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Weekly Roundup!


It’s that time again for a weekly wrap up of my fitness goals and just stuff that happened this week.

Well I had that meeting online with the local Autism Support foundation for all that good that did me. The Meeting is where you can read more about that if you’re interested.

I also had my first Physical exam in my new province and since my diagnosis. I got a much more thorough exam then I’ve had before but the doctor explained everything really well before doing anything which was greatly appreciated.

Red Curry with Pad Thai noodles from Thai Express

I also managed to get to the mall and indulge my craving for Red Curry from Thai Express. The benefit to going to the mall is that there’s a river walk not far away. So since the weather has been extremely nice, I went for a walk by the river.

With the meeting and my physical exam I was definitely less active this week than the week before.

However I actually did manage to get two walks by the river in this week which was really exciting. There’s still quite a bit of snow despite the really warm weather. That means there are quite a few puddles but the path is mostly clear for exercise.

I even managed to catch a woodpecker with my iPhone XR’s camera.

So despite some setbacks with activity level and a little burnout after both the meeting, I’ve had a pretty good week overall. I can’t wait to go for another river walk although it does make me want to upgrade my phone for a better camera.

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