Ingredients: Episode 3 Fulfill

Marwin is practicing on the guitar when he gets FaceTime call. He answers and the person on the other end asks him what day it is.

Tops can’t help but overhear and it turns out to be Marwin’s birthday today. The person on the other end of the line wants to celebrate but Marwin tells them that he doesn’t have any money. The person on the other end of the line says not to worry, he can eat whatever he wants and the other person will pay for it. Tops didn’t know it was his birthday.

Marwin asks if the other person is serious and they say that they are. Marwin is excited when he hangs up the phone to go and get ready meanwhile Tops just starts cooking.

Much later that night, the house is dark when Marwin comes down the stairs. Tops calls out to him scaring him, then asks him to come over and help. Marwin comes over wondering what he has to do. Tops tells him to hold the plate. Marwin is confused and asks why Tops doesn’t just put the plate on the table.

Tops then puts some baked goods on the plate then adds cream. He tells Marwin to turn the plate for him as he applies the cream.

Tops gives instructions on the pace of the plate turning like slow down, go faster. Marwin wonders if he’s almost done, and Tops says almost.

Marwin asks if Tops is almost done as Peter is calling him. Tops then gets Marwin to close his eyes for a moment so that he can light the candle. (The 6 candle represents Jeff’s real birthday, he says so on YouTube)

Tops then tells Marwin that he can open his eyes. Once he does, Tops wishes him a Happy Birthday! Marwin says that Tops even got decorative lights. Tops asks Marwin if he likes it and Marwin says how could he not?

Tops tells him to blow out the candle, Marwin says that he has to make a wish first. Marwin blows out the candle then thanks Tops for everything. He thanks him for the mini cake too as he knows that it took Tops quite a while to make. Tops smiles at the compliment, when Marwins phone rings again (I now hate his phone).

Peter wants to know if Marwin has left yet. Marwin says that he’s leaving now. Marwin says that he has to go now, but Marwin won’t let him go without eating the cake first. Marwin tries a bite then tells Tops that it’s yummy as always.

Marwin then asks Tops if he’s free tonight, and if he wants to come out with him? Tops says sure and is about to head out when Marwin grabs him by the apron strings and asks if he’s going to go out like that. Tops shyly says that he forgot.

Marwin tells him to go get changed, he won’t go anywhere without him.

That ends Episode 3!