others that police officers investigated near the boathouse but found no suspicious people. Mu Qing herself checked Ms. Sakurako’s room and didn’t find anything suspicious there either. Yi Heng says that it wasn’t long after Mr. Gui left the port that he entered the bathhouse. He wasn’t there long before he was murdered.

Yi Heng says that he has a feeling the murderer knew that Mr. Gui would be at the bathhouse and waited for him there. The murderer killed Mr. Tang first then Mr. Gui. Yi Heng wonders what the motive of the killer may be. Mu Qing suggests that Mr. Tang was killed to save the children while Mr. Gui was killed in order to take over the port.

Yi promptly says no. Yi Heng asks them to remember the old tattoo artist that said he was blinded because people asked him for those leaf tattoos. Yi Heng suggests that if Mr. Tang was behind blinding the old tattoo artist then there may have been people that wanted to take advantage of it.

Xiao Hei leaves the room to go follow that lead when he bumps into officer Zhu. Officer Zhu has brought breakfast for everyone but Mu Qing says that she’s not hungry. In fact the other two don’t seem to be hungry either so Officer Zhu just leaves the food on the desk in case they change their mind then leaves to go on patrol.

After Officer Zhu has left, Yi Heng realizes that it’s the goods. The others are confused so Yi Heng explains that the only thing Mr. Tang and Mr. Gui had in common was the fact that Mr. Gui was taking over Mr. Tang’s goods. Jiang Shuo wonders if Yi Heng is thinking that behind the other goods are more important goods that Mr. Gui had taken over.

Mu Qing says that it might be firearms and ammunition. That’s when Mu Qing realizes what she has said. She quickly mentions that Yi Chi has said that he is willing to pay the fine and that it might be a coincidence.

Yi Heng says that it’s a not a coincidence and the mood in the room gets a depressive feeling. Mu Qing says that she will leave to go check on the children since it’s been over a day now and she might be able to get some clues from them. After Mu Qing leaves then Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo what he thinks since he saw the word “Qin” in the Psych.

Yi Heng goes to leave but Jiang Shuo stops him saying that he knows where he’s going. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng to remember that he is not his family. Yi Heng says that his family is related to Liu Zhi though. Jiang Shuo argues that even if Yi Heng is related to the Qin family, he’ll still be his Qin’er. Jiang Shuo says that whatever happens Yi Heng will have him by his side. Jiang Shuo also tells him that he hopes Yi Heng won’t be in danger because of this, doesn’t he understand that?

Yi Heng is overcome with emotion then and says that he knows what he should do. He takes off his ring and asks Jiang Shuo to keep it for him so that until he knows the truth he won’t be influenced by it. Yi Heng thanks Jiang Shuo then leaves the room. Jiang Shuo stares at the ring in his open palm before closing his hand around it.

Mu Qing is with the children trying to get them to tell her their names. She attempts to ask them about their family, age or anything really but they all ignore her. Mu Qing tells the children that she isn’t a bad person so that if they remember something they should tell her.

Wan Shu Xuan tells Mu Qing to stop it as the children are like this. Mu Qing tells her aunt that the children never speak, it could be a few months later and it would still be fruitless. Shu Xuan says that she wants to talk with Mu Qing about something. Apparently Jin Rong hasn’t been himself lately and isvery busy. She wonders what her husband could be so busy with as he’s not at home.

Mu Qing tries to reassure her aunt that because of his position and all the things happening in the city, it’s no wonder that he’s busy. She tells her aunt that the next time she sees her uncle she will tell him to come home and spend more time with his wife. Her aunt tells her not as her husband will think that she’s talking behind his back.

Mu Qing tells her Su Xuan that she should just go down to the chamber of commerce herself. She says that it’s odd since since her aunt is always giving her relationship advice, yet now she’s so helpless in her own. Mu Qing tells her aunt that it will be alright.

Yi Heng goes to the interrogation room where his brother Yi Chi sits handcuffed. Yi Heng enters the cell then asks the guard to uncut his brother. Once that’s done Yi Heng tells the officer that he can wait outside. The officer leaves the room and it takes Yi Heng a moment before he can speak. Yi Heng asks his brother why he did it, was there not enough money at home that he had to smuggle in firearms?

Yi Chi says that whatever he’s doing is none of Yi Heng’s business. Yi Heng says that smuggling is a shady business. However Yi Chi should know that murder is a more serious offence. Yi Heng wants to know if Liu Zhi asked him to do it. Yi Chi scoffs that smuggling is a shady business then asks his brother, his police friend which shady business he was brought up on?

Yi Chi says how dare Yi Heng accuse and defame him. Yi Chi says that in this world you can’t trust anyone. Yi Chi says that Liu Zhi is nothing. He says that only firearms and ammunition are trustworthy. Yi Chi says that if he doesn’t do it, then someone else will. Besides, if he doesn’t do it then how will he support his family?

Yi Chi asks if Yi Heng will do it. Yi Heng admits that he has contributed less than Yi Chi. However if their wealth comes from such dirty trades then Yi Heng says that he would rather not be a part of it. Yi Heng says that the idea of it makes him sick. Yi Heng leans in close to his brother to ask if the murder had anything to do with him and why did Yi Chi try to stop him from investigating it.

Yi Chi says in a rather sarcastic way “dear brother” before continuing to tell him that all goods at the family port are treated the same. Yi Chi says that they can’t check the cargo at any time, even when Mr. Tang died, no way. Yi Chi says that it’s the credibility of the Qin family. Yi Heng can’t believe his brother talks about credibility.

Yi Heng tells his brother that they have caught the murderer. This shocks Yi Chi but Yi Heng has more news for him, the police are investigating the smuggling of arms now. Yi Heng yells at his brother demanding to know if Yi Chi thinks that the city will tolerate him and can he continue the family business? He asks if his brother is happy now? Yi Heng begs his brother to tell him everything he knows if he truly wants to help the family. He begs Yi Chi to stop being manipulated.

Yi Chi thinks for a few moments before he agrees to tell Yi Heng everything. Once Yi Heng gets closer though his brother grabs him by his collar and tells Yi Heng that he has seriously uunderestimated him. Yi Chi says that if he wanted to make someone disappear he wouldn’t have go around it. (Implying he would just make it so).

Yi Heng has tears streaming down his face as he realizes just how messed up his family really is. Yi Heng leaves the cell but before he can leave the room, Yi Chi points out that Yi Heng took off the family ring. His brother asks him if he knows what that means. Yi Heng doesn’t answer him and just leaves the room.

Once outside the interrogation room Yi Heng finds Jiang Shuo was waiting for him. Jiang Shuo asks him how it went but Yi Heng tells him that his brother didn’t confess. Jiang Shuo puts his hand on Yi Heng’s shoulder to comfort him and tells him not to rush, to go slowly. Jiang Shuo reminds him that Xiao Hei and Mu Qing are also on the case. Almost as if on cue, Xiao Hei comes running up to them.

Xiao Hei goest to tell them, but Yi Heng beats him to the punch by saying that nobody was there. Xiao Hei wonders how Yi Heng could know that no one was in the temple. Jiang Shuo wonders why Yi Heng didn’t say anything earlier, Yi Heng admits that he just took a guess. Yi Heng says that the mere fact that the artist is hiding means that the murderer is a big shot.

Jiang Shuo says that’s true and that all of the other leads have gone cold so there’s only way now.

Back at the compound Jiang Shuo puts down some persimmons on the table. Mu Qing asks him what he’s doing. Jiang Shuo says that when everyone comes back they can have a persimmon provided that they tell a story about the persimmon. Jiang Shuo says that before the others get back, he can start with them. He hands one persimmon to both Yi Heng and Mu Qing. However Mu Qing ignores the persimmon that she is given in order to pick her own up. Jiang Shuo says that she can start.

Mu Qing says that she knows something important about Persimmons. As the other two lean in close expecting a great tale she tells them that persimmons can’t be eaten with crab or else the person will get diarrhea. Jiang Shuo says that maybe Mu Qing didn’t get enough so he offers her another persimmon in order to get a better story. Mu Qing tells him that maybe he should eat one instead. Jiang Shuo says that he’s not in the mood since if he hadn’t been stopped by a driver he would now know who the murderer is. That’s when Mu Qing has a flashback.

Mu Qing remembers the driver and the little girl that she had met. She tells the others that the little girl of the driver is Sakuroko’s daughter. She saw a picture of Nan nan in her room. She also says that Sakurako always goes to south street where the driver Si and Nan nan live. Mu Qing says that few people know of this secret though.

Yi Heng says that he knows that Mr. Si was Mr. Tang’s driver but not that he had a daughter with Sakurako. Yi Heng says that Sakurako had an ambiguous relationship with Mr. Tang. Yi Heng says that he and Jiang Shuo had seen Mr. Gui being intimate with Sakurako at the bathhouse. Mu Qing makes the leap that the murder may have been a crime of passion then! As she says it she stretches out her arm to point right in front of Jiang Shuo’s face. Jiang Shuo just gives her a disgusted look before wondering what the link is.

Yi Heng says that Mr. Tang and Mr. Gui both have the same tattoo, they were also both involved in human trafficking. Yi Heng asks them to explain that. Mu Qing says that she doesn’t care and she’s just going to go arrest him. Mu Qing leaves as Jiang Shuo calls out to her to stop, when she doesn’t listen, he yells at her to be careful.

At the port, the labourers are telling Sergeant Bai that they have already told him all they know about Mr. Tang. They are just labourers after all. Sergeant Bai tells him in his calm quiet voice to think again. That’s when Mu Qing shows up. Sergeant Bai asks her and Xiao Hei (he arrived at the same time) what they’ve found so far. Mu Qing says that they suspect that the driver Mr. Si killed Mr. Tang. Mu Qing says that the murder involves an affair.

One of the dock workers asks Mu Qing if she was the officer that had come by yesterday. She tells the worker that they want to know about driver Si now. The man says that night, Mr. Si dragged Mr. Tang to the port and they were late. We then get a flashback to that night.

Mr. Si pulls up alongside the workers. He tells them that it’s cold out so Mr. Tang has provided hot soup with bread for them to keep warm. However the workers admit that no one saw Mr. Tang leave the rickshaw when Sergeant Bai questions them on it. They thought he didn’t leave it because it was a cold night. After their meal the workers all went their separate ways they didn’t see either Mr. Si or Mr. Tang after that.

Mu Qing asks if the rickshaw was wet, on the seat or the curtain but the workers say that it was dark and that they couldn’t see. Mu Qing then asks them if anyone else is staying with Mr. Si. The workers say that he has a wife and child but that they’ve never seen either of them. One of the workers asks Sergeant Bai if Mr. Si is in trouble. In his no nonsense voice Sergeant Bai tells them not to ask if they shouldn’t. (In other words you know it’s inappropriate so shut up.) The worker promptly says that he won’t ask.

The worker asks Sergeant Bai if he needs anything else or if they can go back to work. Sergeant Bai let’s them go back to work. The workers leave but Sergeant Bai sends a guard to follow after them. He then asks Mu Qing why she asked if the rickshaw was wet. Mu Qing says that there were traces of water left on Mr. Tang’s body so there are two places that are suspected the port and the bathhouse.

She says that they have checked the port, but not the bathhouse. Sergeant Bai realizes that this means that driver Si could have murdered Mr. Tang at the bathhouse before bringing him to the port. Sergeant Bai says that he will go stake out the bathhouse while Mu Qing says that she will check out Mr. Si’s house. The three then leave the port.

Officer Zhu and another officer are walking in the rain. The other officer complains that they can’t solve the case and now the weather is bad as it won’t stop raining. Officer Zhu tells him to stop complaining as hard work is the only way to live their lives. There’s some bird that seems to be annoying the officer. Officer Zhu asks him if he had a backache two days ago? Officer Zhu says that Mr. Wang’s medicine shop has a great herbal remedy for that.

Officer Zhu says that he’s reserved a few packs with the proprietor. The other officer says that Mr. Zhu is the best and that they should go pick some of the medicine up. Officer Zhu tells the other officer to go without him as he has to use the bathroom. The other officer teases him about having a weak kidney. After the other officer leaves, Mr. Zhu starts looking a bit shady.

Officer Zhu straightens up his appearance and meets a mysterious figure in the rain that he calls group leader. Officer Zhu at first bows to this person but when that doesn’t work he falls to his knees. He begs the group leader to let him explain he tells him that Mr. Si has betrayed them and killed Mr. Tang Ming. He says that together with Sakurako lured both him and Mr. Gui to get the map.

Officer Zhu says that night he was called to duty unexpectedly at the last minute and he can’t work in broad daylight so he hasn’t had a chance yet. He says that tonight he will kill Mr. Si. Officer Zhu asks the group leader to trust that he’s determined. The leader says that Mr. Si must die but Mr. Tang and Mr. Gui’s map is still with him. The leader says that Mr. Si can’t die before they have the map.

The leader says that in order to do that, Officer Zhu will have to make full use of the two most precious things to Driver Si. The leader keeps talking but we don’t get to hear what else he says. Officer Zhu agrees at the end though even if his face looks like he would rather do anything else. Officer Zhu tells the leader to trust is his loyalty to the master and that he will bring the both of them there now. With that Officer Zhu is dismissed.

Wan Jin Rong arrives home waking up his wife whom fell asleep waiting for him. Curiously he is dressed the same as the group leader… his wife takes his coat and hat saying that he’s late again. Jin Rong says that the chamber has been busy and that she shouldn’t wait for him. Wan Shu Xuan says that she went to the chamber today and he wasn’t there.

Jin Rong tells his wife to stay out of it. However he says it pretty strongly which shocks his wife. He quickly tries to cover for himself by saying that the city isn’t safe, so she should stay home (no one believes you). She gives him his slippers, as he goes upstairs she goes to put his shoes away only to notice the muck on the bottom of them from his travels.

The next day Wan Shu Xuan follows her husband after he leaves the house. While elsewhere in the city Sakurako is fleeing with her daughter in the streets while being as discreet as possible. Sakurako makes it to a safe building, once inside she asks Nan nan if she’s hungry. That’s when there’s a knock at the door. Sakurako grabs scissors for defence but it turns out to be driver Si.

Nan nan is happy to see her father. He tells her that he brought her favourite treat but when he opens the paper the food has been broken. Nan nan blames her daddy for breaking it. Driver Si apologizes and promises to do better next time. He gives the rest of the food to his daughter and tells her to go eat in inside. Once she leaves he apologizes to Sakurako for making her have to suffer.

Sakurako says that it’s become such a big thing now as the police are watching. He tells her not to worry as the police won’t find them here so soon. Mr. Si also tells her that he’s already killed two people, now the only people that know about him are the team leader and Mr. Zhu. He says that if he kills them, then he they will be safe.

Sakurako says that it’s too risky as there are too many of them. She hugs him tightly and says that she just wants him and Nan nan to be safe. Sakurako sobs into his shoulder before pulling back to ask if they should just hand over the map. Mr. Si says that if they hand over the map they won’t have any cards for leverage. He tells her that if they hand over the map their lives will be forfeit. Mr. Si says that only by killing them will his family be safe.

He tells his wife not to worry as he’s already placed bait in the room. He says that they will take the bait, and that she should stay here with Nan nan. Mr. Si says that once he’s done, they’ll leave together. He goes to leave but his wife grabs his arm. He puts a smile on his face and tells her not to worry. He pushes off her hands and leaves the building. After he’s gone, she goes to search for Nan nan… only to find the food on the bed, the window open and no Nan nan to be seen anywhere.

She has a brief flashback to when they running through the streets getting to the safe house where Nan nan said that she wanted to go home because she forgot her doll. We then see that’s exactly what Nan nan did. She leaves the house with her doll and is on her way back when she falls and starts to cry. Officer Zhu comes, he asks if she is lost and says that he will take her home to her mom. However he knocks her out, then carries her away. To onlookers it looks like an exhausted child being taken home by a police officer instead of the kidnapping it actually is.

Sakurako runs through the street yelling for her daughter only to find the shoe that had slipped off when Officer Zhu kidnapped her. Officer Zhu approaches her asking her if she lost something while holding out the other shoe. Sakurako says that she hasn’t, then goes to leave. Officer Zhu says that he won’t stop her but for the sake of her daughter it would be better if she came quietly with him. She has no choice now but to follow him.

After the rain (possibly the next day?) our favourite trio arrive at the house. Mr. Si’s rickshaw is still parked out front. Yi Heng asks Mu Qing if it’s the right place and she confirms that it is where she saw Mr. Si and Nan nan when they first met. Yi Heng says that since the rickshaw is still there, they should be careful. They then try to enter the home only the doors are locked.

Jiang Shuo peeks through the cracks and says that it doesn’t look like anyone is home. Yi Heng warns them both that Mr. Si is a good fighter so they shouldn’t give him an opportunity to use his skills. Mu Qing says that Mr. Si won’t escape on her watch, which leads Jiang Shuo to remind her to be careful. He suggests that they go through the front while he tris his luck with the back door.

Mu Qing and Yi Heng enter the home to find it conspicuously empty. Mu Qing wonders where they could have gone. Jiang Shuo is in the back and can’t find anyone either. However Jiang Shuo does find some persimmon leaves. He calls out for the other two to come quickly. They run towards him to find out what’s wrong. He shows them the persimmon leaves and reminds them that the tattoo artist left persimmons as a clue.

Jiang Shuo wonders if the artist meant the leaves of the persimmon instead of the fruit. He gets Mu Qing to check out the leaf and she agrees that it’s the same pattern as on the tattoos. Jiang Shuo says that the persimmon tree is in Mr. Si’s backyard but Mr. Gui and Mr. Tang both had the tattoos. He wonders what the link is when he thought that they were enemies.

Yi Heng says that he knows. He tells Jiang Shuo that the tattoo artist left the persimmon as a clue and he thought that it was about his enemies being Mr. Gui and Mr. Tang that had blinded him. Yi Heng suggests that he left the persimmon because Mr. Si had planted a persimmon tree in his backyard and that the artist was saying Mr. Si is the murderer.

Mu Qing again suggests that it was a crime of passion but Jiang Shuo shuts that down. Jiang Shuo reminds her that an old tattoo artist wouldn’t know of such an affair. He also reminds her that the tattoo took place over 10 years ago. So there must be a secret link between them. However the persimmon tree is the key to the secret.

Back at the compound the trio ask Bu Yan about the leaf. Bu Yan wonders where they got the leaf from. Yi Heng says that it’s related to a case they are working on and asks him if he recognizes it. Bu Yan says the leaf comes from the Japanese Kaki tree. He says that it’s a specialty from Saga Prefecture, Japan.

Bu Yan says that it’s quite expensive to buy the fruit in the city though. Mu Qing wonders if the persimmon plant can be grown here though. Bu Yan says that this variety of persimmon wouldn’t survive in their climate. After all the climate affects the taste of the fruit. He says that it’s not worth the effort to grow it here. Jiang Shuo points out that Mr. Si did plant the tree though. This leads Yi Heng to suspect that the two murder victims and Mr. Si may have something to do with Japan.

Mu Qing says that Sakurako is not Japanese but she does run a bathhouse, perhaps Mr. Si planted the tree to make her happy? She also says that Mr. Gui and Mr. Tang both had affection for Sakurako so it may still be a crime of passion. Jiang Shuo says that if that’s the case then they are still clueless. Yi Heng also disagrees and says that there must be something connecting all these contradictory clues and unrelated people.

Back at Police HQ, Sergeant Bai is berating all of his officers for letting Mr. Si escape on their watch. He orders his officers to barricade the city and find him. Mu Qing is about to leave with the other officers when Sergeant Bai orders her to stay behind and bring him the case file. Mu Qing says that she would rather go out instead but he tells her to listen to him.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are just sitting in the office listening to it all. After Mu Qing leaves, evil Officer Zhu comes in to report that the old tattoo artist is dead. Sergeant Bai demands to know where and Officer Zhu says in the hall.

They go to the body where Sergeant Bai checks it out first by lifting the white sheet. He asks Officer Zhu how the old tattoo artist died. Officer Zhu says that he died the same way as Mr. Tang and Mr. Gui. While Yi Heng is checking out the corpse though a gold button drops from the hand. They recognize the button immediately as being from a police uniform so Jiang Shuo quickly steps on it before the officers notice. (Only he and Yi Heng saw it).

Jiang Shuo then says that the killer is fast to react but that he left a clue. That’s when Jiang Shuo notices that Officer Zhu is missing a button. Jiang Shuo remembers when they found the old tattoo artist that it was Officer Zhu that came to yell at them that Sergeant Bai had an order for them. Back in the present Officer Zhu has finished briefing Sergeant Bai and then leaves to go back on patrol.

Later that night Officer Zhu is out of uniform and showing a lot more skill than he’s ever shown before, he climbs the wall into driver Si’s house to investigate it. However he doesn’t know that Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are watching him from a far. Yi Heng wonders what the officer could be searching for though. Driver Si however was waiting and has a rope and hangs officer Zhu.

That’s when Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo run in to save him. A fight scene ensues but Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are no match for driver Si. In the fight driver Si does manage to snap Officer Zhu’s neck, when Jiang Shuo is thrown to the ground he notices that Officer Zhu has a leaf tattoo on his ankle. Driver Si is in the midst of hurting Yi Heng when Jiang Shuo starts throwing random items at him. Driver Si catches a toy drum. It distracts him long enough for Yi Heng to knock him out from behind.

They drag driver Si into the interrogation room. Jiang Shuo demands to know why he killed the victims and how. Yi Heng says that he may not be responsible for the deaths of Mr. Gui or Mr. Tang but they did witness him murdering Officer Zhu. Yi Heng warns driver Si that he had better tell them the truth.

Mu Qing reminds driver Si that he has a wife and daughter. She reminds him that his daughter is young, does he always want her to live in hiding.When Mr. Si remains silent, Jiang Shuo says that once they have evidence it will be too late for confessions. Jiang Shuo tells him to think of his family.

Sergeant Bai arrives at the police station with yet another body. Xiao Hei goes running into the interrogation room to ask Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng to check on the corpse. They are surprised there’s another body and demand to know who. However Xiao Hei has a hard time saying because Mu Qing is there.

Eventually though he has no choice but to say it’s the body of Mrs. Wan (Mu Qing’s aunt). Mu Qing is stunned and doesn’t believe it at first. However once Xiao Hei confirms it’s her aunt she demands to know where the body is. Xiao Hei says that the body is in the hall and Mu Qing runs out of the interrogation room.

Jiang Shuo demands more information out of Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei says that Mrs. Wan was found outside the bathhouse with her neck broken. Jiang Shuo wants to know if there is any clues. Xia Hei says that when they left there was no one around. Provisional autopsy confirms that she had been dead less than an hour, they also found a persimmon leaf on her body. Xiao Hei says that it might be a sign left from the killer. They then leave the interrogation room to go see the body.

Mu Qing having left earlier reaches the body first, she pulls back the white she to reveal her dead Aunt. Mu Qing cries over the body begging her aunt to wake up. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng run down the stairs and hear Mu Qing tell her aunt to wake up. Mu Qing tells her aunt that when she was little her aunt always called her a troublemaker. She says that she surrenders and begs her aunt not to scare her.

Mu Qing continues to beg her aunt to wake up and promises to listen to everything she says if she will just get up. Jiang Shuo goes over to Mu Qing to offer what little comfort he can. He tells her that whatever it is, he will be there with her. He promises her that he will find the killer. Mu Qing tells him that she will seek revenge herself.

Yi Heng starts to check the body and he confirms that her neck was broken. He also tells them that the killer was very skillful, so Mrs. Wan didn’t have a chance to fight back. The officers show what was found near the body. It’s a persimmon leaf and hair pin. Jiang Shuo recognizes the hairpin as belonging to Sakurako from the night he questioned her about Mr. Gui’s murder.

Mu Qing takes the hairpin and runs into the interrogation room to demand answers out of driver Si. She says that Sakurako is the murderer and demands the truth. Being confronted with the hairpin, driver Si confesses the he killed Mr. Tang and Mr. Gui for always fooling around with Sakurako. Mu Qing says that she didn’t ask about them, but her aunt instead.

Driver Si says that her aunt always frequented the bathhouse so he killed her after she found out that he was the murderer. Mu Qing says that he’s a liar as her aunt would never go there. Yi Heng says that Mrs. Wan died less than an hour ago while he’s been in custody. If Mrs. Wan really did die in the bathhouse.. Driver Si is desperate now saying that he’s the killer but Jiang Shuo has pulled out the copper coins and the dragon candle. Jiang Shuo throws him into the Psych.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are back on the persimmon leaf shaped boat. The colours on the boat are a lot duller then when they were in the children’s Psych. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng seem to have worked on their mime communication skills though as they seem to understand each other better this time. The leaf boat eventually lands on shore and when they get out they find multiple footprints in the dirt.

After miming again, Jiang Shuo says that he’s so tired.. that’s when they realize that in this Psych they can talk. Since it’s Si’s Psych they assume one of the small footprints must belong to the little kid version of driver Si. They follow the footprints from the beach for a long while until they reach a forest where the footprints disappear.

They are having no luck finding the owners of the footprints though. Jiang Shuo suggests that Si’s persimmon tree, the leaf tattoo and the leaf boat. If they could find a persimmon leaf here or something related to it they might find the them. They continue to look and come across a cave hidden in the leaves. The two just look at each other a little surprised.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 33!