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Psych Hunter: Episode 21


This episode starts off with an old time movie look. It looks like there is a fight and the bad guys kill somebody. The leader then comes down and marks the body with Liu Zhi’s symbol (maybe he’s the movie’s Liu Zhi?)

Now roll those opening credits!

Now we go back to where we left off in the previous episode with Shang Yu waking up in the compound asking not only where she is, but who are they. Bu Yan tells her that he is her father and calls her Ling’er.

Shang Yu says that she doesn’t know them and then leaves. Bu Yan is about to go after her, when Jiang Shuo and Xiao Quan stop him. Jiang Shuo tells Bu Yan to think properly first as it might not be her. Bu Yan says that of course it’s Zhao Ling, he can recognize his own daughter.

Bu Yan also says that the lily necklace that she wears is the one he made for her. It’s the only one of it’s kind. Bu Yan wonders why she doesn’t recognize him though. Bu Yan also wonders what may have happened to her since she disappeared a year ago. Jiang Shuo can only offer a hand on his shoulder for comfort as he doesn’t know either.

Elsewhere Yi Heng is reading the daily news that proclaims that the terrorist Liu Zhi has been sighted. Yi Heng asks someone how they think the newspaper got a hold of this information. It turns out he’s with Sergeant Bai.

Sergeant Bai says that he doesn’t know since the Liu Zhi case has always been top secret. That’s why he was wondering how it could have been leaked. Yi Heng says that maybe Liu Zhi leaked the information himself.

A subordinate comes into the room bringing with him some take out from a local restaurant. As Sergeant Bai is putting down his paper, Yi Heng notices the article about Shang Yu. He puts the two newspapers together and wonders if the two articles are related (Liu Zhi, and Shang Yu).

We go back to the movie set where the other performers from the compound have indeed become actors in the movie. It turns out that they were not cast as celebrities the way Mantou thought they would be but as misfits and villains of the movie.

Xiao Quan says the most miserable one out of them is still Jiang Shuo though. Jiang Shuo comes out to talk to the director complaining that he doesn’t want to play the character of Liu Zhi (I don’t blame him on that one!).

Everyone thinks it’s because Jiang Shuo doesn’t want to play his enemy. It turns out though that Jiang Shuo’s complaint with the character is the fact that his face is always hidden (LOL!) Jiang Shuo begs for another role where he doesn’t have to always hide his face.

The director asks Jiang Shuo why he’s so troublesome and then goes over to talk Shang Yu. Jiang Shuo takes off his mask.

The director tells Shang Yu that her performance today has been terrible and at this rate they are going to have to work overtime. He says that he doesn’t want to stress her out, but she needs to get her act together. Bu Yan overhears this.

Shang Yu apologizes to the director and then tells him that she needs to wash up. She goes to leave when Bu Yan offers her a cloth. She ignores it, and walks away. Bu Yan says that the cloth is brand new, then watches as she leaves.

Outside the film studio, Shang Yu is talking with a man. The man asks her why is she so dispirited today, as the director told him that none of her takes were any good. The man says that he’s supporting her so that she can make money for him, not to put up with her attitude.

Shang Yu says that she doesn’t have an attitude. The man asks her what’s wrong then? Is she looking for a boy toy? She yells no then asks if that’s what the man thinks of her. She says that she’s been stalked everyday, had her home intruded upon, how is she supposed to work under those conditions?

She asks how can stay calm. The man says that it’s all his fault. Then he says that the fans have been quite wild lately. He tells her that he’s going to hire a butler and someone to drive her around town and asks her if that’s okay. Bu Yan is listening to the conversation from a little distance off.

We then get to see an action sequence in the movie where the two main leads fight against the villains but are then rendered useless by the movie villain Liu Zhi. It looks like Shang Yu’s character is dead, which is why Liu Zhi draws the mark on her body.

We then see the male lead come up with catty woman from the dressing room and it looks like they beat up the villains and kill Liu Zhi, then it’s the end of the movie (the soundtrack for the movie reminds me of chocobo music to be honest).

When the movie ends there is a round of applause from the audience. The director comes onto the stage to thank people for coming to the premiere of the movie “The Mystery of Liu Zhi”. The director then invites the male lead and the catty actress up on stage. It turns out that the catty actress managed to become the female lead of the movie.

Mu Qing says that it stinks that Shang Yu got very little screen time and wasn’t even invited on stage. Mu Qing says that she thinks the female lead’s acting can’t compare to hers.

Yi Heng asks her what she thinks about Jiang Shuo’s acting then. Mu Qing just smiles but doesn’t actually answer the question. Yi Heng says that he thinks Jiang Shuo portrayed Liu Zhi exactly as how Yi Heng imagined him. Mu Qing says that’s no surprise as who in this world knows Liu Zhi better than Jiang Shuo?

Back stage the group from the compound vie for spot to peek at the lead actors on stage. Mantou says that it must be nice to be a celebrity, to be able to be on screen and seen by so many people. Bai She tells Mantou that she can forget about it as they are only supporting actors, or rather clowns.

Xiao Quan tells Mantou not to worry because at least they will be recognized as actors at the curtain call. Jiang Shuo has been sitting on the stairs watching Shang Yu the whole time thinking. A few moments later the supporting actors are called to the stage.

When the supporting actors come out onto the stage it’s no surprise that Shang Yu gets a lot of attention, she actually has more fans yelling for her than the lead couple. Mu Qing yells that she loves Jiang Shuo from her seat.

The director tells the audience to settle down, then opens the floor to questions about his movie. Sure enough the first question is about the sighting of the murderer Liu Zhi and if it has something to do with the movie. The next question is whether or not the sighting is a publicity stunt or if it’s real.

The director tells people to calm down and then says that life and art imitate each other. The director tells everyone not to pay attention to rumours about Liu Zhi and to focus on the movie itself. That leads the questions about why Shang Yu’s part was deleted and why is the catty actress now the female lead?

The audience says that they were supporting the movie for Shang Yu and to have the female lead change, is upsetting. The audience asks if it’s a scam. The director can’t contain the audience’s anger at being tricked so he says that’s all for the premiere. The director then thanks everyone for coming. The angry audience members begin to rush the stage.

Mu Qing goes to get out of her seat intending to go to Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng grabs her arm and tells her that Jiang Shuo can handle this type of situation, besides there’s no way she could squeeze through the crowd to get to him anyway.

Yi Heng sits back and watches as the crowd starts to throw things at the cast. Jiang Shuo does his best to protect his friends from things. Yi Heng says that watching this is even better than the movie.

Later back stage the female lead accuses Shang Yu of hiring those fans to make trouble. She says that no matter what Shang Yu does, she will never be the movie queen. Shang Yu says that she’s not as shameless as the catty actress.

Shang Yu says that speaking of shamelessness, does she need to remind miss catty actress how she became the female lead in the first place? Ms. Catty actress dares Shang Yu to say it again, which of course she does. Ms. Catty goes to slap Shang Yu but Shang Yu is faster and manages to grab her arm before she can.

The director tells Ms. Catty to calm down. Then he tells Shang Yu what happened was her fault so she needs to apologize to Ms. Catty actress. Shang Yu asks him why should she apologize when she didn’t do anything wrong?

The guy in the suit says that everyone saw what Shang Yu did to the catty actress so she should just apologize and not let it affect their relationship. Shang Yu just gives them all a look, then walks past them as she leaves the room. As she leaves the room, there is some creepy guy watching from around the corner.

Elsewhere Mu Qing is saying is that she didn’t realize Shang Yu was quite so popular that even her fans fought for her. Jiang Shuo says that it looked like Yi Heng enjoyed the show while Jiang Shuo was acting on stage. Jiang Shuo asked Yi Heng to check up on Shang Yu earlier so now he asks for an update.

Yi Heng teases him about being a superstar and thought such a big superstar wouldn’t care about the case anymore. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo why hasn’t anybody asked for his autograph yet? Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng to quit teasing him and tell him what he knows.

Yi Heng and Mu Qing had gone to the police station but found out that Shang Yu wasn’t from the city, so her census data isn’t there. About a year ago, Shang Yu showed up on “Unknown Singer” but there was no reports about her amnesia. Yi Heng says that makes her a mystery.

Mu Qing finds it all a bit strange and she’s certain Shang Yu must be Zhao Ling. After all Zhao Ling goes missing and then Shang Yu shows up, always covering her face for some reason. Jiang Shuo says it’s odd since while they filmed the movie, the people from the compound surrounded her, yet she never gave anything away.

Jiang Shuo says that although they don’t know what’s going on yet, Liu Zhi said that Zhao Ling had something to do with the underground river. Jiang Shuo tells the others that they still don’t know what Liu Zhi’s next step is.

Yi Heng reassures him that they will just take it one step at time, playing it by ear. Mu Qing offers to go with Jiang Shuo and the two clink their glasses.

Elsewhere the weather has started to turn a bit nasty with thunder and lightning. Shang Yu gets out of a rickshaw with her golden clock and stands outside. Bu Yan comes out of the building with an umbrella for her. She angrily asks him, why he came outside when she told him to wait inside the house for her.

Bu Yan tells her that it’s going to rain soon, then he looks down at the umbrella. Shang Yu gives him a small hug, saying thank you. Then her attitude changes and she tells him not to do this kind of unnecessary stuff anymore.

Shang Yu then goes inside the house without the umbrella. We get a flashback to the man Shang Yu was talking to outside of the film studio. Apparently hiring butlers was really expensive. However Bu Yan knocked on his door, Bu Yan offered his service for free.

Once inside Bu Yan tells Shang Yu that dinner is ready and that he made all her favourite dishes. He encourages to her to eat something otherwise the food will go to waste. Bu Yan asks her if she wants the food heated up. Shang Yu instead asks for some fruit.

Bu Yan gets the fruit for her but she notes that there are no persimmons. Bu Yan says that she doesn’t like persimmons, leading Shang Yu to say angrily that she’s not Zhao Ling.

Seeing Bu Yan’s hangdog expression, she apologizes and claims that she’s tired and will go to rest now. She gets up and leaves the table without eating anything.

The next day a man is looking for the catty actress since it’s the audition for the female lead of another movie today. He asks if anyone has contacted her yet. The woman assistant says that they’ve tried contacting her with no response yet. They haven’t been able to contact her since last night. (Cue ominous music).

The man thinks that little miss catty has let praise go to her head. So he tells the assistant to forget about her for now, they’ll just change the scene first. That’s one some other guy yells that Liu Zhi has killed someone! The man and the assistant go to see what happened, only to find miss Catty actress dead!

Sometime later Jiang Shuo, Yi Heng and Sergeant Bai arrive on scene. They get to hear the man babble about Liu Zhi killing someone. Sergeant Bai asks the man why he thinks Liu Zhi did it. The man responds that he saw Liu Zhi’s mark on the body. This makes the trio run over to the body to check things out.

While examining the body, Jiang Shuo notes that the mark left on it, is in fact the mark of the movie villain Liu Zhi and not the mark of the actual evil Liu Zhi.

Yi Heng says that she didn’t bleed to death either. She really died of blunt force trauma, then someone smeared the blood on her face to make it appear that she had bled out. Jiang Shuo says that someone is imitating the movie, but they don’t know why he’s doing it.

Sergeant Bai says that the murderer picked an ideal time to commit the crime as the heavy rain last night washed away all the clues. Yi Heng says not to worry as he’s sure they will find something. That’s when an officer runs up saying that they found blood in the dressing room. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng exchange look, then run to go check things out.

They have to push their way through some people to get inside the dressing room. Sergeant Bai is quick to reprimand the officers for not securing the crime scene. The officers then tell all the observers (ghouls) to get out, as it’s police business.

Yi Heng says that the crime scene has been tampered with and there’s not enough blood to prove that it’s the primary crime scene. Jiang Shuo walks around looking at stuff and it annoys Sergeant Bai prompting him to ask Jiang Shuo to stay still. Jiang Shuo however discovers some dried bloodstains on some bouquets.

Jiang Shuo points out that only the bouquets on the one side are all funny with dried bloodstains while the other bouquets are all neatly displayed. Yi Heng comes to the conclusion that the body was dragged from this room. Jiang Shuo says that it confirms that this room is the primary crime scene.

Yi Heng says that the killer is obsessed with the movie so he must be connected to it in some way. Sergeant Bai claims that he was just going to say that (lol).

Outside the room there is a commotion of voices demanding to speak to Sergeant Bai. The trio go outside the room and sure enough the officers are holding back a whole host of reporters. The reporters want to know if Shang Yu is the main suspect. They also want to know if the murder is connect to the murderer known as Liu Zhi.

Sergeant Bai tells the reporters that the case is confidential and under control. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that the murder just happened, how could there be so many reporters so fast? Yi Heng says that the reporters are all rubberneckers, and they probably have friends in the studio.

Mu Qing tries to make her way through the crowd calling out Jiang Shuo’s name. At first he’s about to leave with the others not hearing her. Luckily he does hear her, runs and jumps to get around the crowd just in time to catch Mu Qing before she falls. He teases her about not knowing about the studio’s back door. He then goes to lead her away, when sure enough she has sprained her ankle, leaving Jiang Shuo no choice but to carry her.

Jiang Shuo chastises her for trying to force her way through the crowd calling her stupid. He tells her not to do that anymore or she’ll only end up getting hurt again. Mu Qing says that she only got hurt because she wanted to see him. Jiang Shuo points out that she wasn’t listening to what he just said.

Apparently Bu Yan taught Jiang Shuo a way to help reduce the pain but it will hurt at first, so he tells her to bear with it. When he sees Mu Qing scrunch up her face, he offers his arm and she bites it to deal with the pain.. (ouch!) YouTube Clip Yi Heng tells them to stop, then asks if Mu Qing came here for any other reason other than to flirt with Jiang Shuo.

Mu Qing tells them that news of the murder is all over the city. People are panicking believing that Liu Zhi has come out of the movie. There are fans of the male lead, kneeling at his door to show support. Yi Heng snorts saying that’s ridiculous.

Jiang Shuo says that it’s not people’s fault though. Although they have proved the Liu Zhi sighting in the city was fake, it was misleading. Public outrage was to be expected. Jiang Shuo wonders how the report got out though, something’s amiss.

Mu Qing says that she knows how, she’ll show them. She gets up but Jiang Shuo tells her to be careful and quickly goes to help her so she doesn’t hurt her ankle. Yi Heng looks like he’s tired of the lovey dovey couple.

At the news office, the reporters are saying that the catty actress died at the perfect time since it will give them something to write about along with the Movie Queen competition. One of the newsmen says that they should use this opportunity to get more sponsors for the paper. While the other guy says to make sure they get a clear photo of the victim because that’s the money shot. (Disgusting).

A few moments later Yi Heng and the crew come into the office. The other reporter at first mistakes them for rivals trying to steal his exclusive coverage until Yi Heng holds up his police badge.

The guy in the hat quickly apologizes and offers Yi Heng a cup of tea. The guy asks Yi Heng what he’s investigating. Yi Heng quickly tells him that he’s investigating the sighting of Liu Zhi reported earlier and wants to know where the new people got their information.

The man claims he doesn’t know. He tells Yi Heng that he should ask the head publisher about that since they are only reporters and have no idea how things get published.

The news people say that it will be hard to get the information though, so they offer to ask for Yi Heng. However it will also be hard for them to do so. Yi Heng asks them if they are trying to ask for a bribe, the man quickly says he wouldn’t dare to. They do however want information about the case from Yi Heng though.

Mu Qing says that the police must abide by the law, and confidentiality. The men say that of course every profession has it’s rules and regulations, the men are now preparing to go home (very abruptly) and tell the trio to come back another time. Jiang Shuo says they had better talk before they leave.

The news people refuse saying that they are good people and can’t be forced to talk. Yi Heng says that the police have already proven the report of the sighting of Liu Zhi to be fake. With that information they can arrest them for disrupting public order. Jiang Shuo also says that the news people have compromised the privacy of the actress and others.

Jiang Shuo says that they have also already arrested the news people’s informant in the studio, would they like to join him in jail? The news guys say that trio doesn’t have to go so far since it’s not that serious. Yi Heng dares them to “try me”.

The news people cave and tell Yi Heng that the news about Liu Zhi being sighted in the city was given to them by the Studio Manager Henry Zhang.

Elsewhere a phone rings while the director and studio manager are in an office. The studio manager picks up the phone to yell at the person on the other line to quit calling. He slams the phone down, but it misses the cradle and bounces off, he puts it back properly.

The director tells him to calm down as the movie will gain more popularity since it’s the last one the catty actress starred in. The studio manager tells the director that it’s not a good time to make jokes. The studio manager says the actress died there, does the director really think the police won’t suspect him? Just then Jiang Shuo walks into the room and sits down on a chair.

Yi Heng is only moments behind him, entering the room. Yi Heng holds up his police badge and tells them that they are investigating the case. The studio manager says that he was just trying to create publicity for the movie by saying Liu Zhi had been seen. The studio manager never intended for anything to happen otherwise he never would have done it.

Yi Heng asks them how they know about Liu Zhi. The director says that it’s just a character that he made up. The director didn’t think the character would inspire anyone to imitate him though. Jiang Shuo asks the director if he’s sure that he didn’t know about the real Liu Zhi.

The director seems a little shocked that there is actually a person named Liu Zhi out there. Yi Heng then asks the director how he came up with the Liu Zhi persona then.

The director says that it came out of the blue, he had a dream and the man in it claimed to be Liu Zhi. He told the director about the mark and such as well so the director wrote it down. The director asks what’s wrong, it’s not illegal is it?

Some time later the trio is talking with Shang Yu in her house. Shang Yu says that she knows the rumours saying that she killed the catty actress. She says it’s no secret that they didn’t get along and had a bit of feud going on, so she won’t deny it.

Shang Yu says that she didn’t kill her though as she didn’t even leave the house that night. She tells them that Bu Yan can testify to that. Yi Heng asks her if she’s had contact with anyone suspicious lately. Shang Yu admits that someone has been stalking her. She gives them a brief description of the man.

Jiang Shuo asks her if she knows the man. She says that she doesn’t, she also can’t give them any more details on him, as he always stalks from a distance. Mu Qing wonders if this could be the real Liu Zhi. After that Shang Yu says she feels unwell and asks them to leave.

Shang Yu goes to leave but Mu Qing tells her to wait as they aren’t finished talking yet. Shang Yu says that Liu Zhi died in the movie and walks off in a huff.

Just outside of the house, Shang Yu’s fans are being real jerks to the police officers. They also say that Shang Yu has nothing to do with the death of the catty actress. (Personally those fans should be arrested for harassing the police.)

The officers tell the fans that it’s just a standard inquiry but the fans think the police are harassing her (they’re not though, just doing their job.) The fans are getting even more rowdy so finally the one officer has had enough of their abuse and threatens to throw them in jail for obstructing an investigation. The fans dare them to do just that, still claiming that the police are useless.

There are only two cops though, so the one officer drags the other away telling him that once the fans are riled up they will do anything. He suggests they just wait for Mu Qing to come out and see if she has anything.

The next day, Yi Heng goes to the movie company to ask the security guard what he may have seen that night. The security guard says that he dozed off, but he remembers seeing the actress go inside with some guy.

Yi Heng asks the man if he knew where the two went that night. The security guard says that he doesn’t but based on their direction it was either the dressing room or the movie set. The security guard says that he couldn’t see the guy clearly but gives a vague description that sounds a lot like Shang Yu’s stalker.

Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing search the dressing room. Mu Qing complains that they had already searched this room, why do they have to search it again? Jiang Shuo says it’s because they have to check every detail so they don’t miss anything.

Mu Qing wonders about a bunch of boxes in the corner. Jiang Shuo says that they must be gifts from Shang Yu’s fans. Mu Qing says the fans are really considerate since there are sewing kits and medicine in there. Jiang Shuo says that the gifts were never opened by Shang Yu though.

Jiang Shuo says that Shang Yu must not like cheap stuff though. Mu Qing says that he shouldn’t think of Shang Yu as being that shallow.

The security guard calls out to see if anyone is still in the studio, as he’s about to lock everything down. A door opens and we see the guard smile.

We go back to the dressing room where Yi Heng meets up with the other two. Jiang Shuo asks him, if he’s found anything out. Yi Heng quickly tells them what the guard said about the man that was with the catty actress.

Yi Heng says it’s important to find this man since he’s probably the murderer. Just then a scream (sounds like the guard) can be heard from the dressing room.

Sure enough when they go to investigate the poor guard is dead with the mark of the movie Liu Zhi on him. Sergeant Bay says that his throat was cut and he died from blood loss. Jiang Shuo is quick to note that this death also imitates the death in the movie. We get a brief flashback to the actual scene in the movie.

Yi Heng says that it can’t be the primary crime scene though since the guy died of blood loss, there should be a puddle of blood on the ground and there’s not. Jiang Shuo notes that the mark on the body is a little different form the on on the body.

Yi Heng notes that the extra smear may not have been caused by the murderer but the victim. As Yi Heng finds blood on the victim’s fingers, which means that he may have been trying to tell them something.

An officer runs up to them and says that they have caught the suspects with help from the studio manager.

Apparently they have arrested the other performers from the compound because the studio manager claimed they were the murderers. Bai She says they’re innocent, while Xiao Quan and Mantou call out for Jiang Shuo.

Bai She quickly tells Jiang Shuo that they received a letter claiming that Zhao Ling was the murderer. However the letter said that the exact location wouldn’t be revealed until they arrived. Once they did arrive however, they noticed that it was a crime scene. Jiang Shuo asks to see the letter but Bai She tells him that the writing disappeared after they read it. Bai She tells Jiang Shuo that they have been framed.

Yi Heng turns to Sergeant Bai saying that there must be some misunderstanding and shouldn’t they investigate properly before arresting anyone? The other officer tells Dr. Qin that the case has riled up the public and the group was found at the crime scene, so they have no choice (what kind of messed up logic is that?)

Jiang Shuo tells Sergeant Bai that they are not the murderers and begs him to investigate more. Sergeant Bai tells Jiang Shuo not to worry. It’s clear that Sergeant Bai doesn’t believe they killed anyone either and he will sort it out. Jiang Shuo is left with no choice but to watch as his makeshift family gets taken away to jail.

Later that night the little newsboys trying to sell their papers announce that the murderer was caught on the spot was released due to lack of evidence and they also yell that the city still reeks of blood.

Poor Mantou is reading all about it in the newspaper while sitting at the table. The group has their picture on the first page of the paper and they are called the monsters of the city. Xiao Quan tells her to stop whining about it since Jiang Shuo already told them that the newspaper people would make up anything to get attention.

Bai She tells Mantou that they just have to remember that they are innocent. Mu Qing and Yi Heng managed to get them out of jail and they have to remember that kindness. They are not the monsters. This unfortunately doesn’t stop them from getting egged by the public once they are recognized. The group has to run to protect themselves.

Back at the compound Mantou is blaming herself for things as she was the on who wanted to be a celebrity. The others are quick to comfort her saying that it’s not her fault. Mu Qing says that people that accuse others without proof, as well as those that attacked them are the real monsters.

Jiang Shuo tells them not to take it to heart, then asks about the letter. Bai She says it was left at the entrance to the compound, no one say the person that left the letter though.

They assume that the letter’s Zhao Ling was a reference to Shang Yu. Xiao Quan then asks Bu Yan if Shang Yu has remembered anything yet. Bu Yan says that she doesn’t even like to talk to him, it’s like she’s a completely different person.

Bu Yan says that her moods are unpredictable as well. One moment she’s looking in the mirror smiling at herself the next moment she’ll be healing at him. He really doesn’t understand what’s going on with her. Jiang Shuo reassures him that they’ll figure it out.

A little while later Yi Heng is in his office playing with a ring across his knuckles. Jiang Shuo comes into the room and Yi Heng asks if the others are asleep. Jiang Shuo confirms that the others have indeed gone to sleep. Jiang Shuo also says that he took Mu Qing home.

Yi Heng says that if Mu Qing wanted to stay in her own house she wouldn’t be Mu Qing anymore. Jiang Shuo says that Yi Heng is right so he sent to her to look after Shang Yu which should keep her safe.

Yi Heng says that the murderer sent the letter to frame Bai She and the group. Jiang Shuo says that the person also used the name Zhao Ling which probes the person knows Shang Yu’s secret. Yi Heng says the stalker is their biggest suspect. However with the witness now dead, Yi Heng has no idea where to start.

Meanwhile Mu Qing is watching the movie over and over again. She then asks the staff member if it’s only been screened once. The staff member says that it was only shown for the premiere, then wasn’t shown again after the deaths. Mu Qing says that means the murderer must be in that audience or one of the staff since only they know the plot of the movie.

The staff member says that he’s seen the movie but it’s not him. Mu Qing reassures him that she wasn’t talking about him. Mu Qing thinks that it’s weird that during promotion Shang Yu was selling the point so how did the catty actress become the female lead?

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng sit the director down to have a chat. They ask him what happened and he claims not to know. Yi Heng warns him that perjury is a serious offence. The director still claims that Liu Zhi came from his dream though.

Jiang Shuo says that’s good since Liu Zhi is real and even more brutal than the director made his movie villain. Jiang Shuo says that if Liu Zhi ever figure out how the director described him, he would be upset and come after the director. Jiang Shuo says at least they would know who the third victim would be.

The director asks if that is true. Jiang Shuo then suggests they leave as they can’t force the director to talk. Jiang Shuo wishes the director luck and the two go to leave. The director hurriedly tells them to wait, he’ll talk.

Apparently the director didn’t write the script it was the previous guy, Xiao Zhi, when he suddenly quit, the job was given to him to finish. So it was Xiao Zhi that created the character Liu Zhi. Yi Heng asks why Xiao Zhi quit so suddenly.

It appears the studio manager started dating the catty actress so he wanted more scenes added to the script for her part. Xiao Zhi lost his temper, and didn’t even get paid. Xiao Zhi said he didn’t want anything to do with the movie after that.

The studio manager had no choice though, so he hired the current director. Jiang Shuo wonders if the man could have held a grudge since they sullied his movie. They ask what Xiao Zhi looked like and the director says he’s only seen him from afar but the description he does give, matches that of Shang Yu’s stalker.

Some time later Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are walking down the street, Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng if he thinks the address they were given is legit. Yi Heng tells him not to worry since the director is a coward, so of course it’s legit.

Jiang Shuo wonders what exactly is the motive for Xiao Zhi to kill the catty actress. Just as they round the corner Yi Heng spots the man in question and tells Jiang Shuo just to ask him.

Xiao Zhi makes a run for it so without saying a word, Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng split up to catch him. Jiang Shuo manages to get out in front of him with the copper coins activated, and throws Xiao Zhi into the Psych.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of episode 21!

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