Ingredients: Episode 9 Friends

Tops is about to go shopping when Marwin calls him to say that he’s going to have friends over for a party , so he asks Tops to buy some snacks. Tops agrees, before scanning the QR code outside the grocery store and going inside. (The store is called TOPs Market).

Later that night Peter is a late guest to the party and Marwin makes sure that he uses both the hand sanitizer and the spray. Peter says that Marwin must be pretty lonely to throw a party. Marwin says that he’s not lonely he just wanted to meet up with everyone.

Peter says he’s hungry and asks Marwin what he’s prepared for him. Marwin tells him that Tops is preparing something that looks delicious. Peter being late has to sit on the floor.

Tops is preparing what appears to be some bite size wraps that look pretty tasty.

Tops brings it out to the group. The person in the hat asks Marwin if they can stay for two weeks since everything looks delicious. Another friend asks her how she could stay there since she’s a girl. The friends says to look around as there are only guys there.

Marwin quickly takes a bite of the wraps. Marwin tells the others that they can only eat half of the food that Tops made. The friends want to play a game, spin the bottle only when the bottle points to someone they have to answer a question.

Marwin asks Tops if he’s going to take off his apron, Tops says that he always forgets about it. Marwin says that he’s not cooking now so he has to take it off.

Marwin spins the bottle and the friend with white hair purposely stops it so it points at Peter. Marwin asks him about the girl he recently posted about on his Instagram. They want to know what the story is with her. Peter says that she’s a friend, a sister. Marwin asks if he’s sure.

Peter claims that it’s his real sister, he just gave birth to her. Marwin points out that his mom would give birth not him. So he amends that she’s just a friend he took a picture with because she complimented his looks.

They say that they shouldn’t have let Peter go first. So they spin the bottle again, white hair interferes with the process so that it points to Marwin now. Peter asks Marwin why he’s eating so many vegetables today when he usually avoids them. Marwin says that the vegetables today are very tasty.

Peter asks if he’s sure that’s the case and not because of the person who made the dish. Tops is smiling in the corner. Marwin says that’s it not because of the person that made it, it’s delicious and gives him more vitamins.

Peter says that even when Marwin’s system isn’t good (bathroom troubles) he still usually won’t eat vegetables. Marwin says that he’s been working out a lot lately. Peter wonders what the relation between working out and vegetables is. Marwin wonders why it matters to them if he eats veggies or not.

Marwin says that they are awfully nosy today. Marwin decides to just take a shot instead of continuing the conversation. Tops tells Marwin that he’s overdoing it since there was no alcohol in any of the drinks. Tops wonders why they would want alcohol since it makes getting infected easier.

Eventually the guests all pass out anyway. Tops is cleaning up and accidentally hits Marwin on the back of the head with a plate. Marwin asks Tops where he’s going and Tops says that he’s going to do the dishes. Tops apologizes and asks Marwin if it hurts.

Tops asks if Marwin had too much drank. Tops also asks if Marwin is okay since his friends teased him about eating vegetables. Marwin says it’s fine, he’s been working out and needs the vitamins. Marwin then says that they can talk later as he’s going back to sleep. After Tops leaves Marwin decides that he doesn’t want to stay in the room with the others so he leaves.

That’s the end of Episode 9!