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Psych Hunter: Episode 31


Dr. Shen arrives home to check out the files that she’s taken from Old Master Qin when she hears a noise. She hides the files under the bed, then goes to check it out. She opens the window to find that it was just a cat knocking over a bottle outside. Relieved she closes the window shutters only to have someone grab her from behind.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we go back to when Dr. Shen had just taken the files from Old Master Qin. She gives them a quick read through then heads off to the archives. Dr. Shen digs out the hospital records and compares them side by side with the files that she’s found. It turns out that they are the same people. The files she stole say that these people can be used.

Dr. Shen then remembers asking her sister Li Mi why she wrote about such terrifying stories. Li Mi told her that the places where the murders took place used to belong to their family. Li Mi said that she had to investigate it further. Dr. Shen wonders why Old Master Qin would have this kind of information. She then puts the files back and leaves the room.

Yi Chi goes into his fahter’s room to tell him about the missing ledger only to realize that he’s fast asleep. Yi Chi tries to wake him up, then realizes that the files his father held are now also missing. He searches frantically before calling for the nurse. He yells at the nurse to go get Dr. Shen there now.

At the compound Jiang Shuo is complaining that Wan Jiang Shuo is too devious, he can’t believe that he got away from them again. He suggests that Yi Heng go with him again to the casino to catch him. Yi Heng says that now that Jiang Shuo will have his guard up, so he probably won’t go back.

Mu Qing suggests that now they know Shen Tian is the youngest Jiang sibling, why don’t they just ask her what really happened back in in 1912? Yi Heng says that they can try but he had already tested her, she wasn’t lying and she didn’t know what happened.

The phone rings and because Jiang Shuo is right beside it, he answers as Yi Heng was ignoring it. The woman on the other end asks for Yi Heng so Jiang Shuo hands it over telling Yi Heng the call is for him. It turns out to be Shen Tian calling to say that she stole a file and an old mortuary record off of his father.

Yi Heng says that he’ll be right over but Shen Tian says that she wants to look it over tonight then sets up a meeting with Yi Heng for the next day at noon. With that scheduled, he hangs up the phone.

A few moments later Sergeant Bai drops by with something that Yi Heng needs to look at. Yi Heng opens the document to find out that the partner of Jiang Ye back then was his father. Sergeant Bai says that night all six Jiang family members were found dead. The police had wanted to investigate further but for some reason they hit a dead end.

After what happened rumours spread saying that ghosts had murdered the family. Yi Heng realizes that what happened to his brother may not have been accident but something caused by a Jiang family member. Yi Heng tells the others that he has to go out for a while then leaves the room.

Yi Heng goes to his father’s room in the hospital in order to show his father the file. He asks his father to tell him what really happened that night, his brother Yi Chi was about to enter the rooom, instead he hangs out at the door eavesdropping. His father says that the Jiang Ye was a philanthropist on the outside but sold copper to the Japanese. He says that Jiang Ye committed a treasonous act.

His father says that Jiang Ye ruined the reputation of the Chamber of Commerce. Yi Heng asks his father if he was the one to blow the whistle on Jiang Ye. His father then gets defensive asking Yi Heng if that’s how he sees his father. That’s when Yi Chi finally decides to enter the room.

Yi Chi tells his brother that he’s an adult now, so he should understand their father better. His brother says that their father did it for their sake and that Yi Heng shouldn’t talk to their father with that kind of attitude. Yi Chi demands that his brother apologize to their father.

Yi Heng says that if their father truly did it for the family and his sake then he should be able to tell him what happened in 1912. Yi Heng also asks his brother why he went to the Jiang residence, what secrets are they hiding? When neither one answers his questions, Yi Heng says that he understands now, it’s not really for their family. He grabs the document and leaves the room.

Later that night, Dr. Shen walks home hurriedly as she feels like she’s being followed. She even turns around in the street to check but doesn’t see anyone there. She locks the door and starts to check the files when she hears a noise. She hides the files under the bed and goes to open the window to see what happened.

It turns out that it was just a cat. Relieved she closes the window when someone grabs her from behind and starts to choke her. There seems to be psychic link between the siblings as the others seem to know something bad has happened to one of them.

Jiang Shuo is pacing in the abandoned church while Yi Heng just sits in a chair as they wait for Shen Tian to show up. However once the door opens it’s not Shen Tian but her sister Jiang Yan. She demands to know what they are doing there and they quickly tell her that Shen Tian told them to meet here. Jiang Yan says that’s impossible otherwise why would her sister ask her to meet there as well.

Since she’s there, Yi Heng asks about when Jiang Ye was convicted of treason, did the Qin family have anything to do with it? Jiang Yan mockingly says that Yi Heng is the second son of the family doesn’t he know the truth?

Zhen Jiang Yan tells Yi Heng that his family is getting more hypocritical. She goes to leave but Yi Heng grabs her arm. He tells her that he must know the truth about the situation. He then tells her that he’s sorry as he signals Jiang Shuo to pull out the copper coins and throw her into the Psych.

Once in the Psych Jiang Shuo notes the difference between the two sibling Psych’s. Yi Heng says that if the Psych is different than the things they’ve seen may be different as well. They enter the house to see a big banner draped over the front proclaiming that the philanthropist Jiang Ye donates to 20 new elementary schools.

There’s definitely a much more upbeat music inside the house. In fact they see all four children being happy while a dinner party seems to be happening inside the house. A moment later after the children go upstairs a man asks to have a private word with Jiang Ye.

Jiang Ye tells the man that he will never sell the copper mine to the Japanese. The man says that the Japanese are willing to pay the equivalent to the profit of mining ore for 20 years. The man says that afterwards Jiang Ye can continue his philanthropy work while the man runs his business. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Jiang Ye says that he’s a philanthropist but not a traitor to his country. He says that once the Japanese have the copper mine they will begin to make firearms. The man tells Jiang Ye to think about it again but Jiang Ye says that as long as he’s alive the Japanese won’t get a single piece of ore.

After Jiang Ye leaves, the man turns around and it’s the guy with no face. Jiang Shuo grabs Yi Heng’s arm just in case they need to leave. The man raises his arms and ninjas appear out of nowhere around him. The powers also goes out in the house. All the guests stand up and in one direction but don’t move.

Jiang Ye grabs his wife and the two leave the room as they are concerned about the children. Jiang Shuo presses Yi Heng against a wall putting himself between Yi Heng and danger. The ninjas go right past the two of them though and head upstairs.

After the ninjas leaves the no face man disappears into black pixels like bad chips. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that they should go upstairs. After going upstairs they see the Mom running down the hallway with the two daughters, a ninja gets in front of them but Jiang Ye manages to shoot him down.

Jiang Ye tells his wife to take the kids and run. He holds off the ninjas that manage to cut him a bunch of times with their swords when the no face man signals them to attack. The no face man then points the ninjas in the direction of Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo says that it’s time to leave.

Yi Heng wakes up with a jolt putting his arm up to defend against non existent ninjas before he realizes that he’s back in the real world. Jiang Shuo blows out the candle, then goes to wake up Jiang Yan. Once she’s awake, Jiang Shuo tells her that they know what happened to her now.

She wonders what they did to her. Yi Heng asks if she believes that the person that framed her father and sold copper to the Japanese was his father. She tells him that she no proof that his father is the real murderer. However after her father died, his father became the sole operator.

She tells them that she married Sun Zhi Long in order to find out if Yi Heng’s father was the business partner of Jiang Ye back then. Jiang Shuo wants to know how her mother could run away with the children that night, yet all six family members were found dead the next day.

After her father was convicted of treason his friends all began to twist the knife. Her mother found four child corpses from a mass grave and disguised them as the Jiang siblings to fake their death before running off with them.

Jiang Yan says that her father did good deeds all his life, then died so miserably. She swore then that her family wouldn’t do kind deeds for others anymore. She was the one to write on the windows and banners in the house. Then Li Mi runs into the church to tell them that something bad has happened to Shen Tian.

The two sisters quickly leave the church, Jiang Shuo grabs Yi Heng before he can follow and says that he should get Mu Qing first. Then they leave the church as well.

The group plus Mu Qing arrive at Shen Tian’s house to find her dead with another dead body in the room as well. Wan Jiang Shuo is crying over his sister’s body while Sergeant Bai is checking out the other body. A distraught Jiang Yan goes to her sister saying that their father’s last words were that being kind meant having a bad end. She wonders why her sister didn’t listen to her as then she would be alive.

She shakes her sister’s body trying to “wake” her up. She then points to the other body saying that person must’ve killed her sister. Jiang Yan then turns to Yi Heng demanding to know why her sister wanted to meet him in their usual meeting spot.

She grabs Yi Heng by the collar demanding to know the answer but Yi Heng stays silent. Mu Qing says it’s because they needed to talk and Shen Tian wanted to meet there instead of the hospital. Li Mi says that it must be Qin Yi Chi’s doing and that she will get revenge on him.

Li Mi grabs a weapons then tries to leave. Jiang Shuo grabs her, telling her to calm down. However she escapes his grasp running out of the room. Her sister Jiang Yan is close behind her. The rest of the gang follow as it’s clear she’s going to try and kill Yi Chi.

Sure enough Li Mi bursts into Old Master Qin’s hospital room trying to kill Yi Chi. Sergeant Bai was close behind and manages to grab her before anyone gets hurt. Sergeant Bai tells Yi Chi that her sister was just murdered and asks him to forgive her. Li Mi cries that they are all in on it together.

She demands that Sergeant Bai ask Yi Chi where he was last night. Yi Chi says that he taking care of his father all night and that the nurses can confirm his alibi. He also says he doesn’t know who her sister is, whether she is dead or alive he has nothing to do with it. He yells that she better not slander him.

Li Mi screams that she doesn’t believe him, as the hospital staff all worked for the Qin family. Mu Qing tells her that Sergeant Bai and the police are here now so they will find out the truth of the matter.

Sergeant Bai tells her that he will give her an answer but if she keeps causing a scene he will have to follow the law and arrest her. Jiang Yan takes hold of her sister and warns her not to do anything stupid.

The trio investigate the crime scene when Mu Qing says that it’s odd, did the person kill for money? If so then why was Zhang San dead too then. Yi Heng says that the bodies were found by Wan Jiang Shuo and the coroner confirmed that Zhang San died because he was stabbed with the scissors.

Shen Tian was strangled to death though. All the money in the house was gone and Zhang San once promised long ago to leave the place after taking the money. Yi Heng wonders what Zhang San could have been doing there then. Jiang Shuo suggests that their was a third person there that killed everyone?

Xiao Hei comes into the room telling them that Sergeant Bai sent him to fetch them because they have a lead on Shen Tian’s case. Everyone leaves the room.

Yi Heng interrogates the suspect asking if he’s the one that stole all the money from Shen Tian’s house. The man nods his head, Yi Heng demands that he tell them how he did it.

According to him, after she saw the cat and went to close the window he grabbed her through the window, strangling her. However she bit him and broke free that’s when Zhang San charged at her but she had grabbed this scissors and stabbed him. He had already broken neck though just before he died. That’s when he went in to steal the valuables.

Sergeant Bai indicates that the officers can take away the prisoner. Once he’s gone, Sergeant Bai asks what the other two think about it. Jiang Shuo says that Zhang San is dead and the only person that was close to him is Wan Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo suggests that they have a chat with the other Jiang shuo.

Wan Jiang Shuo is telling everyone that there is no way Zhang San would kill Shen Tian because the two were like brothers. He says that Zhang San promised him last time that he would keep Shen Tian protected. He insists that there’s no way he would kill her.

Jiang Shuo wonders if there is a chance that the man they interrogated could be the killer? Jiang Shuo doesn’t think that it’s a simple case of murder for money. Yi Heng says of course not, otherwise after murdering the two for money, would the person then turn himself in to the police? It doesn’t make sense.

Yi Heng believes that the murderer did it to cover something up. Mu Qing asks Yi Heng what did Shen Tian want to give him. That’s when Yi Heng has a flashback to the phone call the two had about the file. Yi Heng runs back into the crime scene to see the body outline and guesses that Shen Tian was leaving a hint.

Yi Heng then finds the files that were hidden under the bed. He’s about to take them into the other room, when Jiang Shuo stops him asking him if he wants to look them over first. Yi Heng says there’s no need then goes back into the room to show everyone what he’s found.

Jiang Shuo goes through the hospital mortuary records and notes that it’s every case they’ve done so far. In fact the files are sorted by the time of those cases so there’s nothing odd there. He holds up the documents so everyone can see that he’s not hiding anything.

Jiang Shuo wonders why Shen Tian took these records out of the hospital. Yi Heng says that the problem lies with the other documents that Shen Tian stole from his father. The information on every victim of every case they’ve solved so far is in there. There are three questionable points here, like Wan Qian for example as every house he sold was bought from someone else.

The time of the house purchase was also recorded. The second questionable point is that his weakness was written down as well, his fear of death, his obsession to prolong life. The third questionable point is the same on every page in the document and those are the words that say “I can use him”.

Jiang Shuo says that every victim was clearly investigated while they were alive with their vulnerabilities written down. Jiang Shuo says that it’s clear that every case they’ve investigated so far was orchestrated by the seller. Jiang Shuo says that they should interpret the last words on the page to mean that Liu Zhi could use this person.

Yi Heng says that Shen Tian stole these files from his father, so do they think that his father has something to do with Liu Zhi? Mu Qing tells Yi Heng not to overthink it. His father might have nothing to do with Liu Zhi after all, his father can’t read minds.

Mu Qing tells him that his father isn’t Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo says that regardless of whether or not his father has something to do with Liu Zhi they need to find the original of the houses that were sold. Li Mi says that the houses originally belonged to the Jiang family.

After what happened to her father, the family assets were confiscated. However the four siblings are still concerned about the houses. Li Mi started to get suspicious when all their cases happened in those houses. That’s why she wrote her serial stories based on the murders.

She wants to know who sold those houses to the victims turning the homes into murder houses. Jiang Shuo is going through the files and says that the cases that they solved weren’t very far apart. Wan Qian for example was on February 18, 1919. Bin was on March 9, 1919. The watch shop was April 18, 1919. Jian Yan tells him to stop as she has something she wants to show them.

Jiang Yan pulls out the ledger and they put all the information on the table. They find that the profiles, files and ledger all line up. Yi Heng flips to the end of the ledger but can’t find records for where a large sum of money came from in 1912. Jiang Yan says that she knows where the money came from.

Jiang Yan says that back then her father was framed and the government convicted him of treason for selling a copper mine to the Japanese. Her father was murdered that night, though it was reported to be a suicide. Jiang Yan says that her father had a partner at that time, though while her mother was alive she would never reveal the name of that partner.

Qin Yi then became the sole operator of the copper mine. That means that the biggest beneficiary of events was Qin Yi. Jiang Yan points out that the date and the amount of the payment correspond to the copper mine incident back then. Yi Heng is stunned and has to sit down as he realizes that she suspects his father of setting up her family back then.

Jiang Yan admits that she does as the siblings have been investigating for years and haven’t found another suspect. She also tells him that the ledger belongs to his family. Jiang Yan says that she married Sun Zhi Long in order to investigate the matter. Yi Heng says that if these houses were put on the market by his family then the seller must be his father.

Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo since he sold the properties for Liu Zhi what the relationship between his father and Liu Zhi might be. Jiang Shuo grips Yi Heng’s shoulder to offer comfort and says that no matter what the relationship is, they should just go and ask him. Poor Yi Heng is holding back tears but he agrees.

The trio arrive at the hospital room to see Yi Chi chewing out the hospital staff. Yi Heng asks where their father is but Yi Chi says he was already missing when he arrived. Yi Heng looks around and finds burned paper in the bedpan underneath the bed. He hands over a piece that he finds to Jiang Shuo (I don’t know what it says).

Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo leave the room. Mu Qing says that it’s hard to see Yi Heng so upset. Mu Qing says that if something like that happens with her family.. she doesn’t get to finish her sentence because Jiang Shuo suddenly hugs her. After the hug, Mu Qing tells him that she will go to her father to see if there isn’t a way that they can find Uncle Qin. Jiang Shuo walks her out

At the prison, some drunk that was just brought in stumbles and drops a paper into the other cell. In the cell is the man that turned himself in for the murder of Shen Tian. The note says that his personal affairs are in order and he can die in peace. The man then eats the paper before ramming his head into a wall to commit suicide.

Back at the compound Jiang Shuo says that he’s studied the paper numerous times but he has still has no clue. He tells Yi Heng that if they are to find his father then they need to start with the note. Jiang Shuo wonders if the character can represent the twelve earthly branches and eight symbols?

Yi Heng says that his father doesn’t know about that stuff. He tells Jiang Shuo that if it is indeed his father’s handwriting then it doesn’t mean earthly branches but underground instead. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng to clarify. Yi Heng says that his father always said that he was looking for the underground river.

Yi Heng says that everything that happened at the Jiang residence proves that his father has something to do with Liu Zhi’s cases. Yi Heng says that he just can’t figure out what his father is up to now. Jiang Shuo says that if Yi Heng’s father is truly for the underground river than their goal is the same.

Jiang Shuo says that once they solve Liu Zhi’s Rubix Cube then they will find his father.

Mu Qing is eating with her family. General Yuan teases his sister on finding a good husband that pampers her. She accuses him of teasing her again, while he claims that he’s not. Her husband tells General Yuan not to worry as he will treat Shu Xuan well. General Yuan says that he has no doubts about that.

Her father than asks Mu Qing when she will find a husband that pampers her so he doesn’t have to worry. Mu Qing tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about that. General Yuan gets mad and demands to know if she’s been hanging out with that punk Jiang Shuo again.

Mu Qing reminds him that she’s told him many times that Jiang Shuo is not a punk. Her aunt backs her up by telling her brother to stop meddling in his daughter’s personal life, Qing’er knows what she wants in her life. General Yuan claims that he’s not meddling. He says that she just loves to get herself into trouble.

Mu Qing asks her father if he knows that Uncle Qin has returned recently. General Yuan says that of course he knows that, then says that he’s gone mad hasn’t he? Then he wonders why his daughter is asking. She says it’s because she heard he went missing a few days ago, and that it might have something to do with Liu Zhi. She wonders if they can help.

Her father gets really angry saying that Qin Yi is just a businessman. Doesn’t he have family that can report his disappearance to the police? He warns her not to get involved in this matter. Her aunt tells them to drop it and just eat their dinner.

Sergeant Bai and his officers are also eating dinner at police HQ. There’s some light teasing between them as they drink. Xiao Hei wants to be like Sergeant Bai one day, a great detective while the other officer just wants to be a good cop. Sergeant Bai says that one day he might sack the other officer, Xiao Hei tells him not to. (honestly he should that other guy is terrible).

That night someone gets murdered and strung up in a public looking spot.

Jiang Shuo wakes up in the Psych however Liu Zhi isn’t there. Jiang Shuo demands that Liu Zhi show himself as he has a question for him. Soon creepy laughter fills the air. Liu Zhi doesn’t show himself but the creepy laughter continues for a while, Jiang Shuo continues to demand Liu Zhi show himself.

Liu Zhi tells him not to worry as there are only two more levels to go before they can meet. Light shoots up from the mini Rubix cube lighting up the word Qin.

At Tian Shen Port the police are investigating the death of Tang Ming the owner of a shipping business. Sergeant Bai tells Xiao Hei to look into the victim’s background to see if he had any enemies. Yi Chi is there and asks rather sneakily why Yi Heng is there. Yi Heng asks if their father has come home yet.

Sergeant Bai tells Yi Heng to focus on the case first. (Sibling rivalry is strong here). Yi Chi wonders what the meaning of this, does Sergeant Bai hold his brother in such high regard that he promotes him from doctor to medical examiner?

Yi Chi then complains that he runs a busy port and that he’s had to shut business down all morning. He asks Sergeant Bai if he can’t get rid of all of this. Sergeant Bai reminds Yi Chi that a man has died, they will investigate it. Yi Heng investigates the body and finds that that Tang Ming didn’t die from asphyxiation by being hung but rather someone strangled him from behind and broke his neck.

Yi Heng tells them that Tang Ming has been dead for 12 hours. Yi Heng says that there are no defensive wounds so it’s likely his death was quick and that he never saw the face of his killer. Yi Heng suggests that it’s the work of a professional killer.

Some dock workers come up saying that it’s a shipping business not the streets. The leader then demands to know why this couldn’t be investigated outside of his territory. Yi Chi gets close to the man and says that he had already told him that he’s not cut out for this business, will he continue to sabotage his family’s business.

Yi Chi says that he gave the man money to leave the port peacefully. Yi Chi says that the man has the audacity to claim it as his territory. The man says that Yi Chii should listen to himself since Yi Chi compared him to his watchdog. Yi Chi asks if the man compares himself to a dog?

Yi Chi says that the man is overestimating himself. Sergeant Bai has had enough and yells at them to deal with their issues in private. Sergeant Bai then tells Yi Chi that they have to inspect the dead man’s cargo and asks him for his cooperation. Yi Chi balks because carrying the body away isn’t enough and now they want to inspect the man’s cargo?

Yi Chi says that they’re not a big undertaking and they don’t have time to entertain the officers. He says that they have lots of valuable cargo waiting to be shipped, who will compensate him for the losses. Besides if they lose the cargo will Sergeant Bai pay for it himself?

Yi Heng says that he will take responsibility for it. Yi Heng then asks where the cargo is stored, Xiao Hei point to the building behind Sergeant Bai. Yi Heng goes off to investigate with his brother close behind him. Sergeant Bai has the expression of someone praying for serenity to deal with entitled brats.

Yi Heng has a head start so it takes a bit of effort for Yi chi to catch up. Yi Chi then tries to block his brother asking if he’s really going to associate with those cops. Yi Heng tells his brother that they had better let them search just to be safe.

Yi Chi tells his brother that he should stay out of this. Yi Heng grabs a crow bar and heads towards the nearest box. Yi Heng asks his brother to explain but his brother says that their father wants him to stay out of it.

Yi Heng makes the logical assumption that his brother must know where their father is then. Yi Chi admits that he has no idea where their father is but he doesn’t expect Yi Heng to contribute to the family. His brother says that things are complicated in the port and he should just stay out of it.

So ends Episode 31 of Psych Hunter so roll those end credits!

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